Aid & Attendance Benefits for Veterans

Although the V.A. itself won’t pay directly for assisted living care facility’s bills, there are some things that you may want to know when it comes to having assisted living care in your own home. Some people are able to get a rise in their actual pension. MBACentral said in a blog post that there are endless ways to do financial aid for vets.

Unfortunately, if you’re a veteran that isn’t entitled to a pension, this service increase may not actually be available to you, but in this CFEVR guide we’re going to tell you all about getting Aid and Attendance in your home.

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Vets Get Special Care

If you should require the aid of someone else to take care of you to handle your business on a day to day regimen, including bathing, dressing yourself, needing help using the restroom, and even cooking, or if you’re bedridden, you can get an increase in your monthly pension. You may also be eligible if you’re a patient who has been put into a nursing home because of mental or physical problems that you received which are service-connected or are legally blind in both eyes.

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Types of Special Benefit Increases

In general, you can actually qualify for two types of benefit increase. One is the housebound benefit which is just an increased rate of pension to someone who isn’t in constant need of regular aid and attendance but is still considered 100 percent disabled, or at least 60 percent or more. The other type of benefit increase is the aid and attendance benefit increase, in which you can get if you suffer total disability and need constant regular care. Even your spouses can get special care and will be included on your monthly benefits.

On top of these increases, a veteran may get housebound special benefits, aid and attendance special benefits, or anatomical loss benefits which can even cover some service disconnected disabilities and in the case of even women veterans, can help to cover the loss of breasts from having breast cancer (much similar to the legal Medicaid documentation).

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Can I Get Representation if I’m Denied?

Sometimes when you first apply for a pension increase, the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs may deny your claim. Because of this, it’s important to have legal representation available to help you fight the system. The reason for this is because the V.A. is much similar to the Social Security (at least many people compare the services to this), so without extensive proof, you may not be entitled to the increase. By contacting a valuable law firm who handles V.A. cases, you can get the representation you need to speed up the process and get your approval of appeal.

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Hiring the right law firm is the most important process of filing an appeal or anything that has to do with the VA system. You want to hire a veteran’s benefit lawyer that will be there to assist you with the right documentation and tell you what you’re going to need, as well as help you achieve these goals in order to get the entitlement you deserve.