Mind Mapping for Studying: How to Boost Your Memory and Retention

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A mindmap is a simplistic way to retain information. Mindmaps use pictorial information in the form of branched maps or web-like maps that show the connection between two or more pieces of information.

Sharpening Your Memory: How A Mapping Exercise May Help

Creating a mind map is a time-tested method of boosting memory and recalling facts that are otherwise hard to recall. However, most people are not experts at creating such maps. If you are a person who finds it challenging to create pictorial memory maps, you can always take the help of online tools. Go to a website that offers mind map online applications that display simple templates and let you feed in information from scratch.

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Pictorial Representation Draws Attention

Neuroscientists agree that the brain remembers facts on which it concentrates. So, anything that draws a person’s attention is always easy to remember. A drawing/ pictorial representation where arrows connect pieces of information to convey information effectively draws attention.

Scientific studies show that anything that draws attention makes people concentrate, which is related to the release of acetylcholine. The release of acetylcholine is strongly associated with the formation of new memories. So when people see pictures, they concentrate, and this, in turn, helps form and retain memories.

Mindmaps Help In Meaningful Learning

Whenever a person hears a new piece of information, he may retain nothing of it, or he may retain only some parts of the information. Mind maps make sure that all the information that you receive is meaningfully retained. Unlike rote learning, where you learn a fact without being interested in the information, in the case of mind maps, you actually learn meaningfully.

Fun And Activity-Based Way Of Learning

Most educational institutions have taken cognizance of the fact that fun and game-based learning is worthwhile. Pictorial charts that seamlessly convey information are fun. People learn faster and do not get bored if any new information is conveyed in a fun manner. Moreover, mind map-based games where one is supposed to fill in missing pieces of information challenge a person’s retention power. If one’s memory is challenged, he will retain that particular fact for a long time.

Simplifying Complex Concepts

Retaining complex information is hard this is because complicated processes or operations have several subparts and multiple interrelations. A mind map links simple concepts in such a manner that they make retaining complex facts easier.

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Why Use Mind Maps?

The ability to boost your memory power is one of the main reasons why mind maps are frequently used in educational institutions and workplaces. However, there are several other reasons why these maps are popular, and some of these reasons are discussed below.

Unleashing Your Creativity

The whole purpose of using pictorial charts is to make it easy to visualize and memorize information. The more creative you are, the easier it is to depict the facts in an appealing manner. So, if you wish, you can add pictures and trivia facts to remember better. Likewise, the way in which you connect two different facts with one another also tests your creativity.

Leaves Scope For New Addition

Every single day, there are new pieces of information that keep getting added to old concepts. So, an online mind map tool that allows you to store old facts and reincorporate them into new concepts offers a great deal of flexibility.

It Improve Efficiency

Quick retrieval of facts helps in acing exams and interviews and improves work efficiency on a regular basis. Mental maps help retain facts and thus help improve productivity at schools, colleges, and workplaces.

It Improves Presentation Skills

People often use presentations in seminars, conferences, and board meetings. But making good presentations that can succinctly convey all the information without crowding the slides is an art. It takes years of experience to master making good presentations.

However, making mind maps helps you improve your presentation skills. They teach you to convey the most pivotal information without losing focus on trivial tidbits.

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How To Choose A Good Mind Map-Making App?

Making an effective pictorial representation requires that you work with a good tool. Here are some of the points that you should keep in mind when you buy online for creating memory maps.

Choose A Tool That Allows For Various Fonts, Colors Etc.

Appropriate use of colors and fonts helps highlight the most crucial information. So, it is essential that you choose such a tool that helps you customize your charts as per your needs and convenience.

Choose A Tool That Allows You To Collaborate

When you create a good chart or presentation, you will want to share it with your friends and colleagues. Moreover, if you are working on a group project, the ability to share your work is essential. So, choose a tool that lets you share your work with other people in your group, be it via email or by sharing stuff via Dropbox.

Choose A Tool That Allows The Addition Of Images, Videos, Etc

Choose a tool that lets you add images, videos, and audio links to the pictorial charts that you create.

Choose A Tool That Allows You To Drag And Drop Useful Items

A tool that lets you drag and drop items from your old folders is easy to work with. Apart from this, tools that allow full-screen searches are also quite helpful. So, work with a tool that allows ease of working.

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Modern mind map-making tools that are easily available online have made it easier to make effective presentations and retain facts. So, if you are someone who gets tired of rote learning, try using one of these tools to make a creative chart that helps retain a lot of facts and figures. Using these apps will not only help you remember essential facts but will also improve your presentation skills. Moreover, when you make these charts, you can easily share them online with your friends and colleagues, which will make collaboration easier.