Polarizing Lenses – Perfect Lenses for Drivers and Athletes

Polarizing glasses ensure optimal vision without reflection.

Outdoor friends, athletes such as skiers, water sports enthusiasts or simply sun worshipers can no longer do without the special glasses. They are even urgently needed for professional pilots.

Polarizing spectacle lenses are designed in such a way that they do not allow light reflections such as those that occur on wet roads and reflective metal surfaces or glass. However, Chanel sunglasses have a variety of models available at Pretavoir; check out all models of Chanel sunglasses here, https://pretavoir.co.uk/collections/chanel-sunglasses.

The eyes tire significantly less because they do not have to constantly adapt to the changing light conditions. Polarizing glasses are so good for the eyes that they give many wearers a whole new attitude towards life.

The innovative optician concept  put new lenses in your sunglasses. They only uses high-tech polarized lenses – with or without your individual prescription. You can save up to 60% when re-glazing your glasses compared to conventional opticians and do so in the comfort of your own home.

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All advantages of polarized lenses at a glance:

  1. Optimal visibility without reflection, this is particularly important when driving a car.
  2. Perfect for athletes who struggle a lot with light reflections (skiing, water, running, hiking, etc.)
  3. A razor-sharp picture for everyone. The visual image is significantly improved by the high-tech filter.
  4. Eyes don’t tire that quickly and you can enjoy outdoor activities permanently.
  5. Polarizing glasses enable perfect UV light protection for the eyes (100%).

Relaxed and fatigue-free vision with polarizing lenses

Usually light does not polarize because the light waves oscillate in all directions. However, if the light rays hit a smooth surface, for example water or snow, most of them are reflected by it. The light is directed in one direction, i.e. polarized.

The result is a glare that puts a lot of strain on the eyes. The polarizing glasses are constructed in the same way as we know it from polarizing filters in SLR cameras. Here, too, appropriate filters are placed in front of the lens in order to reduce or completely switch off the unpleasant reflections of sunlight on reflective surfaces. Thanks to the modern value-added glasses with built-in filters, you not only have better vision, you also move more safely.

The effect of polarized glasses has just as many advantages on the ski slopes as it does in traffic or in everyday life in the city. Better vision increases comfort, but also limits safety risks, because seeing better also means being able to move around without fear!

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Frequently asked questions from our customers:

1. Who are polarized lenses suitable for?

Polarizing lenses offer excellent protection against sunlight. The interfering surface reflections are optimally filtered, especially in snow and water. But of course polarized lenses are also the ideal sunglasses lenses for everyday use in the city or for a walk.

2. Can all glasses be fitted with polarized lenses?

Yes, regardless of whether normal sunglasses lenses, varifocal sunglasses, sports glasses or mirrored sunglasses. All glasses can be produced with a polarization filter and can be used in every pair of glasses by us.

3. With what prescription can polarized lenses be made?

Polarized lenses can be made up to – 8 diopters. Of course, the lenses are also available without prescription.

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How do polarizing lenses work?

Glare can only be avoided by using polarized glasses. For this purpose, TOP GLAS works a polarization film made of long, parallel molecular strands into the glasses. This creates a tight grid through which only light waves of a certain direction can pass. The horizontal and dazzling radiation is blocked. In principle, polarizing lenses enhance the effect of corrective lenses because they improve visual acuity.

This effect cannot be created with any lens other than polarizing lenses!

Polarizing glasses switch off annoying reflections and ensure an undisturbed, unrestricted view. They are tinted brown and available in different absorption levels.

The modern polarizing glasses filter these light rays and are also equipped with high-quality UV protection. They allow a clear view of details even with strong reflections, are also unbreakable and very robust. Special coloring makes the picture richer in contrast and the colors more brilliant.

Perfect sunglasses lenses for drivers and athletes

Better vision doesn’t just affect the eyes and vision. Because stress factors are reduced, concentration is significantly better when exercising or driving.

The response time is shorter than with conventional spectacle lenses. This is exactly what makes up the decisive fractions of a second for accident prevention. Glare-free vision calms the eye and can thus help in the long term to prevent age-related eye diseases.

With the right glasses you can work comfortably near (nearsightedness) as well as in the distance (farsightedness). The polarization filter takes care of the adaptation to blinding light conditions that the eyes would otherwise have to take over. You are relieved and exposed to less stress. The state-of-the-art glasses prevent signs of fatigue and at the same time give your eyes maximum protection.

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Polarizing lenses with mirror coating

You are spoiled for choice. Select the appropriate mirror or tint in our lens configurator. You can choose between 12 different colors.

All tints can be offered as polarized lenses. The standard colors brown, gray and blue as you know from normal sunglasses. There are also mirrored sunglasses, which are also equipped with a polarization filter.

Can varifocals also be equipped with polarized lenses?

Of course, you can have your varifocal sunglasses glazed with polarized lenses. This is even very popular with our customers, as the annoying reflections in everyday life almost completely disappear. Do not do without individually manufactured lenses with polarizing filters for your prescription sunglasses.

Progressive lenses have the advantage that you combine near and distance glasses. You only need glasses to improve your ametropia.

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Glazed glasses with polarizing lenses

The innovative online optician has specialized in re-glazing glasses with your individual prescription. The Munich optician has developed a new concept of how you can order high-quality, but inexpensive spectacle lenses including glazing.

Discover the advantages – order from the comfort of your home or office.

Step 1:  choose glasses

Select the right lenses in our lens configurator. All the information you need is quickly accessible there.

Step 2:  Send in glasses free of charge

Send us your glasses free of charge. With a successful order you will receive a DHL shipping label. Our master workshop is located near Stuttgart.

Step 3:  glazing your glasses

Your glasses will be 3D scanned and your new glasses will be individually produced and glazed by trained opticians.

Step 4:  shipping your glasses back

After just a few days, your glasses with new lenses will be back with you! We will of course send you the old glasses in a secure bag with you. You have a 100-day return policy.