How To Improve Your Characters In Online RPG Games

Online RPG or online role-playing games is one of the most popular genres of video games. With classics such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars I & II, Neverwinter, Lord of the Rings Online, Final Fantasy, and many, many more, online RPGs have been there for us and have offered endless hours of entertainment.

However, it goes without saying that these games are some of the most challenging ones out there. From character development to be the top-rated arena player, mastering online RPGs is harder then what it sounds.

One of the main aspects of these games is to have the best character with the best talent tree and item customization. However, the entire point of these games is to be diverse enough so that a single character class could be played in numerous ways, or so the developer of these games thought.

The competitive nature of these games has completely disregarded the developer’s wishes for each class to be played differently. Gamers are quick to find out which build works best, and they will stick to that no matter what. What even more frightening for diversity is the fact that others will follow the trend, so the developers have only one thing left to do – nerf the class build so that players will have to play something different.

But is that fair? Some would say it is because it’s their game and they feel that a certain build or class is getting too overpowered. On the other hand, maybe they want their game to go down a specific path, and that cannot be achieved if the players all go for the same item and skill build.

But regardless of what the developers and players want from the game, your character still needs to improve if you want to be the best. This article will give you general tips on how to improve your character in any online RPG. We understand that this might be impossible to do, seeing as different games have different mechanics, leveling systems, and combat, but we will try none the less.

So without further ado, here are tips on how to improve your character in online RPGs.

1. Level Up

Source: PC Gamer

It’s safe to say that a leveling system is more than important for any online RPG. However, a leveling system is so important for a game that other genres also have it. For example, MOBA games (multiplayer online battle arenas) such as Dota 2 and League of Legends have a leveling system that is instrumental to your success in the game. In these games, your character enters the battle starting on level one. Throughout the game, he has to obtain levels to compete with the other players. In Dota 2 you can level up your character to level 30, and to level 25 in League of Legends.

There is also a leveling system in most FPS (first-person shooter) games. For example, in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, your account levels up after each game. Why is this important in shooters, you might ask? Well, in shooter games, your level is closely tied to the matchmaking system, meaning that if you’re level 100 you will mostly play against other level 100 players in the game.

In online RPGs, a leveling system is the end goal. If you haven’t reached max level, you will never unlock everything the game has to offer you. Without max levels, you cannot do certain dungeons, raids, and even explore certain areas since they are tied to your level.

A leveling system is instrumental to your success in the game, and it takes a lot of farming and questing to level up.

On the other hand, you can always skip past the boring part of leveling by boosting your character. There are services out there that offer professional character boosting that will make you the highest level in the game without asking a question how. If you’re interested in character boosting your World of Warcraft account, make sure to visit to browse their wide range of services or seek some help from Boosteria.

2. Farming

Source: BlueStacks

We mentioned that farming is closely tied to leveling. This is completely true as farming in video games means acquiring gold and experience by beating mobs. Farming is the most boring this on earth in online RPGs, but a key mechanic in most games. With that said, you cannot get better in the game if you don’t farm. Not only will you acquire gold and experience needed to level up, but you will also acquire items that are instrumental for your character. Items come with stats, which the player can utilize if he equips them on his character. In online RPGs, there are hundreds of thousands of items, all providing different stats.

So naturally, this makes farming even more important, as it is the only way to acquire items, besides the market. Dungeons also drop key items in the game. Dungeon drops are some of the most overpowered items, but you will have to wear normal boots at some point.

3. Questing

Source: Steam

We also mentioned questing, and if farming isn’t your thing, well questing certainly won’t be. Questing in online RPGs means finishing quests given from NPCs. NPCs (non-playable characters) are the ones responsible for making your life miserable in online RPGs. Not only do most of the quests in these games are downright boring, but some are stupid and annoying to do. Most of the quests in online RPGs are “go and give this letter to that person over there” type of quests. Once you do hand over the letter, you will be shortly met with “thanks, now give this letter to that third person and tell him that” type of thing.

The circle never ends. There are some fun quests, of course, but most are stupid and pointless. This is exactly why people find questing as the least exciting thing to do in online RPGs. But similarly to farming and leveling, it is a key mechanic in these games that they won’t be what they are without it. As much as we all hate questing, it’s essential for improving your character in online RPGs.