Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Apply for University

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Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to education, so more and more parents and students choose to go to university. This means that every year, many people need to apply to universities for further studies. However, it is not easy to complete the application, especially for those who plan to apply for university abroad. In order to help these students out, this article is written to show the details on how to apply for university. If you want to do a university application, you can follow the steps below to have a try.

Now, let’s begin our tutorial!

1. Find Courses and Schools Meeting Your Requirements

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Before applying for a university, You should first determine where you want to study, what you want to study, what kind of knowledge, skills and experience you want to get from university, etc. Then, you have to search for courses and schools based on your needs. To complete the course and school search, you can use CatEight as your assistant. It is a professional as well as powerful course/school search tool. With it, you are able to find different kinds of courses and schools located in different countries and regions with simple clicks. For instance, if you want to find a dental course in Australia, you just need to:

– Enter in your browser to go to the website.

– Click the button Course Finder on the platform to enter the section.

– Select Higher Education under the Course Category and choose Australia as your destination. If needed, you can even choose a specific city or region as your destination, such as New South Wales or Melbourne.

– Choose the discipline that you want to study in and filter other search options based on your need, including Qualification, Study Method, Course Fee, Course Duration, course name and so on.

– Then, you can click on the Search button when you complete the filtering. After that, you will get a great number of dentistry courses in Australia. Just view the courses and check the course details. While viewing the courses, you can add them to your Favourite if you are interested in the courses or compare them.

2. Choose the Courses that Fit You

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The next step to apply for university is choosing courses that fit you from the course list you get. While choosing the courses, you can take some factors into your consideration, such as your interests, the tuition fees, course duration, employment prospects, location, and so on. What’s more important, you should check the admission requirements of the courses carefully and see if you are qualified for the admission. If not, you’d better give up the course and choose another one.

It may take some time choosing a course, but it is worthwhile. If you choose the right course, you will be able to complete your course application more effectively and gain what you want from the study. According to Medicmind, even though students go to the courses they want to listen to, many people opt for online tutors and search for help on certain topics. This is common in academic circles and you sometimes need assistance.

3. Prepare the Documents as Required

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As we have mentioned above, different universities and courses have different admission requirements, so before submitting your application, you need to check the requirements of the chosen courses and see if you are qualified. If you meet all the admission requirements, you can start to prepare the needed documents and files, such as your transcript, evidence of your English proficiency, diploma, etc. This will make the application go more smoothly and help to improve your efficiency of university application.

4. Submit Your University Application

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When you complete all the steps above, you can start your application. To complete the university application, you usually need to do the things below:

– Fill in an application form;

– Prepare the needed documents and submit them to your agent or the chosen institution;

– Choose one or more courses that fit you;

– Submit your application case to your chosen agent or institution.

The application process would be long and complex since you need to complete the fill in, print or copy relevant documents, contact with the agent or institution, etc. So while submitting your application case, you should to be patient. Or you can search for courses application tool for help as well. This kind of tools will assist you to apply for universities and courses with ease, making the application much simpler.

5. Track Your University Application

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Submitting your application is not the end of university application. After that, you still need to track your application and provide the missing files when needed. When the university application is approved, you will receive an Offer from the applied school. Once getting the Offer, you can pay tuition fees, do physical examination and other things as required. When all the things are done, you can start and enjoy your university study.


That’s all for how to apply for university. Although university application is a tedious process, as long as you follow the right steps, you will be able to complete the application with ease. In addition, you can also turn to some professional and helpful tools. With the help of the right tool, things will become much simpler.

Hence, if you want to effectively complete the university application, I suggest you follow the steps above and try to find and use a powerful course search and application tool, you will find that the application is so easy to complete.

Now just have a try!