Best Business Platforms for Apple Devices in 2024


If your business uses Apple devices, then you’re going to need a platform that supports – or at least – integrates with them. Below are the best platforms of 2024 that can work alongside the Apple tech your business uses on a day-to-day basis.



This platform has been designed to integrate seamlessly with Apple Business Manager to improve a business’ workflow and overall productivity. Apple Business Manager combines a device enrolment program with a volume purchase program and, used in combination with the features offered by Hexnode, provides a powerful tool.

For example, all of the Apple devices used by your business can be easily enrolled and configured with your company’s VPN (virtual private network), Wifi, and email platform; applications can be purchased and distributed to select devices hassle-free and access to all the features and tools required is made easy with Hexnode’s user-friendly platform. Hexnode can also help to ensure business-wide compliance as it enables users to target devices remotely to impose restrictions.

Revel POS

Revel is a customizable iPad POS (point of sale) solution that is feature-rich and focused on flexibility and versatility. This hybrid cloud-based system offers superior customer management tools that allow for the tracking of customer purchases and employee management software, too. Click to find out more about the benefits of Revel and its comprehensive list of features; these include inventory tools, Quickbooks integration, multi-store functionality, and integrated card loyalty programs. There are no contracts required to use this platform, and it’s suitable for a wide variety of businesses, from retailers to restaurants to florists.



This project management tool is infinitely scalable and customizable and so can be incorporated by both small start-up businesses and larger enterprises alike. The desktop app is compatible with macOS (10.9 or higher), and the mobile app can be used with iOS (version 13 or higher).

Trello allows users to create various boards to manage all the elements of a project; its highly visual nature makes it perfect for getting an ‘at a glance’ picture of which tasks are in which stage of completion and it helps connect both internal and external teams, allowing for a more productive workflow. The platform uses kanban boards – the equivalent of sticky notes on a board – to break down a project into tasks and to-do lists. This can be an effective way of managing a teams’ workload. Firstly, it prevents a misdistribution of tasks and, secondly, allows users to see what work has been completed on an assignment to that point.

In terms of pricing, Trello’s basic package is free to use (which allows for the use of up to ten boards), and, beyond this, there are the Business and Enterprise plans, which are charged for options.



Fully compatible with both Mac and PC, Singlebox offers an all-one-one message and email solution for businesses by creating a single space for multiple web accounts and services, such as Messenger, Telegram, and Whatsapp, among many others. This is a great way to streamline your business, communication and save the hassle of needing to access multiple screens throughout the day.

Singlebox also brings together other services and apps such as Trello, GitHub, and Asana, and it fully integrates with many calendar apps, too. The platform provides a range of features that include developer tools, menu bar apps, ad blocking, app lock, and a dark reader.


This web-building tool is perfect for start-ups or small businesses who are looking for a cost-effective option for creating their company website, and it’s compatible with Mac and the Safari web browser. Wix is a popular choice as it is relatively cheap, is easy to use, offers a range of features, and provides a high level of customer service.

No coding skills are required to build your business’ website, as drag and drop tools can be used to design each page, or there is the option to use a pre-designed template: there are more than eight hundred available. Ecommerce can easily be added to your site, which doesn’t incur any transaction fees, and abandoned cart recovery is included with every package, even the starter option.

Wix features an impressive knowledge center and lots of help at each stage of the website build with handy guides for every part of the construction, and there’s email support available, too.



Square is an eCommerce platform for businesses that offers a wide range of payment solutions; for example, users are able to create a free online shop that links with both their social media platforms and their inventory, to effectively drive up sales and provide a slick selling process. The Virtual Terminal allows for remote working by enabling payment processing and the generation of invoices and receipts off-site.

Square also gives users the facility for a secure point of sale contactless payments, which support various iOS devices. Other features of this platform include a virtual terminal, which makes taking payments over the phone easy, checkout links, the ability to create customized eGiftcards, and analytical tools. In case you need online help with contract making and management feel free to contact DocJuris.

Security is a priority for Square, and the company states that its payment processing system offers 24/7 protection in terms of safeguarding customers’ data; plus, fraud technology is used to identify and block potentially criminal activity. PCI compliance is guaranteed, too, which relieves the burden of applying for and maintaining this designation for the businesses that use this platform.



Wrike is a PC and Mac compatible suite of software that features a range of customizable dashboards to help your business manage projects and everyday tasks. Users can choose from several paid options, or there is a free package available, which can be a useful way of trialing this tool.

Assignments and projects can be managed using kanban boards, Gantt charts, lists, and tables, and recurring tasks can be easily identified and scheduled, too. Time tracking can help with managing workload, and users can add total time taken on a project (along with a breakdown) to reports at the end of a project. The ability that this tool gives users to edit documents in the cloud without the need to download them is particularly helpful in facilitating smoother team collaboration. With some of the paid options, Wrike also enables users to access and edit Adobe documents in the cloud.

Customer support is a key feature of Wrike, with video tutorials on hand to help you with getting started or troubleshooting issues. There are also various interactive training modules, monthly webinars, a community support forum, and email and telephone advice available from Monday to Friday.