8 Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Cosmetic surgeries become more and more popular, especially when they have some aesthetic issues and want them fixed. But, when it’s possible, everyone wants to look beautiful. That is why every year in the USA, doctors perform around 18 million cosmetic and plastic surgeries.

Many believed that only women are interested in this type of intervention, but today, it’s not a taboo if a man wants to fix some aesthetic problem so he can look more attractive. The good thing is that these interventions are more accessible and affordable than ever, especially minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures. Surgeries are still a big thing because the person needs to be completely healthy following every aspect so that corrective surgery can be performed.

Also, we watch a lot of reality shows and TV-documentaries related to these interventions, and many people get a wish to undergo them so that they can look better.

Here the most popular cosmetic surgery trends for 2024, people are most keen on:

1. Breast augmentation, reduction, lifting and reconstruction

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This is a surgical way to enlarge the breasts. One of these plastic surgeons that does breast augmentation and reconstruction is Dr. Potter based in Austin, Texas. Some women like more prominent breasts, others go to reconstruction or replacement after breast cancer treatment, and some want to make them equal. There is also a rare condition when the breasts don’t develop in the teenage years. Silicone implants are most used when it comes to breast augmentation. However, other methods include fat-injecting or tissue growth stimulation, that may offer long-term but still temporary results. Even though this surgery requires long recovery time and has many side effects, it is still one of the most popular cosmetic interventions in the world. Also, some women want to make breast reduction, and this intervention is also familiar with men with larger nipples.

2. Face lifting

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This surgery is also known as rhytidectomy, surgical wrinkles removal procedure so that the patient can get a younger facial appearance. This procedure includes removing the excess skin on the face or redraping it so that the skin can be smooth and soft. Sometimes the facelifting procedure is successfully combined with blepharoplasty (eyelid lifting) and other face interventions to get better results. You can also visit this site so you can learn more about cosmetic surgeries for the face area.

3. Abdominoplasty

Source: What is Breast Augmentation?

During this procedure, the excess skin on the stomach is removed. Many men and women have a problem with the excess skin after they were on a diet or underwent a stomach fat reduction intervention and lost too much weight. The skin can’t follow the fast weight loss methods, and it shrinks and make the body looks unattractive. After the weight is lost, these people decide to undergo abdominoplasty, to remove the hanging skin from the abdominal area. This surgery is also known as a tummy tuck, stomach tuck, lower body lift, or excess stomach skin lift.

4. Rhinoplasty

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We can also find this surgery under the name nose job or nose reshaping. People are deciding to do this surgery so they can balance the nose with the face. Some of them may have breathing problems, so this intervention can help them fix the deviated septum to improve the inhaling capacity. After the surgery, the patient may have bruises in the nasal area, but that is normal and expected. They disappear after 10-15 days when the patient is fully recovered.

5. Otoplasty

Source: Michael R. Macdonald, MD

This is ear surgery. It can refer to surgical and non-surgical methods of reshaping or resizing the external part of the ear or both ears. Many people decide to reconstruct their ears because they are deformed or don’t like it. By this procedure, they get ears with natural proportions and appearance. Some people even need ear augmenting. Only a few deformities are a sign of the medical condition, and this is one of the safest correctional surgeries people can perform.

6. Dermabrasion

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This is a surgical type of skin exfoliation. The dermatologist uses a rotating instrument to remove the dead skin cells as deeply as the skin allows to improve the whole look of the face. Many people who have sun damage, acne, and uneven texture on their face skin decide to undergo cosmetic interventions, so they can remove the problem and start fixing it from the root.

7. Liposuction

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This is a body fat removal procedure. It may look at your body appear more attractive, but it’s not related to weight loss and obesity. If you have excess fat on some body areas and want it removed, you need to find a safe and trusted clinic. Even though this procedure is pretty popular, it has a lot of side effects and possible complications during the intervention. That includes organ perforation, vein thrombosis, bleeding, infections, or even death when something terrible happens, and the body can’t handle the vacuum sucking of the fat.

8. Gynecomastia treatment

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In the first sub-headline, we mentioned that even men could undergo breast surgeries for so many reasons. Even though breast cancer is most familiar with women, many men also suffered from this disease. Some of them may experience gynecomastia, a condition related to increasing the breast tissue, making it look feminine. Some men don’t need any treatment. Sometimes this condition can be cured with proper medications and medical procedures. But if their breasts and nipples have an unnatural size, sometimes it’s better to consider surgery, so the excess skin and tissues can be removed.

Before you decide that you will do some cosmetic surgery on your body, you need to be sure that you are entirely healthy, and this surgery won’t cause other health risks and problems. It would be best if you found a trusted clinic and surgeon because, very often, these procedures are done under complete anesthesia. Don’t put your physical health behind the aesthetic reasons. Some of these surgeries are painful and hard, and recovery takes a lot of time until you are ready to go back to your normal life.