Students Choice: The 5 Best Essay Writing Services in USA [Websites Reviews]


If we talk about an inalienable part of student life, essay writing will come first for sure. Writing an essay is crucial for all levels, whether you are in middle school or college. It is not about submitting a term paper to your teacher for getting marks only. Essay writing puts forward your ability if you are eligible to get going to the next level.

A common scenario around the world is that your professor or teacher will assign essay writing on a selected topic, and there is a big reason behind it. When you write a paper, you will include your point of view, unique ideas, analysis, evidence, and personal statement unintentionally.

Writing an essay compels you to think in-depth, organize ideas, and generate a research paper. This is a genuine skill that helps a student in professional life and to acquire advanced knowledge. Your instructor has no better testimony rather than a homework paper that you are learning the taught materials. Besides, it gradually turns you into a master of the subject because writing an essay requires hours of research, analysis, and advanced investigations.

The only thing that bothers the majority of students is finding time to write assignments. Moreover, several students lack the writing skill and confidence to create a good thesis paper. Since essay writing is unavoidable to keep your GPA steady, you may need some assistance in that case to produce a high-quality college paper.

Fortunately, several essay writing service providers are eagerly waiting to help you. These services will not help you save time only, but also produce a unique and well-researched paper. The writers usually have years of experience who will help you create a quality essay as well as expand more ideas.

In this post, we are going to review the 5 best writing services recommended by APNews in the United States. Let’s explore.

5 best essay writing services in the USA with reviews

1. – the cheapest essay writing service in the United States


It takes years for a company to gain trust and loyalty. There is no way to get them overnight because you need to satisfy your customers and keep the consistency. 99-Papers is such a company that has achieved both of them. If we talk about the best writing service in California, the company is one of them that comes first.

99-Papers is a writing service provider that assists students in writing compelling essays. However, if you are a student of college or university who doesn’t have sufficient time for writing or isn’t good at writing, the company is perhaps the best option to make things done.

Along with essay writing, 99-papers also provides speeches, PowerPoint presentations, lab reports, and other academic papers. So, the company is a compact option to satisfy all your academic needs.

99-papers has become popular due to its affordable price and strict professionalism. The company has formed a team with professional writers where most of them are native English speakers from the USA and UK. Though being native doesn’t create a good writer, the company employs those eligible for providing premium quality service. The writer team of 99-Papers consists of people who have years of writing experience and advanced knowledge in a variety of subjects and niches. Some of them even hold a degree in particular subjects. So, there is no chance to include wrong information in your essay.

The unity of the company keeps it far ahead of competitors. When a service is provided online, the authority must keep in mind if the website is user-friendly. Fortunately, 99-Papers has designed a very easy-to-use website for customers that show you the ordering and downloading process step by step. As a customer, you have to provide your requirements in detail, the volume, and a deadline.

After the order is submitted, the team will start working on your paper and you need to wait till the deadline. In general, 99-Papers has goodwill to deliver content on time in 98% of cases. However, if you are in a hurry to submit your assignment, 99-Papers will provide it within 3 hours without ruining the quality. It is the fastest delivery that costs extra bucks.

Since it is a writing service, you should never compromise the quality of the essay. 99-Papers is also strict about maintaining its professionalism and quality. They proofread every content word by word and ensure there are no grammatical and spelling mistakes. Besides, the company is committed to providing you 100% original essays without plagiarism. If you are still dissatisfied with the piece of writing even after all these attempts, 99-Papers allows you unlimited revision until your satisfaction. But, if their attempts don’t seem okay, you can cancel the order and ask for a refund.

You can contact their customer care directly if you face any difficulty relevant to their services. 99-Papers is undoubtedly a big fish to provide essay writing service that you can always consider for your assignments.

2. – cheap writing service for UK students


Most people will check for a review before taking an online service since the internet is full of scams. It is irritating because some essay writing service providers deliver software written content that is not even human-readable. This is why the review has been a green signal if we should pick a service. But, remember that diamonds always remain hidden below ground.

In the same way, the quality of service can never be judged entirely by looking at the reviews only. If massive reviews aren’t your priority, Studdits comes next on our list due to its immaculate record. The company offers premium quality writing services, including essays, case studies, research papers, courses work, and more at low prices.

They are committed to never miss the deadline. However, if you need an urgent delivery, you can get it within 3 hours without destroying the quality of the essay.

Paying for a Studdits service is almost risk-free because the company offers a money-back guarantee from 50% to 100% of the total service charge. So, you have a comfortable option in case of dissatisfaction. However, you will rarely have a reason to dislike their services because Studdits maintains world standard quality against grammar, spelling, and plagiarism issues.

Let’s talk about the review again. Studdit allows customers to post video reviews so that you can check the actual scenario of their services. It demonstrates their truthfulness because there is almost zero chance to post fake reviews anonymously.

Studdit offers attractive discounts for both new and returning customers. Their website is user-friendly as well as useful to calculate the approximate service cost without any login and email submission. Besides, the communication and customer care seem very smooth.

Is Studdit worth considering? Well, in case you have been victimized by fraudulent writing agencies several times, we suggest not to go anywhere except Studdit.



Discovering a reliable essay writing service is extremely crucial for students because they are always on a tight budget. Essay-Pro is a reputable writing service that cares about your hard-earned money. If you check out their service rating, you will experience that the majority of their customers are pleased with their work.

You can order your required essays and other assignments without any hesitation because they ensure a money back guarantee in case of your dissatisfaction. Let us mention that the refund policy will be applicable in three cases.

  • If they fail to assign your order to any of their writers.
  • If you cancel the order for a valid reason. Third,
  • If they fail to meet the deadline.

Essay-Pro has hundreds of dedicated writers. However, the ordering process is quite unique compared to others. Unlike an essay writing company, they have designed their website similar to a job portal.

After signing up on their website, you need to put all your requirements in detail and order. Your order will be visible to relevant writers so that they can apply for the job. You have complete independence to choose a writer among them based on their qualification and portfolio. This is a great way to establish communication between writer and customer.

However, you always have to pay some money in advance to start your task. EssayPro charges quite low for their services. Besides, they offer coupons to new customers where they can get up to 25% discount.

Along with essay writing, the company provides business plans, creative writing, research papers, case studies, and more. They check out each of the content thoroughly to avoid any grammatical, spelling, and plagiarism issues.

Due to professionalism, quality of work, and cheaper rate, EssayPro is another highly recommended essay writing service on the list.



Students around the world have been compelled to stay at home due to the ongoing pandemic. They are carrying on their classes and exams online. Besides, they are struggling to create and submit assignments on time because it is a huge pressure. If you are in the same situation, EssayBox is a super solution.

The company is considered one of the best writing services in Texas due to its quality work. The writing team of Essays-Box consists of highly eligible native English speakers who are experts in more than a hundred subjects. So, you can order any kind of research papers, articles, term papers, case studies, PowerPoint presentations, the solution to mathematical problems, and more.

Due to the variation of their services, EssayBox is a suitable writing service provider for all levels, including Ph.D., master’s, undergraduate, and college students. For these reasons, their service price varies depending on the level of work and creativity. Since the writers are skilled in a variety of topics, you can order either a full assignment or a single paper without thinking twice.

EssayBox has earned thousands of positive ratings because of its quality work. They always provide unique and plagiarism-free content. However, if a customer is not pleased with their delivery, he can claim a refund. After a refund claim, they give the money back as fast as possible.

The company is reputed to deliver customers’ orders in time which is a big issue in essay writing services. Besides, they maintain good customer care support that delivers super-fast solutions to any writing issue.

EssayBox guarantees not to sell your personal information to any third party. It seems that the company is more focused on customer satisfaction rather than making a profit. Undoubtedly, EssayBox is a reliable service you can consider for your essays.



If you are a student who is currently living in Florida, let’s get introduced to 1Essay. Though we are basically talking about essay writing, this company is one of the best service providers for report and speech paper writing as well.

We must admire their writers because the majority of them hold higher degrees, even Ph.D. The company is very strict when it comes to quality. They hire writers through an extremely hard procedure to discover qualified persons. It should make you feel comfortable because you don’t have to worry about the delivery time and content quality.

1Essay provides PowerPoint presentations, technical reports, lab reports, and research papers along with essays. As a customer, you can pre-calculate the service charge on their website. If you compare the quality of their work with others, the price seems quite affordable. However, the price isn’t flat for all types of writing. It depends on the qualification of a writer, his academic background, and the deadline or urgency.

1Essay considers customer’s privacy seriously. They are firm to protect your personal data that are given while ordering. Your information will never be shared.

The interface of their website looks very user-friendly. When you access the website, they will ask you to fill up a form on the homepage. The form is well-organized that allows you to hire a specific writer who will write my essay for me. The ordering approach is excellent and effective because you can directly interact with the writers and share all your requirements.

Writers of 1Essay are well-trained to create pretty unique and plagiarism-free content. The usage of perfect grammar will surely impress you. A ton of positive reviews on their website prove it. 1Essay believes in quality and customer satisfaction. This is why it is one of the best US-based writing service providers suggested by customers.


Is it safe to buy essays online?

This question should come to your mind while ordering if it is safe to buy assignments like essays online. This is truly confusing because thousands of students like you are doing the same things. So, how can you expect a high-quality and plagiarism-free essay?

To be honest, there is nothing wrong with buying essays from a writing service online. However, there is no straight answer if the service is safe for you. It is because a variety of factors works behind it. For instance, it depends on who you are hiring to write your essays.

Good writing service knows the professional way to write an essay. They can help you to write in perfect formation. Professional writers carry out in-depth research before writing to gather and include all essential information in the essay. Besides, they can help you add important and relevant references that you even didn’t know.

However, the internet is full of scammers. If you fail to detect a good writing service, chances are you will get plagiarized or software-written content. The quality of the content will undoubtedly be poor. So, it depends on you how you evaluate an essay writing service before ordering.

Many students have claimed that they got higher marks by submitting purchased essays. Buying essays from such services is neither a crime nor forbidden. You can buy one without hesitation. But, when it comes to quality, you are equally responsible.

Some students even don’t look at the papers before submitting them. As a result, your teacher is possibly going to receive a poorly written essay that will affect your GPA badly.

Whoever you hire to write your essays, you must check out the delivered papers to understand if the final work has met your minimum requirements and quality.


Pros and Cons of buying an essay online

Like anything in the world, buying these online has both pros and cons. You should have a crystal clear idea about them if you have already planned to buy one. Let’s check them out.


– Writing essays and other assignments take a huge time. If you want to utilize your precious time on other tasks wisely, the essay writing service can help a lot.

– Since it allows you to have sufficient time, you can get involved in a part-time job and make some extra bucks.

– Writing is a stressful job. However, you can simply avoid the stress by taking a good essay writing service.

– Professionalism is a big issue in writing. This is one of the big reasons most students fear writing. Buying essays online will provide you quality content written by professional writers.

– Writers from those companies carry out in-depth research that will make your essay extremely informative. It enhances the chance to get a good mark.

– You may not have any idea on how to check an essay to avoid plagiarism. A good writing company will ensure unique and plagiarism-free content in that case.

– Your deadline will rarely miss. It is a good way to get things done on time.

– Essay writing services are quite affordable for students. So, there is no need to worry about your budget.



– If the writer isn’t a US citizen or native speaker, your essay may lack a good writing tone.

– Since you are not writing it at all, you are missing a huge thing to learn.

– Some writing services charge so high due to their level and quality of work that can be difficult to afford for students.

– You need to be very smart to discover a good essay writing service since there are tons of frauds around you.


Are essay writing services legit?

Students all around the world hire essay writing services. But, some of them ask if the services are legit. The short answer is yes. There is nothing wrong if someone buys academic papers from others. Essay writing services are considered a valid business in major cities in the U.S., including New York and Washington.

When you want to buy an essay from a writing service, you must fill up a form. Like all other businesses, their terms and conditions are mentioned under the form. As a customer, you agree with them while buying their services. In general, writing services guarantee unique and plagiarism-free content, which is mentioned in the terms and conditions. If they fail to deliver an essay according to your requirements, they are bound to give the money back according to the rules. Otherwise, you can take any necessary actions.

Essay writing service is a legal business that is taking orders to fulfill customers’ requirements. They are creating academic materials that help students globally to understand their courses easier. It is a well-known fact that tuition fees are increasing day by day. As a result, students have been compelled to participate in part-time jobs to cope with the higher cost. Essay writing services are actually helping their customers to save and manage time precisely.

If we talk about content ownership, there is no issue at all. Writing services completely transfer the ownership of the final work to the customers. You can find it in their terms and conditions, or you can talk to a service representative for confirmation. Since you get the entire ownership, there is no chance to reclaim it by anyone according to their rule.

Essay writing services are legal businesses in countries like the USA and UK. Apart from some scammers, most services consist of following all legal processes and documentation. There is no national law that goes against such services.

Writing academic papers is a stressful task for students since they need to attend several classes and maintain strict deadlines. If they decide to write long essays by themselves, chances are most of them will fail to submit the assignment on time. It can badly affect their GPA, which is unfortunate. Essay writing service is a blessing to avoid such unexpected situations and save valuable time. According to general law, there is no issue if someone hires a professional service provider to save time. So, you can order essays without any obstacles.