How Hard is it to Get into Saint Martin’s?

If you are thinking of getting into Saint Martin’s, you should not have to worry about their acceptance rate. It’s one of the universities in Washington that has the lowest acceptance rate of 96%. That indicates that only a handful of applicants don’t get accepted.

It is, therefore, one of the easiest schools to get into, assuming you satiate all the requirements. More so, you will discover that Saint Martin’s does accept students who are top 68%. Their acceptance requirements are easy because it’s popular with mostly B+ students.

Besides having a high acceptance rate, you can find that 22% of the accepted candidates choose to enroll. Most of whom are freshmen who just graduated from high school. Below, you will find vital information that helps you understand everything that’s expected to get into Saint Martin’s.

Source: The New York Times

SAT Scores Requirements

To better your chances of getting into Saint Martin’s University, you should consider being in the top 66% of ACT/SAT test-takers. They use a 1600 score scale and mostly accept students with a 970 score. There have been some instances where the university has admitted students with 870 SATs.

However, to stand the best chance of acceptance, you should ensure that your SAT scores meet the estimated average of 1070. Since SAT scores are optional, it’s advisable to take the test to better your chances. According to the university’s data, 79% of applicants undertake the test.

Saint Martin’s GPA Requirements

The best high school GPA grade to have is a 3.75. However, Saint Martin’s University will consider accepting students with good GPAs like a 3.75 and above. However, if you had a B+, you stand a better chance of getting accepted into the university.

Saint Martin’s University is 10th in Washington for accepting students with the highest GPA. Achieving the average GPA requirements ensures that you are amongst the 96% of accepted applicants.

Source: College Learners

Taking a Tour Using CampusReel

If you are new to the state and want to learn about the university, worry not because you can take advantage of CampusReel. Here, you will be able to search for Saint Martin’s and indulge yourself in taking a virtual tour around the university. These videos ensure that you know what to expect and learn about other similar options to consider.

The virtual immersion option takes it a step further and allows you to go through all parts of the university. You get to start with the famous locations around the university to ensure that you can understand everything to expect. Besides, you can learn about the different halls and guarantee that you never get around once you are accepted.

Staying Competitive at the University

During application, you need to ensure that you can stand out from your competition or other applicants. You can achieve this by having great scores and even submitting your application earlier. Checking the university’s website provides you with timely application times for all student levels.

Ample preparation ensures that you won’t experience any disappointments upon application. With the university’s high acceptance rates, standing out guarantees that you have a great chance of being one of the students to enroll. Besides, you get to understand some of the results to expect.

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education

Why Does it Seem Hard to Get Into Saint Martin’s

It might seem hard for some students to get into Saint Martin’s because of how many students apply. Being one of the best universities in Washington, many students would like to apply. Therefore, it might be advisable to know about the application trends to ensure that you can know how you can apply smarter.

In most cases, you will find that it’s not only seniors who apply to these schools but also international students. You will therefore have to fight for a chance to be accepted into this magnificent university. Speak to a counselor to ensure that you don’t wind up applying to university like a lottery.

When applying to Saint Martin’s, you have to treat it like a marathon and ensure that you are among the first to make it to the finish line. Grade inflation is another reason why some students might find it hard to get into Saint Martin’s. The acceptable GPA grades at Saint Martin’s are set at 3.45.

However, some high schools prefer to round off their grades, affecting how universities accept their applicants. To ensure that you stand a chance of being accepted, you need to have a 3.75 GPA. That’s because the university also factors in grade inflation and tries to make it fair by only admitting worthy students.

International students should also understand all the different factors that will lead to their acceptance into Saint Martin’s University. One of these factors is English proficiency. Being proficient in English makes it easier for you to undertake the mandatory tests and understand all the university requirements.

Furthermore, you must submit all your documents in English to ensure that the admission board has an easy time gauging your prowess. A passport is necessary for the university to consider accepting you. That’s because you need to be able to travel to the university to study.

As an international student, you can apply as a first-year or a transfer. If you are a transfer, your requirements will rise higher because you must provide your results from all the colleges or universities you have been to. More so, if you would like to transfer your credits, you need to complete a course by course evaluation.

Source: Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep

How Hard is it?

Getting into Saint Martin’s University isn’t hard. All you need to do is understand their requirements and try your best to satiate them. For first years, you need to have impressive scores for you to be amongst the new entrants.

Graduates, transfer, and international students have to satisfy these requirements and do a bit more by providing their transcripts from previous universities and colleges. If you would like to transfer to Saint Martin’s eventually, you need to begin working harder in all courses for the best results.