Should I Let My Pet Sleep with Me?

People love to sleep with their pets in the bed; we all have to agree with that. Often, the connection between a dog and a person is undeniable. That’s why 56% of people allow their pets into their bedrooms and beds. Cuddling with your furry little friend is undoubtedly a good feeling. However, some people deny the fact that sleeping with a pet is safe.

There are advantages and potential disadvantages of sleeping next to your furry friend, depending from what point of view you consider things. Having a pet is a unique and challenging experience, but a great responsibility too. Most of us enjoy the time spent with our pets, but is it really safe to sleep with them?

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Should you let your pet in the bedroom?

Some people let their pets in the house, while other people’s dogs are always outside. Thinking that your pet might interact with who knows what, sleeping with them doesn’t sound like a good idea anymore. But, who says you can’t make yourself comfortable next to your pet if you take the responsibility and keep them clean most of the time, especially when they’re in the house? Then, there wouldn’t be any negative side effects for any of you. If you’re still unsure if sleeping with your pet is a good idea, let’s analyze the topic a bit more.

According to some research, more than half of the US people share their homes with pets. While dogs and cats are the most common, others prefer hamsters, parrots, guinea pigs, or exotic animals, which require a bit of more care to give. Snakes, tarantulas, cockroaches, capuchin monkeys, and so on, are rare types of pets found in people’s homes, but these require special ambience to live in.

Thus, cats and dogs are most loved by humans because they aren’t too difficult to be kept and raised. Also, not all breeds of dogs and cats require special space to live in; some can freely run into your apartment or in the backyard. ABCs Puppy Zs  A mini goldendoodle, for example, is a small dog breed that will give you a lifetime of love and friendship.

Mini Goldendoodles are fantastic family pets. They’re not aggressive, they’re loving, very playful, loyal, and highly intelligent. Because they’re eager to please and very social, they can get along with other pets, such as cats or other dogs. It’s an excellent choice for any family with kids of all ages. So, if you’re about to get a new pet for you and your family, a mini Goldendoodle is a perfect choice.

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Are there any benefits of sleeping with your pet?

It might sound surprising to many of you, but sleeping with your cat or dog actually has many benefits. Pet lovers will feel much more secure and relaxed, knowing that their four-legged friend is sleeping next to them. If you consider the contrary, here are some important key figures for pets in the USA:

  • 66% of Americans described their pets as a therapist
  • An average American spends an amount of $63.7 on toys per year
  • 93% of Americans take their pet with them on vacations
  • Around $38.4 billion of pet food was sold in 2024
  • An average American plans to spend around $28.36 on Valentine’s Day gifts for their pet

While this might sound odd for you, sleeping with your pet is scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Besides, many people treated their insomnia by simply sleeping with their furry friend. The biggest advantage and reason people sleep with their pets is because their comfort and sleep are improved. A 2018 survey showed that sleeping with a pet has a positive impact on human sleep. People with long-term health issues can find relief while sleeping next to a furry friend.

Cats and dogs have a higher body temperature. So, if you constantly keep your room temperature too high, you should reduce it now – you can get warm next to your furry baby.

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Can children share the bed with pets?

Like most parents, you probably wonder if your children are safe sleeping with the dog or cat. It depends, of course, but it’s generally unsafe to leave a 5-year old child sleeping alone with a pet. This has nothing to do with health concerns, but before allowing your child to sleep alone with their pet, it’s wise to see if they can handle the responsibility.

Any parent should supervise their children while taking care of a pet to make sure they act responsibly when they feed, walk, or play with them. It is an essential aspect to consider before getting a pet for your kids. Without realizing it, kids can pull the pet’s tail, roughly play with them, or neglect their needs. The pets may tolerate this behavior for a while, but at some point, they’ll walk away. But you shouldn’t worry, though. Generally, cats and dogs won’t do any harm to your kids. If your kids are older than three months, then sharing beds is completely safe. It is just because babies, especially those younger than a couple of months, are more prone to certain types of infections.


Are there any health risks?

It’s quite understandable that the most significant concern a parent has about their kids sleeping with pets is if they can catch a disease. However, this rarely happens. Good health for pets means no illnesses, no parasites, updated vaccinations, and regular vet checkups. That’s why veterinarians would want to see your pet at least once a year. Regularly taking your pet to the vet will help them remain healthy and identify any potential risks of getting sick.

Of course, some people are fine with the idea of sleeping with their pets, while others don’t allow their animals in their bedrooms. It is an entirely personal choice. As long as the pet is kept in excellent conditions, there is no reason to panic. Some pet owners choose to create personal space for their pets to feel more comfortable and relaxed. Just remember, if you let your pet outside, make sure you keep them clean before allowing them into your bed.

As an overall conclusion, sharing beds with your pets is entirely safe, unless you suffer from health problems like allergies or asthma. Otherwise, you could let your little friend share your comfort; they’re part of the family anyway.