4 Ways Laceless Running Shoes Are Better Than Regular Running Shoes

There is a correlation between running and shoes. You cannot pick any shoes and go running with them. Running is a tiring fitness activity and it needs you to be comfortable, starting from the clothes you wear to the type of shoes.

There are many types of shoes, including laceless running shoes and those with laces. While you aim to get your fitness in check, be wise while picking the best running shoes. The shoe should be lightweight and most importantly, it’s better if you choose lace-less shoes. You can find some of the best ones from Runners Need.

Why Laceless Shoes are Better

Most people have shoes with laces, but it cannot be pleasant if the laces keep on untying themselves. There are so many different types of shoes you could go for, either slip-on or zip-up shoes. In most cases, shoes with laces are often expensive, so why would you go for such shoes when there are plenty of lace-less shoes to choose from? Below are some of the reasons you should choose lace-less shoes.

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1. Less Hazardous

With laced shoes, you are at a greater risk of tripping and falling if you are not keen enough. The laced shoes require you to be checking time and again to see if they have untangled. If you are so unsure of the shoes while walking, imagine how unsettled you will be while running!

In athletics, lace-less shoes are preferred because they are safer, and the runner will only be focusing on running and not the shoes. The chances of the laces tangling on the legs are zero. These shoes prove to safer for runners of all ages, both children and adults.

2. Time- saving

You save a lot of time with lace-less shoes that you would have spent tying up laces. You slid on your feet, and you are as good to start your training. In case the shoe flips off during training, you can easily put it on.

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3. They are Versatile

These runner shoes are versatile in a way that, since they are lightweight, they come in very many different designs. You can not only wear them during your fitness training but also with casual outfits.

One pair of shoes that you originally planned for fitness training can turn out to be the shoe that you wear on a Saturday afternoon to the grocery store.

4. They are Comfortable

You cannot move around comfortably with a shoe that does not perfectly fit. The laces-less runner shoes have a design that meets the comfort of the wearer. The shoe should fit perfectly with the right size, unlike laced shoes where you tightly have to tie the laces to fit perfectly. While running, you are comfortable because you do not have to pay attention to the shoes constantly.

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How lace-less shoes can improve performance

Basing on all the advantages that lace-less shoes have over regular shoes, such as offering comfort, being lightweight, and their versatility, the lace-less shoes improve performance during athletics fitness training as well.

Due to their lightweight characteristic, the shoes make it easier for athletes to jumps and lift their feet when running. They become faster and agile hence increasing their chances of winning the race.

The soles offer a firm grip, especially during road running. The laces-less shoes have extra cushioning, giving comfort to the wearer. The lace-less shoes you choose to wear during fitness should have shock-absorbing properties on the heel. In this manner, you are likely to be fatigued during training.

Laceless shoes mostly have boas on each side that helps tighten them to fit well. When you are on the road running either in the morning or evening, you can adjust the fitting of your lace-less shoe to your liking, even if the shoe is a half-size bigger or smaller.

Lace-less shoes made specifically for trail running enable you to navigate very technical surfaces due to the extra traction and grip they have.

The shoes are cool and airy because of the breathable fabric used to make them. During training, your feet tend to sweat a lot, but there is temperature control with the shoes having elastic and ventilated mesh. The shoe fabric being thin makes it light, but it is thick enough to support the feet.

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Benefits of having Good Running Shoes

A good pair of laceless shoes should offer great protection to your feet better than any shoe. The benefits of good shoes are as follows:

1. Protect your feet

Shoes have been made in such a way that their sole purpose should be to protect our feet. The shoes should be cushioned, made of light material and comfortable sole to protect your feet during training.

2. Improve Performance

With the comfort, support and protection that the shoe offers, your performance in the field or during training should be remarkable. Even if you are not an athletic person, you can achieve great performance with a good pair of laceless shoes. You do not train because you only participate in athletics, but it is also for your health gains.

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3. Less Energy Used

When you have a good pair of laceless shoes, you are likely to use very little leg muscle since the shoes are comfortable, breathable and also light. Your legs have a cushion; therefore, very minimal chances of straining your feet.

Training or running using a comfortable pair of lace-less shoes is always better than running bare feet. You are also bound to be in good shape and lower your chances of getting lifestyle diseases like obesity and arthritis.

To sum it up, the benefits of lace-less shoes are becoming more and more unprecedented. Most people have become cautious about their safety, so they are opting for lace-less shoes than the laced ones. Athletes too prefer shoes that offer comfort to them, and that is the lace-less shoes have become popular.