10 Best Water Shoes for Kids 2024 – Complete Buying Guide

best water shoes for kids
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If you are looking for the best kids’ water shoes out today, you have come to the right place. Kids love getting dirty and thanks to Peppa Pig, they love “muddy puddles.” Warm weather is approaching so it is a good time to start shopping around for water shoes so they can play safely.

Grab any of these shoes on the list below to ensure that your tyke will be able to jump in rain puddles, splash in the ocean, play in streams, and conquer the river. Protect their tiny feet from any stray rocks and hot sand to make sure they have the best adventure while ensuring safety and protection first and foremost.

Best Choices in 2024

1. Sunnywoo Water Shoes

The Sunnywoo Water Shoes are designed with a comfortable fabric that is smooth and stretches like diving gear so their feet can still breathe. The diving material makes it dry quickly once they leave the water so there is no sogginess, smells, fading, or stuffiness. The rubber insole can be removed and is easy to wash.

These water shoes are lightweight and flexible and feel just like socks so they can move without feeling restricted. Designed for feet safety, the Sunnywoo Water shoes are slip-resistant with a top-quality sole that will protect little feet from sharp objects or hot surfaces. The SunnyWoo Water shoes are like gloves for your feet.

Top Takeaway: They are flexible yet snug and don’t restrict the blood flow on the ankles.

2. Hiitave Kids Water Shoes

hiitave Kids Water Shoes

The Hiitave Kids Water shoes are built with a smooth neck design that prevents scratching when they’re being worn but they are easy to wear and take off. Your little ones will be able to put these on by themselves and build up confidence. These are also designed with comfortable diving material so there is good breathing ability for the feet and quick drying.

The non-slip rubber sole will prevent slipping during outside activities and protects feet from sharp objects or hot surfaces. Know with confidence that your toddler will be able to enjoy summer activities without their feet hurting.

Top Takeaway: Safe design prevents slipping during exercise and sports activities outside.

3. Aleader Kids Slip-On Quick Dry Water Shoes

You can use Alead Kids Slip-On water shoes for fun in the water or adventure on land. They are able to adapt to both because the mesh material offers double accelerated drying. The light EVA barefoot sole is equipped with a fast water drainage feature so you don’t have to worry about walking around with squishy footwear.

These slip-on water shoes will go where other athletic shoes won’t – or can’t – go. Designed with a contrast stitching lateral support system, the foot is locked down for stay-put performance.

Top Takeaway: Dries quickly because of the breathable mesh and draining support through the sole.

4. Jiasuqi Kids Water Shoes

JIASUQI Kids Boys and Girls Summer Athletic Water Shoes

The Jiasuqi’s Kids Water shoes are designed for a comfortable fit with a strong wicking performance. The stretchy, ultra-thin material makes these water shoes comfortable and feel like they’re wearing socks. The rubber outsole is designed for foot safety protecting their little feet from being hurt by sharp objects.

These waterproof shoes are designed with high-quality materials that give the fabric breathability, flexibility, and slip resistance. The smooth neck design helps prevent scratching when wearing and making them easy to take on and off. These kid’s shoes are perfect for yoga, running, beach sports, swimming, and other outdoor activities.

Top Takeaway: They keep the sand out while you’re at the beach.

5. Kubua Kids Waterproof Shoes

KUBUA Boys Girls Water Shoes Aqua

The Kubua Kids Water Shoes are perfect for protecting your child’s feet from hitting stones or any sharp objects while outside. These allow them to walk comfortably and safely. Built light-weight and durable, these waterproof kids’ shoes are perfect for the water park, beach play, yoga, the pool, and even for outside hiking adventures.

The sole looks like a tire giving a cool feel and they protect from hot surfaces and sharp objects. Perfect for outside summer activities even away from the water. They’re great to wear on the trampoline for traction and running through the yard.

Top Takeaway: They wear like sneakers so you can wear them anywhere: water park, class, cruise, aqua Zumba, water park, swimming, waterfall hikes, and more.

6. Cior Kids Water Shoes

CIOR Boys & Girls Water Shoes

These Cior Kids Water Shoes are perfect for rubber anti-slip resisting sole that dries quickly. The stretch breathable ultra-lightweight fabric is perfect for fast draining and cross ventilation to help shoes dry quickly. It’s important that water shoes for kids be lightweight and comfortable and these work for just that reason.

There is an optimum cushion provided in the soles so they can feel like actual sneakers but able to withstand muddy puddles and water activities. Equipped with a durable rubber sole, you can let them run amuck through the yard, beach, water park, and forests.

They are lightweight and comfortable for kids.

Buyer’s Guide

how to choose water shoes


Before purchasing water shoes for your little one, there are a couple of things you have to consider. The first one is the breathability of the footwear. Air circulation is one of the most important features that the shoe must provide since you want to avoid excess water in the shoe that can lead to bacteria and fungus creation. Breathable materials ensure quick dry and water drainage and prevent odors.


There is a variety of materials to choose from. The shoes made of plastic will dry immediately since they don’t absorb water, but the straight-up plastic isn’t breathable and can be a bit harsh to the skin. Water sock made of neoprene will keep your little one’s feet warm and dry, and they stretch to accommodate the foot. These shoes are the best choice for babies.

Mesh is another option that allows feet to breathe and gives great mobility since shoes with mesh panels are lightweight. Leather water shoes last longer but are not an ideal choice for staying in water since they can get waterlogged.

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girl wearing water shoes

Water shoes should allow the kid to move comfortably and safely along the beach or pool while enjoying any water-related activity. They also need to provide safety from all the hazards that can be found on the ground or in the water, such as pieces of glasses, sharp stones, jagged shells, or even hot sand.


Comfort is also a significant characteristic that you should pay attention to. Shoes made of lightweight materials with comfortable soles that provide cushioning are the way to go. Kids love the shoes that they can easily get on and off, but those also need to be a secure fit. However, make sure that the shoes are not too close-fitting. If the shoe is too tight, it may become uncomfortable after some time or lead to painful blisters on the skin.


Wet surfaces can be super slippery and dangerous, that’s why the kids’ shoes need to provide good traction. The material and the pattern of the bottom of the shoe directly affect the mobility of the feet and protection against slipping. Rubber outsoles are one of the best choices for avoiding unnecessary falls.


kids water shoes faq

Are aqua socks the same as water shoes?

Water socks resemble everyday socks. However, instead of cotton, aqua shoes are usually made of materials such as lycra or neoprene. There is a variety of heights to choose from – ankle-high, high-tops, etc. Water shoes are similar to regular shoes and they are usually made of rubber and mesh top. While aqua socks don’t protect your feet from rocks and sharp objects, water shoes keep you safe on rough terrains.

Should water shoes be tight or loose?

It is best to buy the size that fits your actual shoe size. If the shoe is too big, your foot may slip in the shoe itself. Also, there‘s a possibility to lose your shoes in the water. On the other hand, if the water shoes are too tight they can lower mobility and cause blisters.

Can you swim in water shoes?

Yes, you can. However, it is important to choose the right material for the shoe. It needs to be lightweight and breathable so the excess water can drain easily from the footwear.

Closing Thoughts

These are the best water shoes for kids on Amazon right now, and we can see why. All of the above-listed shoes are loved by parents, kids, and even grandparents. Find the best fit or style for your kiddo and head out to enjoy the warm weather and have as many adventures as time will allow. The top perks for kids’ water shoes are that they are lightweight, comfortable, durable, and ready to face any situation you might encounter.

Most importantly, some are built with flexible and diving material that allows for quick drying when you need to go from the water back to civilization. Find the perfect pair of water shoes and only worry about packing one pair from now on. Suitable for any occasion like beach fun, water park walking, sailing, boating, kayaking, snorkeling, or running around in the yard.

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