Benefits of Prescription Safety Glasses & How to Take Care of Them? 

Most people wear glasses but are not aware of all the variety available in the market. People at work do not even think of wearing prescription safety glasses. These glasses are a necessary tool for all kinds of work specially designed for the eye’s safety purpose.

However, if you are in a profession where you carry out house repair work, make jewelry, fiddle with tiny objects, or work in some dangerous industrial environment that results in some damage or injury to your eyes, prescription safety glasses are a wise investment.

Wearing safety glasses provides you with clear vision as well as sufficient protection against eye injuries. Get prescription safety glasses online with a wide variety of frames for all segments at a very affordable price from CA glasses.

Benefits of prescription safety glasses

Before jumping onto the benefits of the safety glasses, let’s know some of its key points. Safety glasses are specially made to confront the higher resistance impact as compared to regular glasses.

Talking about the lenses of prescription safety glasses, they are made from polycarbonate. It is proven to be ten times more resistant than plastic or glass lenses.

They are light in weight and offer 100% protection from UV rays. The collection of prescription safety glasses online has a wide variety and meets today’s requirements.

Now, let’s have a look at all the other benefits and advantages of prescription safety glasses.

  • Quality

These safety glasses are best when it comes to quality and performance. It is an intelligent choice for all kinds of workers. The glasses are durable and will protect your eyes from all the harmful dust.

Moreover, the strap of the glasses are adjustable and have removable protective side shields. Finest high-quality material such as stainless steel and nylon is used to ensure optical perfection, vision, and protection.

  • Consolidation

One of the most notable benefits of prescription safety glasses is getting eyeglasses and eye protection into a single pair of safety eyeglasses. Some people have to change their numbered glasses over their prescription glasses, but this is more attractive and beneficial as you get both in one frame.

This will help you clean, care, and maintain less often and pay for one eyeglass instead of two.

  • Protection

Prescription safety glasses online are armed with a filter that allows the spectra to change through light intensities and helps to prevent harmful radiations from entering the eyes. These safety glasses are made by absorbing specific wavelengths known to determine the overall health of the eyes.

Furthermore, these glasses allow only specific wavelengths to pass easily without any harm or hindrance to the user’s vision. These prescription safety glasses protect from eye injuries occurring during sports and other household works.

  • Effective for indoor and outdoor activities

These safety glasses are highly versatile and can be worn for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It is designed in such a way that offers multiple protection for indoor as well as outdoor. They are equipped with UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun.


Three ways to keep your safety glasses clean

For impact protection, most of prescription safety glasses manufacturers use polycarbonate lenses. In order to avoid scratching issues, you should clean your safety glasses daily.

The three easy ways to keep your glasses scratch-free are:

  • Avoid dust or damage

Gently blow dust or debris from your safety glasses and lenses. Use a proper cloth that has been specially designed for glass cleaning. Do not use tissue paper, napkins, or towels to clean your lenses. Try not to use any fabric other than the one made specially for glasses as it causes lining on lenses, leading to scratches.

Always use 100% cotton wipes specially made for cleaning purposes. This will keep your glasses clean as well as dust and scratch-free.

  • Take care while removing the glasses

The chances of getting scratches on the glasses increases when they are dropped. Remove your glasses slowly and with a grip. Even when cleaning with water or spray, hold it gently. Dropping glasses not only brings scratches but also has the potential to bend the frame.

  • Keep in the proper place

Scratched prescription safety glasses are always tricky to wear as they do not provide clear vision. This might lead to eye damage. Always take care when cleaning and removing the glasses. When not in use, keep them in proper cover or a microfiber eyewear pouch. Improper storage or safety is the most common cause of scratching.

Take prevention measures as mentioned above to avoid scratching the prescription safety glasses.


How to deal with scratched glasses?

  • Bring them to the shop

The first thing you need to do is take your glasses to the place from where you purchased them. See if any repair can be done. There might be some way out to remove scratches to provide a better vision to your eye.

If you have some insured eyeglasses, then there are chances to get them replaced. If you have bought prescription safety glasses online, then see if there are any possibilities of replacement by visiting the online store.

  • Be careful when consulting cleaning videos

There are many YouTube videos available online providing the instructions to remove scratches. Be careful while using any chemical shown in the video on your safety glasses. Doing so may change the lens optics and cause distortions. It is not always the best idea to repair the cracks or the scratches by yourself.

Take care when you wear scratched glasses. Wearing scratched glasses may cause temporary damage to your vision. Some concerns to keep in mind while wearing scratched glasses includes:

  • From wearing damaged or scratched glasses, eye strain, or headache may occur as a result.
  • As scratches obstruct vision, drive carefully. If your vision is not clear, do not risk driving as it may lead to some serious incidents.

Final Words

Thus, this was the article providing all the information about the safety glasses and some tips to prevent scratching of the lenses. If you wish to keep your eyes safe, then purchase prescription safety glasses online.