Journey to the Washington DC Post Covid: A Comprehensive Guide


The novel coronavirus has revamped the travel landscape. What used to be a simple process of packing your luggage and heading to the capital of the USA has now become way complicated. You now need to read advisories from legit websites and ensure following them.

Travel was prohibited for a long time when the spread of the virus was at its peak. However, Washington DC has started welcoming travelers. But that does not mean you can visit the capital the way you used to. Hence, we have compiled a comprehensive guide for your journey to Washington DC post-Covid-19.


What’s the Current State of Travel Conditions in Washington DC?

Coronavirus cases are on the rise in Washington DC. Hence, more stringent rules for traveling are likely. It is essential to research all the latest advisories and prepare them accordingly. While looking for the laws and regulations to travel to Washington DC, ensure going through only legit and reputed websites. For instance, you can go through Mayor Browser, the government’s online hub for Covid-related data, or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Some general advisories include:

  • Regardless of Covid-19 doses, everyone over two years of age should wear a mask indoors and outdoors
  • Fully vaccinated domestic travelers can visit without the need for quarantine unless they show any symptoms
  • If you are tested positive in a test, you and all close contacts should undergo a quarantine period
  • International travelers should get tested 2 to 3 days prior and after visiting Washington DC

Besides Covid-19, you must know the weather advisory before traveling to the USA’s capital city. It is because thunderstorms are a common occurrence here. You can also experience heavy snowfall that can shut down transportation routes. Hence, it is advised to confirm the weather in Washington DC before planning your trip. You can visit a website like to stay updated with real-time weather conditions in DC.

A recent example is a heavy snowstorm on January 7, 2024, which recorded 3.1-inch snow in DC. The storm was so strong that the U.S. Office of Personnel Management announced all the federal offices to be closed in the area. Even the emergency work employees were asked to follow all their agencies’ guidelines.

Places to Visit in Washington DC

If you aren’t tested Covid positive and ready to follow all the regulations, DC welcomes you. When you have learned about all the advisories and visited the capital city, here are some famous tourist destination places you can see.

National Mall


National Mall is the most beloved destination for both domestic and international travelers. It features numerous museums, art galleries, and memorials, including Abraham Lincoln and Vietnam Veterans. You will find the National Mall located in Washington DC’s Downtown area.

The White House


The White House is the official residence of USA Presidents. Initially built in 1792 and reconstructed in 1818, the White House comprises the State Dining Room, Ballroom, and several other rooms. To visit the interiors of the White House, you need to reserve it in advance through your embassy.

Tidal Basin


Tidal Basin is a favorite destination in the Spring when the cherry trees on the edge of the Tidal pool blossom. Besides the pool, you can also visit Thomas Jefferson’s memorial, the third President of the USA.

The Capitol


The Capitol is the chamber where the House of Representatives and the Senate take the oath. You can find statues of several historical features in this building. Also, you can head to the marble terrace to have a great view of the National Mall. Besides, you can also visit the Library of Congress, the largest globally.

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts


The Center for Performing Arts was built in 1971 and named after President John F. Kennedy since he was a strong lover of arts and creativity. It hosts over 2,000 events each year and invites global artists to perform there. Of the entire 2,000+ shows, around 400 are free.



The capital city is home to several museums, each having a different theme for diversity. Some museums that you can visit while in Washington D.C include:

  • National Air and Space Museum
  • National Gallery of Art
  • National Museum of Natural History
  • National Museum of American History
  • National Museum of African American History and Culture
  • International Spy Museum, etc.

Where to Stay While in DC?

You can find various hotels and motels fitting every budget to spend your night. Your decision should also depend on the kind of experience you want. Here are some best options to choose from based on your experience preferences:

  • Close to popular destinations for sightseeing: Kimpton Hotel, Sofitel Washington DC, Hamilton Hotel, and The St. Gregory Hotel
  • Luxurious hotels for best-in-class services: Fairmont, The Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons Hotel, and Mandarin Oriental
  • Mid-range for semi-luxurious experience: Capitol Hill Hotel, Washington Plaza Hotel, Kimpton Glover Park Hotel, and Courtyard Washington Capitol Hill
  • Hotels that fit well within any budget: Days Inn by Wyndham, Adam’s Inn, and Georgetown Suites
  • For romantic couples: Willard InterContinental, The Jefferson, The Graham, and Morrison-Clark Historic Inn
  • Best stays for families: Omni Shoreham Hotel, The Hay-Adams, The Watergate Hotel, and Hampton Inn

How to Get Around in DC?

Washington DC has a vast array of travel options you can choose to get around the city. Metra stations are installed at regular distances to reduce the travel time and ensure you can enjoy your time. You can also opt for cabs. Washington DC has a large pool of cabs, including Uber, Diamond Cab, Red Cab, and more. Hence, you won’t have to wait long for the cabs to arrive. Moreover, Washington DC also provides bus tours for tourists. So if you want to make new friends for traveling around DC, take a bus.


Washington DC is a great place to visit for a pleasant vacation. The State’s city capital will welcome you, but you need to ensure to abide by all the Covid-19 advisories for your own safety. You should also research the weather in Washington DC and plan your trip accordingly. Once everything is in place, you can head to Washington DC and enjoy your stay.