5 Signs That Your Blog Needs More Attention

The purpose of writing a blog is to get noticed by a particular audience that can find their selves in the content that a person shares with them. The goal might not be global popularity, moreover, it is publicity to which numerous bloggers strive, but whatever the reason for writing might be, certain feedback is desired from the readers, otherwise, the writers would satisfy their hunger for writing without publishing their materials. The truth is that there are common features of certain blogs, no matter what they are about, so in the following lines you will be able to read about the most common signs that your blog needs more attention. Thus, after you recognize them, you will be able to dedicate yourself to their solution for your blog to prosper. And a successful blog doesn’t have to mean expensive tools or consultants, head over to Middle Class Dad to see the complete list of the best DIY SEO tools.

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1. No Feedback in the Comment Section

Having not as many comments on your post as you have been accustomed to or not receiving any feedback from your readers at the comment section at all can be a warning sign that something is not right with your blog. What you should do is try to engage the readers into a conversation by either inviting them to express their opinion via your blog text or asking them questions at the end of the text. The truth is that the readers are not that eager to commenting first, so what they need is a certain trigger that would lure them into posting something publicly. Thus, think about any possible solutions that could prove useful in making your audience more engaged. Also, when you hear from your readers more frequently, you have an idea of what they want to read, so you can adjust your style if you find it appropriate and listen to the pieces of advice they are willing to give.

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2. You Do Not Use Your Email as Much as You Used to

Do you have an email list at all? Because numerous bloggers do not, and that is what differentiates the pros from the rest. Surely, it is not the only thing that will make your blog flourish, but it should definitely make it more noticed by the selected public. It is not only good to promote your writings but it also enables you to get in touch with your writers. What is also important about using email is consistency. Thus, if you randomly text your audience it could send a bad picture about you and imply that you do not actually care for their opinion. On the other hand, if you email them sporadically, they might forget about who you are if the first impression was not as effective as you intended it to be. That is why you need to be persistent in order to make the most out of this type of promoting your material.

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3. Your Blog’s Search Engine Traffic is Dropping

If you are not aware of the importance of the traffic that is going on via your website, you should additionally inform yourself about the subject in order to make certain amends to your work so far. That can easily be done with the use of Google Analytics where you can easily track the stats that show how many people visit your blog and when. The equation is as simple as it gets since a good blog should have increased traffic over a certain period, while the one with poor traffic experiences fewer visits from the readers. The reasons why your blog is facing less popularity might be various, but the most common ones are the competition and the absence of recent updates, therefore, old material. Visit wordpens.com and find out more about how you can improve your location on Google and increase the traffic on your blog.

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4. The Lack of Plan

It is not strange that certain bloggers write about nothing particular but use this type of expression to write an online diary or even publish random authorial texts without any noticeable connection. It is hard to expect that this type of approach to blogging will lead you anywhere in particular, especially if you fail to form a style and discover your writing goal. Thus, without an editorial plan, you would soon run out of topics to write about and fail to focus on something grandeur. Whether you have a plan or not is what will determine your overall satisfaction. Therefore, if you are writing for fun and without any particular expectations it is perfectly justified not to have a plan, but if your goals are high, then a strategy is an asset you should not neglect if you mean business.

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5. The Readers Inform You About Problems

This does not have to be solely viewed as a negative aspect. On one hand, it shows that your readers are committed to your blog and that they care about what you are posting, thus they find a personal interest that your blog works flawlessly. On the other hand, it is definitely a warning sign that something is not functioning the way it should be, so you need to focus on fixing the potential problem as soon as you are informed about it. Having a faithful audience is one thing, but never forget that not all of the ones that come across the problem at your blog will be that kind to send you a message about it. That is why you need to treat your readers with respect and do anything you can to make their experience at your blog more enjoyable.

Remember that the aforementioned warning signs are just some of the potential issues you might be experiencing with your blog. Keeping a blog implies much more than solely writing interesting content and posting it online, although the quality of your writings is one of the main culprits for luring the audience. Therefore, focus on the possible problems and dedicate your time to fixing them as soon as they emerge. Also, having a prepared plan on how to act in certain situations is what makes a good asset for the future.