Is a 32 inch Monitor Too Big? What Do People Think?


We all love big monitors, whether to enjoy thrilling video games or watch movies with our family or friends during the weekends.

Now, when do you call a monitor too big, and is a 32-inch monitor too big or average-sized?

Well, it entirely depends on the perspectives and choices. For example, some feel that the monitor they use for gaming or to enjoy movies might seem big, but in reality, it’s the other way round. Moreover, some people feel that their monitors might look too big, but not.

So, to get rid of all of these confusions, this blog post will help you know all the factors that affect this parameter.

Is a 32 inch Monitor too Big? Let’s Get a Perspective of it.

As of Tipsmotion, this answer entirely depends on a few factors that you’ll look at below.

1.  The Placing of the Monitor


If you are a “close monitor starer,” then a 32-inch monitor might seem huge to you. The reason is when you sit close to the gaming monitor; your perspective considers the monitor to be a lot big than it is!

Therefore, it’s always recommended that you get a large desk (or you can even attach the monitor on your wall) where you’ll place the ultrawide monitor and have a decent space in-between to get the best experience and thrill. Otherwise, at one point, your neck would become stiff, and you’ll not feel comfortable while gaming.

However, if you choose the monitor to watch movies or series, then a 32-inch monitor may be an ideal size as there will be a decent gap between you and the monitor, and you would enjoy watching your favorite show.

2. Monitor Resolution


The resolution matters a lot! It doesn’t matter what size your monitor may be as long as you have an amazing monitor resolution. Even a 32-inch monitor is way too big if your monitor has 1080 pixels. On the other hand, a 24-inch monitor is more than perfect with this resolution.

However, if your monitor offers 1440 pixels, then the ideal monitor size would be 27-inches, and if you require 4k resolution, then 32-inches is the best option available for you.

So, when you choose the best monitor, ensure that you pick your desired resolution as it plays a vital role in helping you enjoy your watching and gaming experience.

Moreover, if you plan to get a monitor for your office, the ideal size would be 20 to 30 inches. And you also won’t require high-resolution monitors as these are entirely for your employees.

However, suppose you have a graphics designing department. In that case, it’s ideal to choose mid-quality resolution monitors as there are tasks that need good picture quality to depict the actual tone and texture of the designs.

3. The Processor Also Matters


If you are a gamer and have a high-definition CPU with high specifications and graphics, then a 32-inch 4k monitor would be a fantastic fit. However, getting a smaller monitor would be ideal if you have an average CPU with lower specifications and graphics.

So, it doesn’t matter what monitor size you choose, as long as you have a high-quality processor installed on your CPU.

4. The Number of People Watching Together


Another important factor that needs to be looked after is the number of people watching or playing together. For instance, if you play with 1 or even 2 players, a 32-inch curved monitor may seem small. However, the size might be ideal if you play solo.

In contrast, there are no such things as too big or small; it entirely depends on the number of people watching the monitor. If more people are, then taking a bigger monitor would be the right choice.

Does Monitor Size Matter?

You may think that the bigger the size of the screen, the better viewing experience you’ll get. Well, it’s never like that. You can’t be a hundred percent sure that just because you have a bigger screen, you’ll have the best experience. Similarly, just because you have a small screen doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t love it.

There are other factors to consider rather than the screen size only. When you choose a monitor, you need to look for the resolutions and the color gradients these monitors have to offer. For instance, if you have a high-resolution monitor, then you don’t need a bigger screen to enjoy. Instead, you can have the best experience ever with a small-sized screen of about 27 inch.

However, if you have a monitor of less resolution and the picture gradients are fundamental, it would be ideal for getting a 32-inch monitor. This can be a perfect combination as it’ll enhance your overall experience.

High-Resolution and 32-inch Monitor: An Ideal Combination?


High resolution and a 32-inch ultra-wide monitor may be a killer combination for you! With this combination, you can have a fantastic experience with your ultrawide monitors. Moreover, you will also get a better gaming experience.

Although it’s true if your computer monitor has a pretty high-quality resolution, then a 32-inch larger monitor might appear pretty big. Yet, if you prefer big monitors, a high-resolution 32-inch monitor with better screen resolution can be the best option for your room.

Moreover, it can also be an ideal option, especially if you want to enjoy movie nights with your family or friends. You can also enjoy multiplayer video games if your friends are at your place. In short, this combination can be the perfect choice for you.

However, as an additional tip, if you want to make this monitor with a VA panel suit perfectly with your space, then your living room can be the best place to keep it. You can also add a modern look to your living room by attaching this pc monitor to your wall rather than on any table or desk.


How far should you sit from a 24-inch monitor?

Whether you enjoy a thrilling movie, work on your larger screen, or even play video games. You should always maintain a proper distance so that your eyes don’t get affected due to the radiation from the monitor for PC gaming with higher resolution. The ideal distance that you should maintain for a 21-inch monitor is from 24 to 30 inches.

How far should you be from a 27-inch monitor?

A 28-inches monitor is fun to play video games on and even enjoy watching movies. However, sitting too close to the monitor might adversely affect your eyes. So, when you are on your 27-inches dual monitor, the optimum distance you should maintain is around 18 inches. This will let you enjoy your moment, and you won’t even be hurting your eyes.

Will 24 inches be enough space for you to do your work?

For regular office work, a 24-inches monitor is the most comfortable option for you and your employees. The reason is, when your employees work, they will sit pretty close to the monitor so that a 24-inches monitor would be the best suit for them. However, anything more than this size would be too big for your workplace.

How far should you sit from a 24-inch monitor?

A 24-inches monitor is pretty big, and it would be an ideal monitor to watch movies or series with family and friends. However, it might be too big if you plan to use it for solo or competitive gaming. Since the monitor with an IPS display is also pretty big, you need to maintain an ideal distance from 42 inches to 66 inches. This is the best distance to have the best picture experience, and you won’t be harming your eyes.

What makes a monitor fun and comfortable for long periods of use?

You can make your monitor fun and comfortable by adding extra features, the best image quality, and great pixel density. For example, backlighting technology that’ll flicker the lights when your monitor turns on or off can indeed be a fantastic feature. Moreover, it’ll not flicker once your multiple monitors with TN panel or IPS panel e and ideal size are turned on, so your eyes won’t feel the strain with viewing angle and aspect ratio, especially when you are at work or playing video games. Therefore, you’ll have complete concentration on the work you are doing.

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Bottom Line

So, Is a 32 inch Monitor Too Big? Well, it entirely depends on the perspectives, the monitor resolution, placement, and the number of people watching together.

If you have a high-definition monitor, then 32-inch may be too big. However, if the specifications are standard, then a 32-inch monitor is an ideal option for you.

So, instead of looking at the size, emphasize the factors that affect your monitor’s perspective. This will help you choose the best size for your best experience.