Calgary’s Hottest Neighborhoods for Luxury Homebuyers [2024]


The luxury housing market in Calgary is still in high demand and continues to attract buyers who are looking for a very special variation of their dream home style, and luxurious lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter if you have classic taste and want a castle-like estate or if you are more of a modern and up-to-date urban person, Calgary has it all. Not only are the houses themselves luxurious and beautiful, but the neighborhoods are also to match.

Looking for a luxury home is no less an adventure. Your priorities and preferences are the first consideration; finding the right property in this market is something that requires an accomplished guide.

Explore the core of Calgary’s luxurious lifestyle with these highly sought-after areas:

1. Mount Royal


Mount Royal is the symbol of luxury. Decorated with peerless mansions of great distinction, mature trees provide an environment of elegance and privacy.

Here live the occupants of these palatial surroundings within walking distance of the nearby Glencoe Club or the vast expanse of the city’s prized—Prince Island Park.

For those who want a more prestigious neighborhood, Mount Royal is one of the finest suburbs in the city, and the homeowners here are mostly affluent people; the median price of a home in this enchanting neighborhood is $4 million to $10 million.

2. Elbow Park

Elbow Park is an established charm and provides a serene getaway with its meandering streets, expansive properties, and the iconic Elbow River flowing through the enclave.

Art buffs will appreciate its proximity to the famous Glenbow Museum, and for history aficionados, the heritage resources that enrich the neighborhood’s character are at their fingertips.

3. West End

The West End of Calgary has a vibrant atmosphere that is infectious. The area provides top-class living and marries it with the best restaurants and cafes the city has to offer. In the closest proximity to the core, this area has been revived to attract young professionals looking for a dynamic and central place to live.

4. Saddlenak

Saddlenak has become much more popular recently because of how it offers amazing views of the skyline and the mountains that surround it. It has a lot of luxuries. If you’re interested in buying a high-quality home, you can pick from these really beautiful ones.

The really expensive market in Saddlebag is doing very well, selling 25% more houses than last year (source: Easy Street Realty’s 2024 Market Analysis).

In addition to these well-recognized neighborhoods, new stars are shining in the luxury real estate market in Calgary.

New and upcoming neighborhoods such as Varsity Acres and Aspen Woods, offer modern and elegant architecture and design within Calgary homes while offering residents access to the beautiful outdoors.

5. Aspen Woods

Aspen Woods is another gem in Calgary’s luxury housing crown. This neighborhood is celebrated for its stunning contemporary homes and exceptional community facilities. The residents enjoy access to top-tier shopping centers like Aspen Landing, and recreational activities are plentiful with several parks and golf courses nearby.

The tranquil atmosphere combined with modern amenities makes Aspen Woods a perfect blend of suburban charm and luxury.

6. Varsity Acres

Varsity Acres stands out for its unique blend of academic ambiance and residential luxury. Located near one of Canada’s leading universities, the University of Calgary, it offers an intellectual environment coupled with the tranquility of luxurious living.

This area is particularly appealing to those who value education and a quiet, sophisticated neighborhood. Its proximity to research facilities and academic culture adds a distinctive appeal that is hard to find elsewhere.


What Sparks the Lifestyle of Luxury?

A luxury neighborhood’s status is influenced by many aspects. The top of that list is the location of the neighborhood; there’s a reason you’ll often find luxury gated communities in the mountains or on the fringes of our great urban areas. From ski-in/ski-out properties at Deer Valley or Park City to the multi-million dollar homes of Cherry Hills, location is paramount.

After location, many luxury neighborhoods share a common theme: safety and security. And who can blame them? The top concern for affluent buyers today is personal safety and the security of their families.

Low crime rates are the norm in most of these neighborhoods and many boast a private police force. If they don’t have their own security force, many are starting their own volunteer security patrols to drive the streets and keep an eye out for “suspicious activities.”

After safety and location, schools are another shared theme among many luxury neighborhoods. Private school “hunters” you might call them could spend years trying to find that perfect location, with that perfect view, with that ideal floor plan and then walk in only to ask the most important question: “How are the schools?” In first-class suburban luxury enclaves, schools rank in the 90-100 percentiles and offer the best education.


Once you have the location, safety, and schools, then it’s all about the feel of the neighborhood. From the moment you drive into a luxury neighborhood, you can feel it when you pass through the gates.

There’s just something about the bent light standards double-loaded with date palms and the hand-laid pavers that lets everyone know they’re not in Kansas anymore.

Calgary’s high-end real estate sector has some impressive stuff. The Mount Royal and Elbow Park area averages over $500,000 a year for households (Statistics Canada, Census 2021).

Moreover, some of the schools in these highly sought-after neighborhoods more often than not land among the top, top in the province.

Community and Lifestyle

Community events and social gatherings are pivotal in these neighborhoods, where exclusive events often take place, from art exhibits to gala dinners, fostering a strong sense of community among residents.

These events are not only social highlights but also opportunities for networking with like-minded individuals.


Architectural Elegance

The architecture in these areas reflects a careful balance of elegance and modernity. Many homes feature bespoke designs that cater to the affluent buyer’s tastes, from sprawling classical mansions to sleek, ultra-modern estates.

Each property is often a statement of personal style and status, featuring everything from indoor pools to expansive art galleries.

Investment Value

Investing in a luxury home in one of Calgary’s top neighborhoods is also a financial strategy. The value of real estate in these areas has shown a resilient appreciation over the years, making it a prudent investment.

Furthermore, the limited availability of these homes adds to their exclusivity and demand, ensuring that property values remain robust even in fluctuating markets.