Dog Arthritis And Joint Care At Home

Unfortunately, many dogs develop arthritis and joint pains as they get older. If your dog begins to have these problems, you should see a vet as soon as possible. However, you will need to know how to care for your dog at home when he or she struggles with arthritis. You should use these nine tips to help your dog with arthritis and joint pains.

Watch Your Dog Closely

If your dog starts to show signs of arthritis or joint pain, you need to watch your dog regularly. See if he or she starts to limp or stay still more often. For example, your dog may limp towards one side or avoid standing on one of his or her legs when possible. If this keeps happening, your dog may have a problem with that leg’s joints.

You should also pay attention if your dog becomes hesitant to stand up or move around since this can also indicate joint problems. This also includes your dog struggling to climb up the sofa or jump down from different heights. Make sure you treat your dog and take him or her to a doctor if the signs start to happen or if they become worse.

Source: Blue Cross

Use Joint Supplements for Dogs

You can purchase and use joint supplements to help your dog with arthritis. Joint supplements are designed to strengthen your dog’s joints, provide relief and prevent arthritis. As you give your dog these supplements, he or she may feel healthier and have less problems from those joint issues.

If you plan to use joint supplements, you should talk with your vet to find out the best options available. On top of this, if your dog takes medication, you need to see if the supplements will cause any problems for that medicine. Either way, joint supplements can be a great way to care for your dog’s joint and arthritis needs at home. If you are daunting about the quality of dog joint supplements available today, check out the list and rundown of The Pampered Pup of dog supplements out there.

Carry Your Dog as Needed

Depending on the home you live in, you may need to pick up and carry your dog at times to help him or her if your furry friend has arthritis. When your dog has joint pains or arthritis, you don’t want him or her to overwork those joints since that can lead to damage and more issues. This means you will need to be mindful of your dog.

If you have a staircase, you should always carry your dog up and down whenever he or she wants to go somewhere else. Staircases can be dangerous for dogs with arthritis since they can slip, fall and injure themselves. This means you should play it safe and carry your dog whenever he or she needs to use the staircase.

Source: Pet Central

Never Overwork Your Dog

Many owners may push their dogs too hard when it comes to walking or other physical activities. For example, if your dog starts to struggle with getting up on the bed due to arthritis, you shouldn’t force him or her to do it. Instead, you should make it easier for your dog or help your furry friend as needed.

For example, your dog may need some help getting up and down from the bed, so you should provide some help. Some people will get a short table or pillow so their dogs can have an easier time climbing up the couch. It all depends on what you have available and doing your best to avoid pushing your dog physically during this difficult time.

Keep Important Belongings on the First Floor

Dogs love belongings such as food, blankets, beds and toys. If your dog starts to struggle with arthritis, and you have a second floor, you should keep his or her belongings on the first floor. Doing so will help your dog when he or she wants to access those belongings without using the staircase.

For example, you may leave your dog’s favorite toy upstairs, so he or she may try to use the staircase. Instead, you need to leave those favorite toys downstairs to prevent your dog from using the staircase without your help. In short, if your dog uses a belonging often or cares about it, you should keep it on the first floor.

Source: CARE (Canine Arthritis Resources and Education)

Get a Dog Ramp

If you can’t lift your dog or you can’t always do it, you can purchase a dog ramp. This device is a special item that creates a flat surface for your dog to climb up. This makes it easy for your dog to get on your couch, on the bed or even in your car. Your dog just has to walk up the dog ramp for easy access to these places.

For example, if your dog sleeps on your bed, you can purchase a dog ramp and leave it next to your bed. Doing so will allow your dog to get on your bed when you can’t be home. You can even purchase multiple dog ramps if you don’t want to keep moving one around the house based on what your dog wants.

Have Your Dog Sleep in Your Room

Some people like to have their dogs sleep in the same room, but others may have them sleep in a different room. If your dog starts to develop arthritis, you should have him or her in the same room as you during the evening. This will allow you to properly care for your dog while keeping an eye on him or her.

You never know when your dog may start to have problems in the middle of the night. For example, if your dog needs to get somewhere or your dog starts to whine during the evening, you have the option to take care of your furry friend. When your dog has an injury, you should keep him or her close by as much as possible to care for your furry friend’s needs.

Source: Reader’s Digest

Walks Based on Needs

As you help your dog with joint pains, you can adjust his or her walks based on the situation. You may normally take your dog on thirty minute walks, but his or her joints may not be able to handle them anymore. Instead, you should spend less time on walks or the frequency of them to avoid harming your dog.

You will need to watch your dog during walks to determine if you need to adjust his or her walks. See if your dog starts to struggle, limps or shows any other signs of problems whenever you both go on walks. This will let you know that you need to adjust your current walks to better meet your dog’s needs.

Arthritis is common in dogs, especially as they age. Due to this, you need to go out of your way to care for your dog and properly treat him or her if these problems arise. Since you care about and love your dog, you should make sure you follow these tips to help your furry friend feel comfortable at home while working around his or her arthritis.

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