An Ultimate Guide to Throw an Extravagant Christmas Party in 2024


We are running up to the most beautiful time of the year. Air is chilled, leaves are falling, and celebration rings are about to echo. But wait! Have you planned your Christmas bash of 2024? If not, you may be still in luck and find a great venue before they are all snapped up by other last minute organizers.

Christmas must be memorable and stunning. So, we have put together the best and pro-level tips researched exclusively for 2024 festivities. This article will have you prepared for the most awaited celebration of the year.

Cover it – Covid 19 measures


We all have spent the past 18 months in the grind and this might be the time to get together physically instead of behind the screen. But physical meetings are still a bit challenging depending on your location and the constant changes with new variants emerging. Make sure you and your staff are fully aware of all requirements and check with your venue a couple of days before the date to see if any restrictions or rules have changed.

Select the spot to host the party

Venues can start getting booked a year in advance and if you haven’t committed by early December, it will be a challenge. There are some websites that make finding venues easy like Venue Maestro with a wide range of options to choose from. Compare the prices, locations, number of guests allowed, catering, AV capabilities and any other important details, then pick the best match for your event.

What about decorations?

With spectacular lighting, cherished views, and affluent decorations, we all dream of such parties. Christmas is all about decorating trees, snowfall, Santa visits, and gifts. Lights are everywhere and you may have some specific ideas when it comes to theming and styling. Check with your venue if the space will already be decorated festively or if you will need to arrange your own.

Guests need plenty of food – what are the options?


The biggest question for any party host is “what shall we eat?” If you are hosting your party at a hospitality venue, you may have a selection of packages to choose from such as Christmas themed canapes, shared table feasts or a traditional seated Christmas meal.  If the party is taking place at your place of work or a home, it may be easier if everyone prepares a dish to share. Make sure you have a good mix of savory and sweet foods, or you may find the party ends up with too many cookies, cakes, and desserts!

Audience size does not matter – quality does

Having an extravagant party doesn’t mean hundreds of guests. You could be celebrating with 5 close teammates and friends or 500 colleagues from head office. Sometimes, the best celebrations are the intimate parties amongst the people you are closest to. When searching for a venue, capacity will be one of the most important factors in getting the right fit. Do you need a ballroom, a small function room or even a private dining room? Will it be a seated or standing event as this will also affect the capacity of the space you are hiring? If it’s a seated event, will you want banquet tables or long tables and do you need a stage and screen for presentations? These answers to these questions will help you find the right Christmas party venue.

Pets allowed?


Having pets at your Christmas party will always help fuel the conversations and put a smile on everyone’s faces, especially if they are wearing a cute Christmas bow or costume. Allowing pets is worth considering if it’s appropriate for the location you are using, the animals are friendly and familiar with each other, they are all socially comfortable with being around many people in an unfamiliar place and none of your guests have terrible pet allergies.

Have you picked up the songs and jingles?

We’re all familiar with the Christmas carols, rock and pop songs that we all associate with this time of year. Have you made a list of them? If you are unsure or not a fan of them, get help from someone on your team that knows them all – there will be one.

Set a backup plan and virtual options

Things are pretty unstable and uncertain at the moment. You may organize the most extravagant party and end up having to cancel. If this happens, save all of your contacts, planning and great ideas for next year. Secondly, don’t ditch the Christmas party altogether, have a backup plan; this might involve scaling down your event, a virtual option, backyard or a park.

What are the things to consider when planning a Christmas party?


Beginners often get confused about what to consider when planning a Christmas party. So, you should first learn some tips before organizing it. Here we have prepared a list of things that you should not forget during the process-

  • Set a budget: Setting a budget must come first. Why? Because you might spend more money if you don’t consider it. Sometimes, people don’t focus on their budget. Due to this, they also cannot make decisions quickly. When you know your budget beforehand, you won’t face any problems and issues while thinking about different ideas for your party.
  • Choose a theme: The next tip you have to follow is to decide on a theme. Themes are essential because they help make the party unique. Your guests will also be curious to attend it. Nowadays, theme parties have become a trend now. People also prefer attending them. So, if you want more people to come, you should focus on deciding a perfect theme for your Christmas party.

As for ideas, you can explore various websites and platforms that provide them. But always make sure to pick a popular one for reliable content. You can also add some unique elements to your Christmas party yourself.

  • Choose a dress code: You might already have attended a party having a particular dress code. Christmas is a big day, and you might want to make memories for a lifetime. That is why you should decide on a comfortable dress code for everyone. For instance, you can ask your guests to add red to their outfits. You can also take some ideas from your friends and family for a better decision.
  • Prepare for invitations: Christmas party would not be fun if your family and close friends won’t attend. There is one way to ensure that everyone can attend it. You must prepare digital invitations and send them at least one week before the party. In this way, your family and close friends will plan everything for the party without issues. Some people forget to send the invitations on time, and unfortunately, their party fails when there are not enough guests.

The Bottom Line

Organizing a Christmas party is not a challenging task, even if you plan it for the first time. You have to focus on some things and decide everything accordingly. We hope you found this article informative.