Ways Gaming Can Benefit Your Health

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There was certainly a moment in your life when your parents told you that you need to stop playing video games because they are bad for you. How many times did someone tell you that you will ruin your eyes if you sit too close to the screen, or something similar to that? Maybe someone told you that you won’t grow enough if you don’t come out of your room?

There are a lot of things that adults were telling children when they wanted them to stop playing games, and many adults still use those awful lines.

Well now the times have changed, and science confirmed that video games are not bad for you, in fact, they are good. Yes, you read that right, they are good for you, and they can benefit your health. They can teach you things and train your brain. You just need to know which ones to play, and how to play them, to find out more click here.

And what’s most important is that video games have an effect on both your brain and your body, and they can benefit both your physical and mental health.

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How is this possible?

Many scientific studies have been completed recently, and all of them have the same results. Playing video games affects regions of the brain that are responsible for memory, information organization, and fine motor skills.

In one study a group of people played Super Mario 64 for only 30 minutes a day, for two months and scientists have noticed a difference in their brain structure.

Scientists and experts say that for improved hand-eye coordination the best games to play are action and simulation ones. And for brain practice and mental stimulation, puzzle and logic ones are the ones to go with.

What are the other benefits?

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Exercise While Playing Games

Video games can be literally good for your health. And you know how? Because they make you move. There are a lot of those on consoles that are action ones that make you move, jump, and dance. There are even exergames where you exercise with the help of console, like with Wii Fit. Or if you love to move your body to the music you can dance your feet off with Dance Dance Revolution. With these types, no one can tell you that you are wasting your time and that you need to go out and stretch out your legs. These ones will help you with your coordination, flexibility and even circulation, and you will lose some weight. Or you can walk and cache pokemon with game Pokemon Go. If you are interested in some of the locations where you can find rare pokemon, read it here.

Video Games Don’t Ruin Your Eyes

While you play, most of the people don’t blink that much, and that can be a problem. It can cause eye strain or dry eye syndrome, and none of these conditions are pleasant. But when it comes to ruining your vision by looking at a screen, the reality is something completely different. There was a study where those who played the first-person shooter ones showed signs of having a better vision than the others. It is because playing action games improves contrast sensitivity function, which helps us distinguish between changes in shades of gray against a colored backdrop.

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You Will Learn More

While you are playing games you tend to learn a lot of stuff, but also your brain flexibility enhances. If it is a fast-paced it requires constant thinking and that helps boost cognitive flexibility. That means that while you are learning new things from the games’ storyline you are also training your brain to work better and remember more.

Games Can Help With Anxiety

This may not come as a surprise if you are a gamer, but if you are not you should know that video games can help you with your anxiety. Researchers confirmed that kids that played handheld ones before their surgeries weren’t anxious about the procedure. It’s simple, this will set your mind to something else and not on the thing that makes you

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Playing Video Games Could Help Overcome Dyslexia

Again, the ones that are mostly action can help dyslexics improve their reading comprehension. Researchers think that it’s because in those, the environment is constantly changing and for that, an intense focus from a person is required. And one of the key components of dyslexia is attention difficulties.

You Learn How To Solve Problems

When playing your brain works like a busy bee. And while you play your brain collects bits and pieces, like learning how to solve problems more efficiently. You can also learn the strategy and planning through playing. There are many educational benefits that you can get from the most popular games. Your brain will also get trained on how to make better and smarter decisions.

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You Will Be Forever Young

If you are a game lover you will be one for the rest of your life, and that means that you will be forever young. But now, let’s be serious for a moment, playing them can slow the aging process. Those like puzzles and the ones that require logic, brain-teasers are great because they stall the effects of normal cognitive decline.

We think that now we don’t need to repeat ourselves any more on the topic of video games and health. Certain scientific facts prove that playing video games can have an impact on your health, your fine motor skills, on your memory, and on the way your brain organizes information.

But you should notice one important thing. If you play video games all night, you don’t sleep enough, you don’t go out, and you don’t move, none of these things that we mentioned will happen. You won’t get the health benefits that researchers and scientists are talking about, because doing things like that is simply not healthy.

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Don’t just go a binge-play something, enjoy the story, learn something more, and take everything with moderation. This way you will have a great experience and all of the benefits that come with it.