7 Different Men’s Dress Shoes & How to Wear Them

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The myth is that men do not have many options, from shoes and clothing to styling their personalities. Men have to go with the standard and classic options with every outfit they wear. Indeed, no such myth exists. Like women, men also have many options to wear in shoes.

They can groom themselves in different ways and look stylish. But many men do not know what shoes to match and wear with their clothing. In the following write-up, we will discuss different types of shoes available for men that they can match with their outfits. The right choice of footwear with an outfit helps them look stylish, charming, and elegant.

You must consider the following information if you do not know much about trending men’s styles and what to wear. Consider all the types and choose what looks perfect with your clothing and enhances your personality.

1. Derby

If you are fond of shoes with laces, you must go for them. If you observe the footwear, you will notice that the system of lacing comes with the flaps. It is properly sewn under the vamp and not connected to the front side. You can adjust the flaps as per your feet and tie the laces. The flap will also move when you wear them due to the stitching.

You can also notice that there are segments that are broken on the same side. It gives a unique and fantastic finish. You can prefer these shoes if you want to go hunting. It is comfortable, and you can easily walk for hours without getting tired. You can consider it casual, but you can wear it with both casual and formal outfits.

2. Blucher

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Many people get confused between Derby and the Blucher because of their similar appearance. Interchangeably, people use these terms, and it is pretty confusing to make any choice. You must know the difference between them.

For that, you have to observe both of them carefully and notice that the stitching in the Derby is on two sides, and it is done under the vamp. But in Bluchers, it is connected two sides over the vamp. Well, it sounds similar, but it is a little different that you must detect. These shoes are also comfortable, and you can wear them in formal or casual outfits.

3. Loafers

It is another stylish footwear that you can prefer wearing casual outfits. You can get plenty of designs in loafers made with different materials. You can also get an option of heels as well as a slip-on. You can also prefer the footwear if you are wearing semi-casual or a combination. If you can spend well, you can buy different colored loafers.

But if you want something that goes with every outfit, you can prefer buying standard colors like brown, black, tan, etc. If you want to shop for loafers, you can explore and get them from popular online portals. You can get the best semi-formal shoes for men that are available by Bruno Marc loafer shoes on https://brunomarcshoes.com/collections/loafers.

4. Oxford

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It is another popular shoe type for men, considered worldwide. It goes well with your formal attire. You must tie the lace of these shoes to get a perfect look. These leather footwears come with stitching over the vamp in a closed style.

You can easily wear them formally and go to business meetings. It leaves a fantastic impression on your boss. The front shape of the footwear looks almond and gives an elegant look to one’s feet. It is a wonderful choice that you can make if you want something to match your formal outfit.

5. Brogues

For anyone who is looking for stylish footwear, then Brogues must be your choice. It is a combination of loafer, blucher, and oxford. You can explore amazing styles in this type available in different classic colors. The unique thing about these shoes is the hole design on both sides.

If you have to attend any party, then you can complement your outfit with these shoes. It looks quite impressive and elegant on one’s feet. You can also choose any of the variations like full, semi, and quarter. Many people prefer the simple and raw look available in the quarter variation.

6. Desert

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You can consider boots of desert variation for stylish and elegant matching with your clothes. It comes with a rubber sole. It is commonly popular because previously, many British soldiers wore these boots to walk in the desert.

It looks the same as chukkas, but there is a difference in the sole. In chukkas, the sole is made with leather. You can wear it with your casual outfits, which look perfect when you go out. You can experiment with clothing and match them without any doubt.

7. Monk

These shoes are named monk because of their strap style. No laces are there, and instead, you will observe a buckle. Generally, the strap is broad, and it is well-attached with buckles. You can call it a double monk when you get two buckles.

When you tie laces, one can easily secure your feet, but in these shoes, you will look formal. It can enhance your attire, but it cannot be considered casually. Opting for standard colors like brown, black, tan, etc., is better for an elegant and stylish look.

The Bottom Line

Different styles and designs are available in men’s boots, but you have to explore them. You can visit Del Toro Shoes and find your perfect pair of shoes. Even if you go out of your house for a party or a casual walk, you can match footwear with clothing. Your shoe choice must be good enough to enhance your personality.

You must invest time to explore various types of footwear for men, and you can pick them as per the occasion. If you cannot afford too many pairs, you can prefer buying the standard designs in classic colors that go well with every outfit. It is necessary to make a wise choice to groom stylishly.