6 Most Popular Courses Offered At Calicut University

Sometimes, following the status quo isn’t always the best option. When IT was all the rage, it could have been a good time to sit back and think, “would tech education work for my career?” Before committing to a lifetime of computer knowledge. Soon we started studying medicine, arts, banking, and business studies. That was probably the time when exploring new careers became more fun.

But sometimes there’s a reason such courses are so popular. Arts, business, and sciences, including IT are always going to have mass appeal. Why? Because they’re the best. This couldn’t be truer in the case of Calicut University.  Every year, the faculty at the University receives hundreds of applications. This is because students want to study these courses. So, the popularity of courses is a good indicator of quality. Here are eight courses offered at Calicut University based on what students love the most.

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About Calicut University

With 35 departments and 398 colleges, Calicut University attracts hundreds of thousands of students from all over the country. Being the largest University in Kerala, it is ranked 45th out of 100 top universities in India according to the QS. Calicut University was established in the year 1968, and “aims to nurture excellence in education and research in Northern Kerala.” The university believes in developing student personas “that benefit both local communities and wider humanity.” To take admissions in the university, kindly visit the official website for the process.

Popular Courses in Calicut University

Find the list below:

1. Bachelor of Technology in Calicut University

Source: Collegedunia

Almost all industries now depend on technology that makes tech a very popular career. But keeping yourself updated with the latest on tech studies is equally important. The University B.Tech curriculum keeps you on par with modern tech-related jobs.

Calicut University offers several specialisations in its B.Tech course – Printing Technology, Production Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science & Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Electronics & Communications to name a few.

B.Tech Course Fee: INR 35,000 a year.

Eligibility: 10+2 with pass marks in science subjects.

2. Bachelor of Science

Source: University of Guam

Students who aspire to be in the scientific field one day often have to make a difficult choice between choosing a specialisation. Whether to apply for a Bachelor of Science to prepare for a higher degree. Or, to study B.Sc to get better jobs. B.Sc courses in the University seem to have a bit of both. The curriculum is popular because the University’s department of Sciences focuses on research and development as well as practical applications. This not only strengthens your R&D skills but makes employment opportunities easy to find in this field.

Here are some popular specialisations in the B.Sc curriculum.

  • B.Sc Biotechnology
  • B.Sc Applied Physics
  • B.Sc Aquaculture
  • B.Sc Applied Statistics
  • B.Sc Biochemistry
  • B.Sc Botany
  • B.Sc BioPhysics
  • B.Sc Polymer Chemistry

B.Sc Course Fee: INR 39,000 a year. 

Eligibility: 10+2 in science stream with 50 percent marks.

3. Bachelor of Commerce

Source: BFIT

When students apply to bank and commerce courses, many envision easy coursework and lucrative careers after the course. But like science and tech streams, even commerce is a competitive career. Employment in this stream can be an uphill battle as trade and finance sectors often require one or two people to manage several tasks. Especially, with the rise of online retailers and internet banking where only a chosen few works on tasks as the rest of the industry is soon becoming automated.

Keeping this in mind, the university condenses its commerce stream into useful and thorough coursework in the following specialisations: B.Com (Additional Specialization), B.Com Honours, B.Com (Vocational Stream), And B.Com (Bachelor Of Commerce).

4. Bachelor of Business Administration in Calicut University

Source: GetMyUni

Corporates are the modern workers’ goal to secure a steady income and gain immense experience in various industries. And just like the foundation of any corporation, you will need to practise in working and leading different groups. So when students sign up for a course in business administration. They can expect to master teamwork and to manage those teams.

With an emphasis on the importance of networking, Calicut University prepares students for that corporate life through its BBA curriculum. Apart from gaining an edge to find high paid jobs, BBA graduates from the University can also gain entrepreneurial skills. Especially under the guidance of experienced faculty of the University’s BBA department.

BBA Course Fee: INR 18,000 a year.  

Eligibility: 10+2 in any stream with pass marks.

5. Bachelor of Arts

Source: SiouxFalls.Business

Some students choose a path less travelled and like to be unconventional to have a good career. Such students excel in the Arts stream. Because in a world chock a-blocked with unique and creative opportunities, Arts reflects your unique interests. Put simply; Arts is one of the most popular courses in Calicut University’s offerings. Focusing on various cultural, humanitarian aspects.

It offers many specialisations in its Bachelor of Arts curriculum. In fact, the department of arts has the most number of specialisations. Here are some of the disciplines under the BA, they are  BA Kannada BA English BA Malayalam And B A And BA Urdu And BA Arabic. Other Popular Courses Range From BA Economics, BA Mass Communication, BA History, BA Political Science, BA And Public Administration Among Others.

B.A Course Fee: INR 48,000 per year. 

Eligibility: 10 +2 in any stream with pass marks.

6. Masters of Business Administration

Source: Dare2Compete

Those who pursue an MBA find jobs in supply chain optimisation, technology startups, management consulting, investment banking, venture capital, strategic marketing, and other white-collar management roles. You can visit asakyu.com to learn more benefits of achieving an MBA. Thus, MBA programs have been strengthening student careers for a while now.

The business course at Calicut University attracts several students who bring unique perspectives and networks—making their MBA graduates critical to global supply chains and client management. The MBA program encourages group work. The curriculum at the University also offers case studies from different scenarios.

MBA Course Fee: INR 42,000 a year.  

Eligibility: BBA or BBM graduate or graduation in any stream with 50 percent and a valid score in CAT/MAT.

The university thus offers a plethora of courses. To read the full list of specialisations in the above courses offered at Calicut University, visit the official website of the university.