10 Best Toddler Car Seat to Buy In 2024 – Best Rated with Reviews

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Just as time flies, your baby would be in need of a toddler seat and it would seem like a big surprise because it would feel like you just brought him home from the hospital yesterday while he was still an infant. However, those beginning years tend to fly quickly and it is time for your baby to progress into another stage entirely.

Moving from a rear-facing seating position into a forward-facing seating position is indeed a huge achievement and even though it is seen as a big achievement, it also comes with some questions.

Questions like when are the right time to switch? which toddler seat would be suitable for your car? which of the toddler seats available on the market would guarantee your baby’s safety.

A reasonable investment you can offer your little child is by purchasing a car seat and manufacturers are not slowing down either as there are various designs of car seats whether they are convertible, booster, infant or toddler car seats.

Car seats now have machine-washable fabrics, slim frames and easy installation processes but today we would be paying more attention to the toddler car seat.

Types of toddler car seats:

  1. Convertible car seats – this is a popular car seat that is used for newborns. It starts with the rear-facing and then transforms into the forward-facing mode. These kinds of seats are not recommended for infant carriers but they help save cost as there wouldn’t need to shop for three seats as your baby grows.
  2. Forward-facing seats – forward-facing seats are designed to keep your child secure using the five-point harness and this makes baby and parent interaction easy. Some forward-facing seats could have booster modes and forward-facing seats or just have one convertible option.

1. Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat

best toddler car seat

If as a parent you prefer a toddler car seat that has an extended rear-facing seating position then this Graco toddler car seat is exactly what you are looking for and this car seat despite having several impressive features also comes at an affordable price.

This is the type of car seat that can be converted into being a forward-facing seat when your child gets to the 40 pounds weight.

What tends to make this car seat for toddlers unique and spectacular is the fact that it features a ten position headrest which makes sure your child always attains or obtains a perfect fit as long as he uses this chair and having a six-position recline is also another notable feature of this car seat.

There are some other notable features that tend to attract the eye about this toddler car seat.

Some of these features include two cup holders, harness storage pockets, steel-reinforced frame, cover that is machine washable, InRight Latch system, dual crotch strap position and more. It also comes in about six different colors so parents can find one that suits both their car and child. It lasts long as it has a ten-year lifespan.


  1. Very versatile
  2. Its compact size makes way for more legroom
  3. Keeps the child safe even in crash situations
  4. Sturdy and comfortable build


  1. The seat has a bulky width
  2. Not the best option if you intend fitting three kids at the back seat
  3. Its seat cover is hard to take off

2. Graco 4ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

best toddler car seat

For families that are lovers of convertible car seats, this is one that most parents have ended up trying and have expressed satisfaction over its quality and performance. This convertible car seat for toddlers from Graco might not be as perfect as people expect it to be but it comes close to not having a fault in one area or the other.

This is the type of toddler car seat that would last longer than expected as it features a high-quality material build and parents can also trust this car seat to convert fully from rear-facing to forward-facing to high back belt-positioning booster and lastly backless booster seat. The good thing about this car seat is its converts fully yet retains its reliability.

This car seat also comes at a very affordable price and in several colors so finding a suitable one wouldn’t be difficult. It also goes on to feature two cup holders, a unique latch system and other easy to use parts.


  1. Switching between seats is easy
  2. Comes in a wide range of colors
  3. Very safe as it has double a peak crash force
  4. Designed to last long


  1. This car sear tends to have a bad fit in large-sized cars
  2. Difficult to remove straps
  3. Its adjustable headrest produces a rattling sound

3. Britax Frontier ClickTight Booster Car Seat

best toddler car seat

The fact that this toddler car seat was designed by a reputable and reliable company like Britax already tells you that this isn’t just one of those toddler car seats you would come across but this is one that speaks of high quality and I guaranteed to come packed with several interesting and eye catching features which makes it rank high with other top-class products.

This is the type of toddler car seat built to have a fantastic design and what makes this seat quite spectacular is its because it is designed to function as a booster and also as a harness forward-facing seat. This, therefore, places this chair is a very good position in transforming from a rear-facing seat.

Generally, parents have expressed satisfaction over the build and design of this car and if you don’t intend switching cars soon and want to invest in a high-quality seat then this is one car seat you just have to settle for.


  1. Has an easy installation process
  2. Has an easy to remove the seat cover
  3. Has high-quality construction meaning it would last long
  4. Has won awards for safety


  1. Its harness gets stuck and is difficult to tighten
  2. Quite heavy and big

4. Chicco KidFit Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat

best toddler car seat

This brand new and well-built car seat by Chicco is one that promises to grow as your child grows and if you want a high-quality seat with the tendency to last long then this is the seat you have been looking for. This is the toddler car seat that can be used either as a backless seat or as a high back seat. Weighs 100 pounds in the backed position and 110 pounds in the backless position.

Despite having all of these enticing and noticeable features, it comes as a surprise to everyone that this toddler car seat still goes for a very reasonable and affordable price and doesn’t cost much. It is, however, one of the toddler car seats that parents have found very easy to install and also comes in about four different choices of color so parents can find something favorable or matching.


  1. has a two in one seating position
  2. its armrests and seat can be washed using a machine
  3. its vehicle belt and latch system makes installation simple
  4. kids would find it easy to buckle themselves using this car seat


  1. has some quality control issues
  2. makes a rattling sound in a high back mode
  3. too wide and heavy

5. Chicco NextFit Zip Convertible Car Seat

best toddler car seat

Accommodating 5 to 40 pounds in its rear-facing mode and also accommodating 22 to 65 pounds in its rear-facing mode, this is one of the best toddler car seats that has earned the praises of most parents thanks to its unique features and high-quality build. This is one seat that would encourage your child to say thanks as it surely keeps kids in a comfortable position.

Having a dual right bubble level design simply makes it easy to figure out the best seating angle whether in a forward-facing or rear-facing position. It is also one that parents can trust to last for a long while as it features an all-steel frame construction that makes it last quite longer than some other toddler car seats present for sale.

There is an assurance that this car seat would last long enough to be passed down to other siblings while having machine washable parts makes cleanup very convenient and easy.


  1. Straps are easy to loosen and tighten
  2. Features reinforced and solid steel frame construction
  3. Lightweight
  4. Durable
  5. Sturdy
  6. Offers security


  1. Installation process tends to be confusing

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6. Evenflo Chase Harnessed Booster

best toddler car seat

This booster seat from Evenflo is one that has several awards to its name. It is designed to convert from a harness booster into a belt-positioning seat and one feature that makes this booster seat stand out from the numerous brands we have on the market is its ability to offer your kids optimal protection while they make use of this seat.

Having a lightweight design combined with the latch system makes installing this seat an easy and less stressful process as well as making it convenient to transfer from one car to another. This booster seat is tested and certified perfect against side impact.

It also has a high structural integrity level that ensures it meets up with safety crash standards. It comes with well-placed cup holders while its seat pad can be washed using a machine.


  1. Seems very comfortable for toddlers
  2. These seats fit perfectly
  3. Can be installed and taken out easily
  4. has an affordable price


  1. Its 2017 model doesn’t match up with the 2015 model
  2. Its headrest doesn’t contain styrofoam

7. Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat

best toddler car seat

This is one toddler car seat that can be relied on to offer both the forward-facing and the rear-facing seating position complete protection. It is designed to meet up with Evenflo’s structural integrity standards as well as every federal safety standard. Having a compact and lightweight design makes it easy to move between cars, for flights and also for smaller vehicles.

Having four shoulder strap combined with a five-point harness makes sure this toddler car seat would accommodate your child as he grows longer. Parents wouldn’t experience any difficulty in cleaning this seat as its seat pad can be easily removed and washed using a machine. It also comes with a removable cup holder.


  1. Designed to save your baby’s life during an accident
  2. Lightweight makes carrying it through the airport very easy
  3. Comes with a manual for installation
  4. Has an easy to install process


  1. Its easy to use design makes kids uncomfortable
  2. Seems heavy
  3. Adjusting strap settings takes too much time

8. Cosco Finale DX 2-in-1 Booster Car Seat

best toddler car seat

The Cosco Finale Sweet Berry toddler seat is one that supports an extended use meaning for kids that weigh about 30 to 60 pounds can fit into its forward-facing seating condition while kids that weigh 40 to 100 pounds can fit into its belt-positioning booster seating position. Its lightweight design also makes it suitable for smaller cars as well as transferring from one car to another.

This booster toddler car seat is also a good option for carpools and families as it can accommodate three in almost every vehicle and kids are guaranteed a very comfortable ride thanks to its deluxe fabric. Furthermore, one stand out feature of this booster seat is its IHS best bet rating when in its booster mode. It also comes with a cup holder that can be washed in a dishwasher.

If you have multiple kids then settling for this booster seat would definitely be a smart choice.


  1. This is a high-value product
  2. It also comes at a very decent price
  3. Can be used also for air travels
  4. Its lightweight makes it easy to get around with
  5. Durable


  1. Not suitable for everyday use
  2. Has lesser cushion contrary to what its description states
  3. Kids tend to feel uncomfortable when the trip takes longer

9. Chicco MyFit Harness + Booster Car Seat

best toddler car seat

Another product from the reputable Chicco brand has made its way to this review and that tells you that the Chicco brand keeps to its word when it says it makes quality and reliable products.

This isn’t like the regular booster toddler car seat that you come across every day but it is one designed nine position headrest and four-position true recline that supports the proper posture of your baby.

Safety is one core feature that was carefully considered when designing and structuring this toddler seat as it features a dual-layer duo guard rigid shell combined with an energy-absorbing steel reinforcement that doesn’t just make this seat durable but maintains the safety of your child, especially during a crash.

Another eye catching the detail of this booster car seat is its double foam ergo boost padding that also makes sure your baby enjoys all-round support in the right places. Its seat also has a well-contoured design that also helps in providing extra support. Its belt-tightening lock sure design also makes way for a perfect installation.


  1. Lasts longs and durable so it doesn’t need regular replacement
  2. Easy to install in cars
  3. The headrest can be adjusted with ease


  1. Its harness straps seem impossible to tighten
  2. requires few finesses and muscle to install this seat

10. Cosco Mighty Fit 65 DX Convertible Car Seat

best toddler car seat

Just like every other car seat, this one also supports the forward-facing mode and the rear-facing mode and one feature parents singled out to compliment is its five-point harness which can be easily adjusted right from the front of the seat. This is an ideal car seat for toddlers as it is built to meet all JPMA, ASTM and federal safety standards.

This is also another good option for growing families as three of these seats can fit in at the back and you also rest assured of the security of your little one thanks to its side impact protection. Having a compact size also makes sure it uses up less space where it is placed and this also provides additional legroom for parents.

Kids are guaranteed a comfortable ride thanks to this car seat featuring a premium fabric and plush padding. Its seat cover is dryer safe, machine washable and easy to clean.


  1. Can be used on airplanes
  2. Has a lightweight design
  3. Also very easy to install
  4. Takes up less amount of space


  1. Came in an already faded color according to a buyer
  2. Toyota Sequoia SUV doesn’t fit three of these seats in a row

Best Toddler Car Seat – Safety Guide

Some of the mistakes listed here should not be carried out when shopping for a toddler car seat;

  1. Placing the car seat in a wrong position – the back seat still remains the safest place for a car seat as this would help to keep kids away and safe from airbags
  2. Failing to conduct research – this is the main reason why we are here because people do not conduct research and know what’s right or not before shopping so we bring you all the information that you would need.
  3. Wrong recline angle – it is necessary to keep babies at the proper recline angle. In order to get this done, ensure you follow every instruction set by the manufacturer
  4. Wrongful installation process – if you are new to car seats then go for car seats that have easy to install designs and they would not involve guesswork and would limit the possibility of installing it wrongly
  5. Too much piece of cloth on your child – before tucking your child into a car seat, make sure you remove every blanket or coat as failure to do so would limit the possibility of obtaining a snug fit. It is proper to keep them buckled in before covering them up
  6. Incorrect use of booster seats – a lap and shoulder belt is exactly what a booster seats require as the shoulder belt ought to lie across the check not neck while the lap belt ought to lie across the thighs and not the abdomen
  7. Moving to the forward-facing position soon – according to the AAP, every child ought to seat in a rear-facing mode for the first two years
  8. Moving to a vehicle seat belt – your child should remain in a booster seat till they get to age 8 to 12 where they can now sit upright and make use of a seat belt
  9. Moving to a booster seat soon – if your child weighs below 40 pounds and isn’t up to four years then it isn’t time for them to move to the belt-positioning mode. They still need help to keep themselves buckled in so they have to wait till they are matured to move to a belt-positioning mode.


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If your child has outgrown the infant car seat then the next seat he needs is the toddler car seat and luckily for you, you do not have to be stressed or be worried over searching the market for a good option as we have taken it upon ourselves to bring you the top models alongside all the information that you need.

You can go ahead and make your choice from any of the top 10 best toddler car seats that we have talked about and we are sure you would never go wrong by settling for any of the aforementioned products. Good luck!

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