10 Reasons Why Parents Should Allow Children To Play Video Games

When Christmas is close, many parents let their children play more video games. Then, they feel guilty for doing so. What is interesting is that they should not since this might be a very good decision.

Video games stand out as a very good learning source for children of all ages. In fact, you may want to seriously consider allowing your child to play games to get the benefits mentioned below. Obviously, moderation and guidance are necessary.

Source: The Conversation

1. Learning New Rules And Their Importance

Practically everything associated with video games involves rules. Even when you participate in a bought dungeon rate like with wowcarry.com, you have to respect rules. In many games, there are complex rules that need to be learned. Researchers showed us that this is very advantageous for children as they naturally gain a better language understanding. Basically, the only thing you have to do is to let the children play and talk to them about the rules.

2. Faster Problem Solving

We often associated games with isolation but we are faced with technology that reached a very high level of complexity. Nowadays, you can play games on the internet with friends and other acquaintances. You work with them to build a strategy and solve problems. This is very beneficial for children as they discover new problem solving approaches that do translate to real life.

Source: Acer for Education

3. Learning How To Share

Children naturally enjoy the social part of video games. Because of this, they follow the rules. One of the commonly seen rules is having to take turns.

When you play games online, you learn how to share. It is very easy to understand why a child would benefit from this environment.

4. Reading Stories

One thing that is so often overlooked in video games is how stories are told. It is clear that you can miss this when you look at action-oriented games. However, when you remove conflict, all you are left with is the story. A child can enjoy the story and as his/her attention is put on understanding what is happening, comprehension is increased. In fact, for many children, it is the story that draws them in.

The fact that children have access to complex stories is just one part of the equation. Some games help the child in telling the story. For instance, Storysmash uses Twine in order to create computer games. Even children can do that and create something that they truly love in terms of style, setting, plots, and characters.

Source: US News & World Report

5. Female Role Models

This is a very interesting benefit that might surprise you. Research showed us that when encouraged to engage with technology and science at an early age, girls can end up seeing themselves working in science, math, technology, and even engineering subjects. This practically means that games are great for girls too, not just for boys. We can play games that offer very strong women as role models. Why not encourage girls from a young age and let them know that they can do whatever they want to?

6. Engineering Skills

Ever since the launch of Minecraft, countless popular games have appeared that involve creating structures and buildings of different kinds. This is true even for younger children with games like Duplo Town, which takes advantage of the popularity of Lego and building. Children can also use apps to help them create complex 3D designs, which is another thing that is highly beneficial.

Source: The Straits Times

7. Sustainability And Science

In order to understand this advantage, we can take a look at Snake Pass. This is a game that is meant to be played by older children. It is a puzzle game based on physics. You think from the unique point of view of an interesting character, Noodle the Snake. Children playing learn about science and sustainability at a tender age, which is such a huge advantage.

8. Increased Creativity

Some time ago, there was not a big difference between arts and sciences when looking at school. Modern video games are beneficial because of the fact that they encourage an interest in fine arts and creativity. There are actually countless video games that fall into this category.

To some extent, all video games encourage creativity. However, some guidance might be needed by the parent.

Source: Children’s Health

9. Taking Online Skills Into The Offline World

Active play and video game play do not necessarily need to be separate things. We now have access to research that showed us that children often adopt ideas coming from video games to then adapt in garden physical play, on a trampoline, or even when riding a bike.

Even with some games that do not seem as if they would translate to the real world you can help the child make the transition. Does your child enjoy playing Fortnite? Encourage him/her to start a Fortnite diary. Does the child enjoy playing Pokemon games? Encourage the child to invent new Pokemon.

10. Playground Games

Did you ever hear the argument that children used to play in the playground and that this was better for them than playing video games? Well, how children played in the playground during the fifties and how children play games today is not that different. There are actually countless modern video games that are similar to the ones their parents played when they were children.

As an example, take a close look at the Hidden Folks game. It is a pretty good alternative to the popular hide and seek game when the weather is very bad and children cannot actually go outside to play.

Source: Peace at Home Parenting Solutions

Should you choose bike games or car games?

Bike games and car games can both be a lot of fun, but they also have some major differences. Bike games tend to focus more on speed and agility than car games, emphasizing the player’s ability to outmaneuver their opponents. When playing bike games, players must react quickly in order to win as they maneuver around obstacles and opponents while maintaining balance. 

Car games such as Drift Hunters 2  tend to favor distance over quick sprints and require players to drive carefully in order to stay ahead of their opponents. Additionally, car games generally feature more complicated physics models for the vehicles, making them harder for players to master. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference when deciding which type of game is best for you – do you want an intense experience with fast-paced action or one that requires patience and forethought? Both types can be incredibly engaging!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, parents should be more permissive when it comes to letting children play video games. The advantages that were mentioned in the above paragraphs are just some of those that can be highlighted. It is really important that you know the truth about gaming and that you are not drawn in by the stigma associated with the industry due to people that do not actually understand the reality behind modern video games. Games are now much more complex than they used to be and your child can benefit from it.