10 Best Portable Car Jump Starter – 2024 Reviews And Buying Guide

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One thing about portable jump starters is that they could be trusted to getting you back home safely when your car hits trouble and another thing car owners should also know is that being able to jumpstart a vehicle without making use of another vehicle is quite a valuable means that should not be overlooked.

All that is needed is for you to charge your jump starter so as to make you feel safe knowing you can always power up your vehicle if it ever goes flat. That isn’t just the benefit that jumps starters bring as they can also be used in charging tablets, Smartphones and other electronic devices. This makes them be considered as very versatile devices.

There are also other ways car jump starters can be beneficial to every car owner and some of these benefits include making use of their in-built compressors to inflate tires as well as signaling while making use of light. This is one device that every vehicle owner ought to have and this review contains the lightweight, the compact and the top-rated car jump starters on the market. Check them out;

1. Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660

best car jump starter

This is the best quality car jump starter product that can be relied upon in delivering the maximum power required to jump-start engines that are experiencing difficult conditions. This car jump starter makes use of a PERFORMER TECHNOLOGY that makes it suitable for use in automotive applications and users are also assured that they wouldn’t be shopping for another car jump starter anytime soon as this product is built to last long.

Durability is also guaranteed thanks to the high-quality copper insulated jump cables that this car jump starter comes with and one piece of advice from its manufacturer is that this car jump starter must be charged every thirty days so as to ensure that it stays in a good working condition. This also makes it reliable each time you call on it.

Some impressive features of this car jump starter include having a lead-acid battery, having an in-built voltmeter which displays the amount of charge left on the battery and also has a DC outlet that can be used to power accessories of about 12 Volts.


  1. Quite easy to work with
  2. Makes use of a unique battery technology
  3. This jump starter is very reliable


  1. Feels heavy
  2. Some customers complained about its durability

2. DBPOWER 600A Portable Car Jump Starter

This is also another car jump starter that you can count on when it comes to jump-starting or any other charging issues and this is made possible because it comes packed with about six hundred amps of power. Having so much power isn’t the only focus of this car jump starter but it also comes in a lightweight casing and also has a compact design. This car jump starter is ideal for jump starting gasoline and diesel engines.

It comes with heavy-duty cables and terminals clamps and one eye catching feature of this car jump starter is its USB charging abilities. The DBPower 600A car jump starter also comes with a compass which is very helpful in navigating under certain stressful conditions and safety is also another interesting feature of this car jump starter thanks to its overcharging, overload and short circuits protection.

Some of its key features include having an LCD display which shows the amount of charge left on the battery, comes with a three-year warranty and its compact design makes it easy to be stored in a glove box.


  1. Can be used in various applications
  2. Its LCD display is very easy to read
  3. This car jump starter is also easy to make use of
  4. Despite being lightweight and compact, it is also powerful


  1. This car jump starter also has issues with its durability

3. Beatit BT-D11 Portable Car Jump Starter

If you want a powerful car jump starter that would be very effective in jump-starting 5.5L diesel engines and 7.0L gasoline engines then the Beatit BT-D11 car jump starter is the ideal choice for you and what’s more, this car jump starter comes in a compact box. Just like the previous car jump starter that we just finished talking about, this car jump starter from Beatit is also compact enough and would perfectly fit into a glove box.

Protection and safety are other mouthwatering features of this car jump starter as it boasts of overcharge, overload and short circuit protection. Coming with twin USB chargers that are capable of charging fast, you can also charge your Smartphones using this car jump starter and there is a two-year warranty slammed on this car jump starter including all of its essential features.

You would also notice that this car jump starter is able to recharge in just 5.5 hours and it also boasts of a peak current of 800amps.


  1. Lightweight and also portable
  2. Works on several devices
  3. Reliable in times of emergency
  4. Easy to work with
  5. Safe


  1. Not so durable and dependable
  2. Failed to work for some customers

4. NOCO Boost Plus Jump Starter

Another name for this car jump starter is safety and this is because the NOCO Genius boost car jump starter is packed with several safety features like getting rid of sparks which helps in making sure you have a safe start each time you make use of this car jump starter. This car jump starter is also considered to be mistake-proof and a feature that drives customers crazy about this car jump starter is its USB charging ports.

These charging ports can be used in charging up to four Smartphones and you can also rely on this car jump starter to jump-start diesel engines of 3 liters and gasoline engines of 6 liters. The NOCO genius boost car jump starter also comes with a flashlight that features about seven light modes including emergency strobe and SOS.

Customers who have tried out this car jump starter were impressed with its safe design, USB charging capability and one thousand amps of power.


  1. Boasts of a pocket-size design
  2. Has several electrical safety features
  3. Works with various devices
  4. Delivers exceptional value for its price


  1. This product comes with no manufacturers warranty
  2. Some of its units came out of the box already defective

5. STANLEY FATMAX J7CS Power Station Jump Starter

This is a car jump starter that is designed to take jump-starting activities to a whole new and impressive level and we have said this or described this car jump starter this way because it makes use of an onboard air compressor which makes it possible for you to pump tires while at the roadside. Featuring a pivoting flashlight, you would be able to inflate a tire or jump-start engines even at night time.

You are not entirely on your own when working with this car jump starter and this is because this car jump starter comes with a reverse polarity warning system that makes use of a loud alarm and LED indicator just to inform you when you are doing your connections the wrong way. It also comes with three USB charging outlets that can be used in charging compatible electronic devices.


  1. This product is trustworthy and dependable
  2. Has an impressive build
  3. Makes use of a powerful air compressor
  4. Comes with several electrical safety features


  1. Its lead-acid battery requires constant maintenance
  2. Might tip over easily

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6. TENKER 500A Portable Car Jump Starter

This is the sort of car jump starter that comes with a lot of starting power despite coming in a very small and compact package. The TENKER A11 car jump starter comes equipped with two quick charging ports and what’s more, it also boasts of an array of safety and protection features that makes working with this car jump starter very safe and reliable. This safety features however make sure that both you and your vehicle are kept in good condition.

It also features a multi-functional LED flashlight that makes sure you have a good vision of what you are doing when working when the sun is down or in areas with low light. This is one portable and compact car jump starter that comes with about 500 amps of power. It provides protection against overcharge, overload, short circuit and overvoltage.


  1. Has a lightweight, compact and sleek design
  2. Would generate much needed current despite coming in a slim package
  3. Comes with an LED flashlight that would be useful in times of night emergencies
  4. Features several electrical safety measures


  1. Its jumper clamps and cables feel a bit clumsy
  2. Its price is also a bit high

7. DBPOWER 300A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter

This is another car jump starter from DBPower to make it to this quality and detailed review and guess what? this is the kind of car jump starter that features the combination of lightweight construction and heavy-duty materials so as to help in the producing jump-starts and a reliable charge when it is needed. This car jump starter has the perfect size that makes it be stored easily in a glove box and it also comes with a three-year warranty.

You can count on this car jump starter to jump-start about 2.5 liters of diesel engines as well as 3.0 liters on gasoline engines and there is also one feature that seems to interest users about this car jump starter. We are talking about being able to charge your Smartphones using its small USB port. This car jump starter comes with an LCD display that would inform you of the amount of battery you have left.

It comes with about 400 amps of current and also boasts of heavy-duty clamps and cables. It is designed to offer protection against overcharge, over-voltage and short circuit overload.


  1. Has a compact and ultra-modern design
  2. Designed to help in charging other compatible gadgets
  3. Provides impressive protection in general
  4. Also features a reliable charging mechanism


  1. Comes with flimsy jumper cables
  2. Has issues with reliability

8. JACO BoostPro Car Battery Jump Starter

This is regarded as not any kind of car jump starter that you can make use of on your vehicle but this is the sort of car jump starter that comes packed with lots of power for all devices that has a USB mechanism or runs on a 12 volts battery. For this reason, this car jump starter is simply one that you can count on whether you are indoor or outdoor and it is also compact which makes storage quite easy.

Having a powerful and reliable battery also makes it possible to power up certain devices at home using this car jump starter especially while you are working in the field or even at home. It also comes with an LED light which makes working with this car jump starter at night time very convenient. The JACO BoostPro car jump starter features a rugged build and would last long as your vehicle lasts too.

This device is, however, an impressive combination of a power bank and a car jump starter and it isn’t designed just for use with vehicles but also with several devices. It is a very good option when it comes to powering up diesel and gas engines.


  1. Compact, lightweight and portable
  2. Features several road emergency features
  3. Also considered to be a multi-purpose power supply


  1. Has some issues with how durable it is

9. CAT CJ3000 Professional Jump Starter

Most people know they can count on CAT ingenuity as they are quite famous for heavy machinery excellence and the same can be said about this unique car jump starter as even though it seems to weigh light, it comes with bulk of power that makes sure it gets your car to start up if it eventually goes dead on the road. Having an emergency light feature would help make things easier as this light feature informs oncoming vehicles about a stalled vehicle.

There is however a unique feature of this car jump starter and that is making use of an innovative AGM technology which helps in delivering about 2000 peak power which is required in bringing back dead cars back to life. Delivering such an amount of current makes sure that your dead battery is revived instantly. Some eye catching features of this car jump starter includes reverse polarity alarm, integrated power switch and AGM internal battery.


  1. Features a rugged and tough construction
  2. Has a high ampere rating
  3. Its roadside safety features make it easy to work with


  1. Quite heavy a bit
  2. Not so reliable as expected

10. Bolt Power N02 Car Battery Jump Starter

This is one of the best and portable car jump starters that you would love to have as it is designed to meet all of your jump starting needs. It possesses quite a huge amount of power which can be counted on to help bring your dead cars back to life and what tends to interest most car owners about this car jump starter is the fact that it comes with heavy-duty jumper cables that would meet every of your power needs.

This car jump starter also serves as a power bank as it would come in handy in charging Smartphones and other compatible electrical devices and if you happen to have an emergency at the roadside at night then this car jump starter would also be useful and easy to make use of as it comes with an LED flashlight that provides light even in the dark. You would feel very safe working with this car jump starter as it comes with several electrical safety measures.


  1. This is a powerful jump starter
  2. Features a heavy-duty construction
  3. Electrical features are safe and secure
  4. Portable, compact and lightweight


  1. Has reliability issues
  2. Poor customer service

Best Car Jump Starter Buying Guide

Jumpstarters tends to come with specific safety instruction but this depends on the manufacturer and the model. The truth about jump starters is they tend to be universal in nature but one thing everyone has to know is the connection clamps and battery terminals ought to be in good working condition and free from contaminants and dirt as these external factors might hinder your vehicle from moving correctly.

If it is possible, one must try not to jump-start a car under the rain and this also applies to your car battery as it should be kept away from water. Water is a good conductor of electricity and this would make the jump-starting process a very dangerous one. For this reason, one should have thick gloves if you must jump-start under any condition as it would keep one safe from electric shock.

Jump Start Safety Tips

Safety is a major factor that everyone should have in mind when jump-starting any vehicle and in addition, jump-starting your car the wrong way might tend to cause damage to one’s car. In order to avoid certain occurrences like this, you should keep these following safety tips in mind;

  1. Make sure you thoroughly read your vehicle’s manual before jump-starting as there are cars that might require removing a certain fuse or attaching certain cables to the battery terminals before jump-starting
  2. Also makes sure the voltage capacity and the power capacity is checked to avoid damaging and overloading the car
  3. All car electrical accessories should be unplugged as jump-starting tends to send a power surge which is capable of shortening the lifespan of some electrical accessories like a phone charger and the likes
  4. Everything inside the car that is powered using electricity should be turned off
  5. The use of rubber gloves and safety glasses should also be taken into consideration
  6. The car should be parked in the Park or Neutral mode and the brakes should also be engaged
  7. The positive clamp must be connected before the negative clamp

Final Thoughts

With this review, you can confidently and boldly make a choice on what car jump starter to settle for as you now have all the necessary information that you need. Every car jump starter that we have talked about comes with the right amount of information that would be helpful in finding the one that would be suitable for your vehicle. These are the best car jump starters that you would find on the market today.

There are also times when you might want to jump start another person’s vehicle and you should also have it at the back of your mind that you can make use of any of these car jump starters to jump-start another person’s vehicle.

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