Dos and Don’ts of Using an External Microphone for iPhone

Being a creator means constant adaptation to the tools and equipment that others use to provide higher quality content. Besides the stories and the theme of your videos, the video and audio quality are just as important to the audience.

If you are a beginner, or you are using your iPhone as a recording device by choice, you should pay attention to the sound quality. While the phone has a microphone by default, depending on your videos, you might consider upgrading your equipment if necessary.

To show you the importance of having an external mic for your iPhone, we have made this article. Using the good and the bad things about it, you can understand whether you need to invest in it, or wait until you upgrade your equipment completely.

Do understand if you need such a device

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Depending on the profile of your account, and the activity you do, you may or may not need an external microphone for iPhone. For example, if you are doing regular vlogs, and you are still new as a creator, you don’t need this piece of equipment. However, as your audience grows, you can either decide to upgrade your whole equipment or just get an external mic for your device.

In case you have centralized your work in interviews, or you have planned about starting up talk shows, an external mic is essential. For example, you can consider using mics that are being pointed to the person, or you can get a lavalier microphone for iPhone, so the person can attach it to their clothes.

If you want to make your equipment more practical, you can invest in a wireless lavalier microphone for iPhone. It makes life just a little bit easier when you are wireless. Fortunately, there are tons of wireless microphones out there. For example, SYNCO develops and offers a line of microphones for iPhone. Visit SYNCO site to have a look.

Do a price consideration


Before considering purchasing a recording microphone for iPhone, you will need to understand your budget. There are a lot of possible options, and they all come at different costs. For that reason, you need to understand your situation better.

In general, mics that are only being attached to the phone tend to be on the affordable side, while a wireless microphone for iPhone is usually costlier.

If you are at the beginning of your career, you don’t need to extend yourself for an expensive mic. You can do just fine with a mid-range option for now, and as you grow, you will improve your recording devices.

In case you just want I mild upgrade from the integrated microphone, you can either wait until you collect a larger fund, or get something in the cheaper range.

If you are at a point where you have gained popularity, you should use your financial assets to improve the quality of your creations. This means that a more expensive mic should be a better choice in that situation.

Don’t rush in purchasing the first mic that you see

Rushing and getting the first mic that gets in your way can be a big mistake for you. With various options, you should consider the microphone that is most suitable for your content.

There are various sites where comparisons are being done, so you can get a better perspective on which item you need more. You should ensure that the microphone for iPhone 11 is also suitable for the other models. Besides that, you can wait for holidays or sales so you can get yourself a better deal.

Make sure you do look for the mic’s characteristics

External mics usually offer a lot of characteristics that you can find used to. While they serve different purposes depending on the model, you should look for something else as well.

They can be the type that needs to be pointed to the area where the sound needs to be detected. This option is great for isolating the surrounding noises and registering only the sounds important to you.

Other variations are the lavalier or podcast microphone for iPhone that we have mentioned above. They are meant for a more personal usage where they are being clipped close to the sound, and are great for dialogues and voice-overs.

In addition, you should look for applications and connectivity options for the mic. They need to be easily controlled, and the app needs to be supported by the operating system of our interest.

Lastly, you need to make sure about the additional pieces that might connect to the mic. For example, a muff might be necessary for certain scenarios, and you should be able to install it on your new external mic.

Consider the size


Another thing that you need to think about before your purchase is the size of the mic. They can vary from minimal to large ones. You should choose them depending on the purpose of your content. For example, if you are doing interviews, you can get a larger one since you will be pointing it to the person.

On the contrary, if you want something more subtle, you should go for the mini microphone for iPhone. Using them should be easier because of how compact they are, and they should be able to fit in many recording ideas that you have.

The dimensions can be compared on various sites, or you can do that manually. Besides the sizing, you may want a mic that is aesthetically pleasing since you might be having that on videos.

How do you get the materials out of the device?

The recordings can be saved in multiple manners. For example, some mics can save the media on the phone itself. On the contrary, other microphones are saving the recordings on an SD card that has been inserted inside previously. Lastly, some mics turn to a USB stick that you can easily plug into your computer.

This should be considered before you make a purchase, and get the option that seems easiest for you. They are all practical, and you should not have a problem extracting the recorded materials out of the device.


By combining the things from above, you should come up with an idea of the type of microphone for the iPhone you need. Take everything into consideration, and make yourself and your audience more satisfied with the quality of your future creations.