4 Best Places in Georgia to Raise a Family in 2024

Most young people look for large cities with fun entrepreneurship opportunities and endless parties in order to make the most out of their youth. But, once they hit a certain age, family comes into question. Then you are faced with a choice. You can either choose to stay in the big city and figure out how to raise your kids in and the hustle and bustle. Or, you can opt for moving to a more family-friendly place with the help of H2H Movers. If you go for the first one, kudos! Even places like NYC have family-friendly neighborhoods. But, if you are more inclined towards moving to a family-friendlier city, then we have something in store for you. Here, we are going to go over our pick of the best places in Georgia to raise a family. With luck, this should convince you to make your Georgia your future home state.

What makes a place family-friendly

Before we go into our pick of the places in Georgia to raise a family, let’s first consider what makes a place family-friendly. That way, if you decide to relocate to your favorite city, you’ll know which neighborhoods to look for. So, which aspects should a place have in order to properly accommodate families? Well, as it is with most things, there are a couple of things that need to come together in order to make a place family-oriented. The most important ones being:

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  • Street safety– The first thing we check for when looking for a family-friendly place is crime rates and crime history. Everything else won’t be worth much if you cannot trust your kids to be safe o the street.
  • Education– Decent family communities know the value of education. This is why if a place is to be family-friendly, it needs to have good schools and extracurricular activities nearby. Both of those are necessary in order for kids to develop properly.
  • Stable economy– Stable economy entails ample job opportunities and decent living costs. If a place has decent job opportunities there is a good chance that you’ll be able to find a job in your branch of work and support your family. On the other hand, you should compare average salaries with living costs. That way you’ll know how much you need to raise your family there.

A good way to estimate the local economy is to compare median home values with median annual income.

Now there are probably a ton of different aspects that you can add. After you’ve made your decision on where you want to go, you can get in touch with professional moving companies in Georgia and start planning your move.

Our pick of places in Georgia to raise a family

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So, let’s say that you’ve decided that you are going to raise your family in Georgia. After all, Georgia is a nice state with a decent climate, beach access, and a strong economy. Plus, once you decide to retire, hiring a company like Best Cross Country Movers and moving to Florida will be quite easy. So, now that you are here, where are you supposed to go in order to have an easy time raising your family? Well, by having the aforementioned aspects in mind, we’ve come up with our pick of the best places in Georgia to raise a family.

Most of the places we will mention are the suburbs of Atlanta.

1. Johns Creek

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The first place we are going to mention is Johns Creek. This close-knit community is made excellent for families by the commitment and care of its residents. People here are connected through social media and always try to go the extra mile to ensure that their neighborhoods are doing ok. Parades and festivals are also a big thing here, which helps develop the sense of community even further. Another thing to mention is the excellent schools and extracurricular activities. You’ll find numerous sports clubs, service clubs and art clubs that your child can enjoy. And if there is one thing connecting those clubs it is the spirit of competition and the strive for excellence. You can rest assured that by raising your family in Johns Creek, your kids will grow in a stimulating environment.

2. Decatur

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Another close-knit community that you should definitely check out is the Decatur. This Atlanta suburb easily made it to our list of places in Georgia to raise a family. Good schools, excellent street safety and the vicinity to Atlanta all give Decatur the allure of a family-oriented place. After a while living here you will know pretty much everyone since people here like to know their neighbors. Another great thing about Decatur is that public services like Firemen and the PD like to participate in local events. Therefore, you should expect to meet your local cop and your local fireman while staying here.

3. Berkley Lake

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Having a close-knit community seems to be another common factor when it comes to places in Georgia to raise a family. And speaking of them, we have to also mention the Berkley Lake. This another Atlanta suburb that is excellent for raising a family. People of Berkley Lake are in constant dialog with the Mayor of Berkley Lake and the city council. Therefore, they are able to deal with issues in the community the moment they arise and make Berkley Lake that much better. The Homeowners Association pays close attention to the environment and making their workspaces eco-friendly, which is why Berkley Lake is also one of the most beautiful places in Georgia.

Another thing that makes Berkley Lake one of the best places in Georgia to raise a family, is the actual lake.

4. Alpharetta

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As one of the fastest developing neighborhoods in Georgia, Alpharetta can be excellent for raising a family. The new downtown area is filled with terrific attractions and sights for both you and your kids. And we wouldn’t be counting Alpharetta as one of the best places in Georgia to raise a family if it didn’t have great schools and safe streets. So, if you are looking for a place that is on the rise and where real estate value is soon going to rise, check out Alpharetta.