10 Best Walk-In Tubs for 2024

The bathroom is probably one of the most commonly used rooms in the house, however, it is also one of the most hazardous, especially for elderly people or individuals with limited mobility. More than 50% of people aged 85 and older experience some kind of accident or injury in the bathroom, but now, there is a perfect solution to better their safety – walk-in tubs.

Besides security, there are other benefits these products give its users such as comfort, independence, as well as therapy.

And with the rising popularity of these units, they now come with an array of additional custom features, although all brands come with the same basic and safety ones.

This is why it might be hard to decide what brand to choose or to know what model will optimally suit all your needs. So, if you are interested in learning more about these products, here is a list of the best ones on the market right now, as well as some basic things you should know about walk-in tubs.

What Are They?

As the name suggests, they serve the same purpose as regular bathtubs but greatly differ in design to offer people with limited mobility a comfortable, convenient, and safe way of bathing.

The basic features of every product include a low threshold so that a person does not have to step up to enter the bath. The common height of the step-up can be anywhere between 2.5 and 7 inches. A handle or a grab bar is another common commodity, as well as a comfortable seat, hand-held showerhead, extra-depth, a non-skid floor, and leak-proof sealed doors.

Why get one? Since it is primarily designed for people who have trouble moving, the answer is simple – to enable safety, livability, and independence.

Some models offer massage features, heated seats, a neck rest, and air jets, providing relaxation, comfort, and therapy solutions for anyone who needs them.

Best for 2024

1. Best of the Best – Ella

Source: Ella’s Bubbles

Although it is a lesser-known brand, the benefits this product gives go far beyond the regular. Its body is extremely durable thanks to the quality acrylic it is made from and it offers therapy features, massage options, a technology that prevents one from getting burnt by hot water, and a double drain for fast and easy emptying.

Moreover, the Ultimate Inward Swinging Door Model has a micro-bubble system that maintains water cleanliness and warmth while moisturizing and exfoliation of one’s skin.

2. For Value – American Standard

Source: American Standard

American Standard is a well-known manufacturer that provides a variety of tub types with different benefits and price ranges. What makes Gelcoat Entry stand out among the rest is its great quality, solid warranty, and its low price. It is very basic in its design and what it offers, but one can choose hydrotherapy custom packages for a small, additional cost.

If you are interested in checking out some other American Standard models and their reviews, you can visit walkintubreport.

3. For Compactability – Meditub

Source: Elegant Designs

What is great about this manufacturer is that they offer a variety of tub sizes one can choose from, meaning that an individual is likely to find a type that will fit into their bathroom no matter its size. The 2739 Series, also titled Space Saver is made for this purpose exactly.

The benefits are not hindered by the size of the product since it provides hydrotherapy options, a headrest, and a door that swings outwards, making access even easier.

4. A Shower Instead of a Tub – Safe Step

Source: Plumb Tech Plumbing & Heating

This is a great option for a shared household where other family members might want to enjoy a more traditional showering experience. Although the Walk-In Shower cannot provide all the spa benefits, it still offers some great advantages.

As with any other type, it has no step-up or barriers, a seat which can also be removed, an easy to hold showerhead, and technology to prevent getting injured by hot water.

5. For Simply Enjoying a Bath – Kohler

Some people just want to soak in the water and enjoy a nice hot bath. This Walk-In Tub model is perfect for people who aren’t looking for therapeutic or spa benefits and instead want a convenient product for comfort and relaxation.

The faucet is designed to fill the space extremely fast, the quickest compared to any other product on the market, as well as a super-fast drainage system. The showerhead is hand-held and offers a nice grip while providing three different spraying options for one’s convenience.

6. An Economical Solution – Universal Tubs

Source: The Home Depot

If you are running on a tight budget than a model from the HD Series is a perfect choice for you. All devices come at some of the lowest prices on the market but still offer several benefits. A standard model includes an anti-skid floor, a seat, and a door that swings inwards, as well as the usual hydrotherapy packages. They also come in a variety of sizes and certain types can fit into the smallest of bathrooms.

7. For Accessibility – Ella

The Transfer model offers almost all the standard features the manufacturer is known for, except it is specially designed to provide wheelchair accessibility. So, the only difference this model has as compared to all the others is its door that is in shape of an L and that allows an individual to easily move from the chair into the bath seat.

8. A Luxurious Option – Jacuzzi

Source: Pinterest

Probably one of the best-know companies on the market, Jacuzzi lives up to its name with its Finestra model offering a complete spa experience. The tub uses a faucet system that fills it very quickly, has a hand-held showerhead, and a durable acrylic body.

Besides the standard hydrotherapy, it also offers aromatherapy, a whirlpool, a massage system, and a great warranty too.

9. Wheelchair Optimal – AmeriGlide

Source: Pinterest

This manufacturer specializes in walk-in tubs made to accommodate wheelchairs, so it offers a wide selection of models and sizes to choose from. Certain types have wider doors and seating that can recline further back so that one can almost completely lie down. The pricing is transparent and additional safety handles, water jets, and other features can easily be added.

10. For Maximum Safety – Independent Home

Source: Bath Renew

If you are looking for simplicity and practicality than this company is right for you. Their goal is to help individuals get rid of stress and frustration by providing an enjoyable and secure experience. One can stay in their home and enjoy independence and comfort with one of these designs.


These are some of the best products on the market, so you will surely be able to find one that will best suit all of your needs. Consider your options carefully so that the person using the walk-in tub will be able to enjoy all of its benefits to the fullest.