What Is The Price Of Moving In NYC?

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With 8 million people crammed into a little more than 300 square miles, The Big Apple is one of the most expensive cities in the world. And regrettably, relocation might be among the most expensive expenses.

This makes relocating to New York City a bad combination. The majority of people can rapidly estimate the factors that affect the cost of their move, such as how many boxes they’ll need, how many things they have, and how long it will take to transport their old belongings to their new house.

Because everyone has distinct needs on a moving day, everyone’s moving costs vary.  Additionally, there are many pricing points for movers: local moves are typically the least expensive, while cross-country transfers might run you up to $10,000.

The simplest way to determine the cost of moving is to contact New York City-based movers and ask for a quote. To better understand the price ranges that moving firms charge, you might want to get in touch with a few.

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Precise Estimates

Although many variable elements affect moving expenses, your inventory serves as the greatest shorthand for estimating these costs. Oz dissected our average costs depending on the dimensions of NYC apartments and discovered that price ranges were typically consistent with the number of rooms in a person’s residence. We discovered the following pricing ranges in the New York City region:

  • STUDIO – $420 -$700
  • 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT – $700 TO $1100
  • 2 BEDROOM APARTMENT – $1100 – $1500

Although some movers may offer a set rate, generally speaking, moving expenses depend on several variables and might thus vary depending on the demands of the moving job. Inventory, distance, and any additional services needed are the major determinants of your quote from Oz. When planning your moving budget, keep in mind that the majority of movers rely on tips as a source of income.

What Are the Moving Costs?

The cost of NYC movers might vary depending on a variety of factors. Even though not all movers bill by the hour, this simple guide will help you understand hourly moving costs.

Local NYC movers often charge between $40 and $150 per hour per mover. The variety of moving jobs and the company’s proficiency are to blame for the large pricing range. For instance, a mover from a professional moving business will charge substantially more than one you locate on Craigslist or TaskRabbit who is uninsured.

Other factors can also have an impact on ‌pricing. Long distance movers NYC, for example, will cost extra and can cost up to $200 per mover per hour. You’ll also be charged more for extra services like packing, unpacking, and the assembly and disassembly of furniture.

If you want to hire movers at a lower cost, try scheduling your move for the middle of the week between September and May. The summer and the weekends are typically the busiest times for movers. Check to see if your local movers are providing an off-peak deal if you are flexible.

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Sheer Time / Volume

If you decide to engage a moving company to transport your inventory to its new location, the cost of your relocation will mostly depend on how many goods you want them to transport. The time a customer will spend working with a moving company is what they try to bill their clients for, and the easiest way for them to estimate their time on a job is to know what will be relocated. Volume is typically a good indicator of how long it will take a moving firm to complete a relocation, but there are other important considerations.

Provisions for Moving

The items in your home must be packed because they cannot be moved unpackaged. Purchasing packing materials for your possessions may be straightforward depending on what you’re relocating; you may only require a few boxes and some tape. Packing paper, bubble wrap, and specialty boxes come into play if you have more delicate products. One shelf or drawer in your home will typically fit into one standard moving box (a medium or linen box), so a six-tiered bookcase would probably require six boxes to pack completely. For a more thorough list of moving-related products to budget for, visit our blog.

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Services for packing and other extras

You can get full-service packing from qualified movers. If you choose this service, movers will come to your home with all the necessary packing supplies, deconstruct your furniture, and load the trucks before leaving. You can even choose professional movers to give a partial packing service for large and fragile things while you pack the rest of your belongings yourself because they are skilled at packing such stuff.

Those trying to cut costs could find this to be a better choice. When you get to your new home, you can also employ movers to provide a professional unpacking service. Make sure to ask your movers about all the services they provide. If you are not present while the relocation takes place, this service might still be useful to you.

Journey Time

How much time will it take to move your possessions to their new location? This is a simple but crucial factor in determining the cost of a move to New York City. This calculation takes into account both the actual distance as well as any potential obstacles like traffic, accessibility, and other variables. A simple trip of a few miles can take much longer than you might anticipate in New York City because it’s not the easiest city for a moving truck to navigate.

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A Walk-Up Building Move

Even while NYC has a reputation for being a modern, forward-thinking city, many of its residences are fairly ancient. Many of these apartment buildings are “walk-ups,” which means that the only way to get inside is by climbing the stairs. For daily life, the stair journey is only a minor irritation, but on moving days it can turn into a difficult quagmire. Professionals can easily carry stuff up and down stairs, but this method requires more time than simply using an elevator. The move will take longer the more stairs a moving crew has to climb or descend.

Choosing a Date

Demand is elastic in the moving supply, rental, and service sectors. You’ll get a great price if you move at the proper time. You won’t be able to choose when you move, which is unfortunate because most individuals don’t relocate for enjoyment. The worst times to relocate are generally the times when people are most likely to need to move. Since most families don’t prefer to remove their kids from school, they only move over the summer, which makes that time of year more expensive for moving. In NYC, a sizable portion of the population rents apartments. The last or first day of the month is often when year-long leases expire, which makes those periods of the month very busy for movers in the city.

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Excessive NYC Fees

Depending on where you’re going from and to, a few more minor extra NYC expenses can apply throughout your move. If you’re renting a truck to relocate, parking it can take some time, and if you’re not attentive, you risk receiving a ticket. Depending on the bridge or tunnel you use to cross the water to a different borough in NJ, you could have to pay tolls. Although buying used furniture in NYC from websites like AptDeco might help you save money, you could need to replace your furniture or get new furniture. Hiring a cleaning company before moving into your new apartment is another smart move. Although they are by no means the most expensive moving costs, they should be included in your budget.


NYC movers provide both local and long-distance moves, such as those from LA to NYC or Brooklyn to Manhattan. The cost and affordability of the transfer are influenced by a number of variables. Movers typically bill by the hour for short-distance moves, depending on how long the job takes. However, the cost of long-distance relocation is often determined by the distance and the quantity (or weight) of your goods. Before hiring any movers, be sure to receive a quote and account for the expense of an extra tip on top of the quoted amount. See our advice on how much to tip movers.

Before choosing the best moving option, first-time movers should conduct extensive research. The best and most cost-effective choice may occasionally be to rent a U-Haul and drive your own belongings, depending on how much you have. However, if renting a moving truck isn’t something you’d be willing to do, get many quotes from reputable movers in your region to locate the most reasonable choice.

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The Big Apple extends beyond Manhattan. To determine which borough in New York City best suits your taste and budget, look at other boroughs including Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and The Bronx. You may also take into account other adjacent areas, such as Yonkers and New Jersey. Even though the average price of an apartment in New York City is relatively high, some areas of the city provide more affordable rent than others.