Debunking Top 6 Myths About ReLEx SMILE

Having good and clear vision is something that everyone wants. Vision is such a crucial part of our lives. Without good vision, there will be many challenges that we have to face in our everyday lives. While it’s true that wearing glasses and contact lenses may solve the problem, but wearing glasses and contact lenses bring their own sets of limitations. There are many activities that you won’t be able to do with glasses and contact lenses. This is why eye refractive surgeries are so popular.

There are many available alternatives for good eye refractive surgeries. The newest one now would be ReLEx SMILE. If you are never hear about ReLEx SMILE before and looking for more information or guides about ReLEx SMILE in Singapore, you can read more here!

ReLEx SMILE is the short version of Refractive Lenticule Extraction Small Incision Lenticule Extraction. Yes, it is a long and complicated name. However, beneath the name is actually one of the most technologically advanced type of eye refractive surgeries. It uses a no-flap and no-blade approach. If you’ve been wanting to go for a vision correction surgery, perhaps ReLEx SMILE might be the best alternative for you.

So let’s jump in into the myths surrounding ReLEx SMILE surgery!

Source: LaserVue Eye Center

Myth No. 1: ReLEx SMILE laser eye surgery is still new, so it is better to wait

ReLEx SMILE is newer compared to older technologies like the conventional LASIK that has been around for a very long time. But, it also means that ReLEx SMILE is developed through of all the years of research in eye refractive surgeries and able to take advantage of the advancement of eye refractive surgeries over the years.

So far, in recent years where ReLEx SMILE has become more and more popular among patients, surgeons, and clinics, the results have been positive. [1]  It has a good record of successful surgeries over the years and is even known to have one of the most comfortable laser vision correction procedure and recovery. With all the good feedback coming from clinics, patients, and doctors, you can see that ReLEx SMILE is a great alternative for anyone considering a vision correction surgery.

Source: Magrabi Hospitals

Myth No. 2: ReLEx SMILE surgery requires a long recovery compared to other laser vision correction surgeries

This is false. ReLEx SMILE is famous for being comfortable and quick in its recovery. For example, let’s compare ReLEx SMILE with Advances Surface Ablation (ASA) Procedure such as epiLASIK or PRK. Many ASA patients usually needs about a week to reach initial recovery, meanwhile most ReLEx smile needs only a few days for its initial recovery. And then ASA patients usually requires about three to six months to reach full recovery, but ReLEX SMILE is expected to reach full recovery at around one to three months.

Just like every other laser vision correction surgery, ReLEx SMILE does take some time before you can reach your full recovery and start experiencing the full benefits of the results. Because the value of the results is so good, you can’t get it in just a day or two of recovery. You need to spend some time on it and be disciplined. The good news is that this recovery journey will be well-rewarded by long-term results. Good quality vision is precious!

Source: Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic

Myth No. 3: ReLEx SMILE is ideal for everyone

Every type of eye refractive surgery is fitting for different types of patients and cases. It depends on what the patient needs. There are two major needs that must be considered are prescription and lifestyle. In terms of prescription, ReLEx SMILE can only treat people with nearsightedness and astigmatism, not farsightedness. ReLEx SMILE also isn’t ideal for prescription that is too severe. Other options for prescriptions that are more severe would be LASIK or ASA procedures such as epiLASIK or TransPRK.

When it comes to lifestyle, ReLEx SMILE is favourable. Why should we consider lifestyle? The reason for this is because ReLEx SMILE is one of the best choices for people with active lifestyle who would like to undergo laser vision correction procedure. It is a no blade and no flap approach which eliminates the risk of flap-related complication . So, ReLEx SMILE is definitely an ideal choice for patients who wishes to keep an active and highly physical lifestyle after surgery.

Source: TenoBlog

Myth No. 4: ReLEx SMILE surgery is painful

Another common myth that we need to debunk right away. You most likely won’t feel a thing during surgery because you will be given anesthesia eyedrops to make sure that you won’t feel any pain during surgery.

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Myth No. 5: ReLEx SMILE surgery is more invasive than the traditional cut-flap LASIK

This is another myth, because ReLEx SMILE actually is a no-flap and no-blade approach. If you are looking for one of the least invasive eye refractive surgeries, ReLEx SMILE is definitely a fitting alternative.

Source: Storat

Myth No. 6: My prescription is too severe to be treated with SMILE surgery

Here’s something that we need to keep in mind: Every type of vision correction surgery has its own strengths and weaknesses. They were each developed to solve specific problems with specific kinds of patients in mind. In the case of ReLEx SMILE, this surgery is most suitable for people with active lifestyle and for people who have nearsightedness and astigmatism. It is not suitable to treat people with farsightedness. Also, there are limitations to the prescription that might be treated by SMILE surgery.

However it doesn’t mean that if you are farsighted, then there’s no eye refractive surgery that will be suitable for you. One of the surgeries that we have been talking about in this article as well, LASIK or ASA procedure, is a great alternative for those with farsightedness.

Hope this clarifies some of the myths surrounding ReLEx SMILE, if you still have doubts, ask the opinions of your trusted ReLEx SMILE surgeons, he/she will be able to clear any doubts that you have in regards to ReLEx SMILE!