20 Things to Know Before Moving Apartments in San Antonio

San Antonio ranked 4 in the list of the fastest-growing metro areas in the US thanks to its low cost of living and abundant employment opportunities. If you’re thinking about moving to San Antonio, Texas, you need to do your homework to research your move and the city itself. However, you also need to know insider info such as the best place to live in San Antonio or what San Antonio people are like to make sure you fit right in. Our page will give you all the information you need regarding moving costs and preparations which you can check at https://texasmovingusa.com/local-movers/san-antonio/ .

To make the adjustment as smooth as possible, here are 20 things you need to know before moving apartments in San Antonio:

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1. While the cost of living is low, housing can get pretty expensive

San Antonio is a historic city. The city is UNESCO-certified because of its well-preserved missions, which are considered historical sites. Because so much of the city’s culture is preserved, some neighborhoods are considered expensive when it comes to renting. The average rent in San Antonio is around $900, but it can go as high as $1,200 for places like the La Villita Historic Arts Village or the Medical Center district. Of course, it is still cheaper than other similar-sized metros in the country, such as Detroit and Philadelphia.

Also, if you want to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the average San Antonio suburb rent is cheaper. Of course, this means that you will be farther away from your workplace, and you may need to commute or drive to work.

2. San Antonio has a low sales tax

If rent isn’t that cheap in San Antonio, why do they say the city has a low cost of living? It’s because the metropolis enjoys low taxes. The city is one of the few cities in Texas that doesn’t impose a personal tax. San Antonio is also known as one of the lowest overall tax burden cities in the country. Sales tax is also low, which means it’s also easier to start a business here. For consumers, this means cheaper goods as well.

3. The city is a hub for tech companies

While San Antonio can’t compare with Silicon Valley, at least you don’t have to suffer exorbitant house prices. It is still lagging behind Dallas and Houston regarding employment opportunities, but more and more Fortune 500 companies are setting their sights upon San Antonio as their next tech hub. If you want to pursue a career in tech, energy, or petrochemicals, this is the place to be.

Because these companies usually build their headquarters in one area, this also means that inevitably, some San Antonio TX neighborhoods will cater more to employees of specific industries. If you don’t want to drive or commute to work, the best place for tech professionals to live in San Antonio would be in the Medical Center district. Currently, Kinetic Concepts, Valero, Skip Cart, and NuStar Energy offices are located here, with more to follow suit.

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4. Find a “cool” apartment

When we’re talking about cool apartments, we don’t mean apartments with trendy decor and exhilarating views, although those are great bonuses. When we say cool, we mean flats that will save you from the sweltering San Antonio heat. It is no secret that the weather in Texas, in general, can get pretty hot, especially during the summer months.

When searching for an apartment in San Antonio, make sure it can keep you cool. Air conditioning is a must for apartments. Make sure your landlord regularly cleans the filter for your unit. Excellent ventilation and shade are also a must. If another high-rise shields your apartment, it may mean uninteresting views, but it also makes for an ideal shade.

5. Utility bills are not a problem in San Antonio

Hot weather means that you will probably have your air conditioning on most of the time, especially during the summer months; however, utility bills are not a problem in San Antonio. The city enjoys a deregulated market for energy suppliers, so you can choose the provider that offers the best rates for you.

6. Check your allergies

Cedar (Juniperus ashei) trees can be found everywhere in San Antonio. Although they are a sight to see, they also release a lot of pollen in late Autumn to early Winter, which causes an allergic reaction in many residents. If you plan on settling down in the San Antonio suburb, make sure you don’t have a pollen allergy. If you have a pollen allergy, find a San Antonio neighborhood that doesn’t house many cedar trees.

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7. Find an apartment that’s close to work

San Antonio, Texas neighborhoods are spread out, which is one of the reasons why the city enjoys a lower average rent. However, this also means you need to do a lot of driving or commuting if you live far away from your workplace. Also, traffic is very heavy in San Antonio, which is why you should always prioritize an apartment that’s close to your workplace.

8. Get ready for a lot of walking

While San Antonio’s streets are not that conducive to walking, you may need to do a lot of walking whenever you need to buy groceries or eat at a restaurant because of the heavy traffic. Fortunately, the city has recently moved to add more bike lanes, which makes biking a great compromise if you don’t want to walk around the city in the sweltering heat.

9. San Antonio has the perfect combination of urban and rural

Because the city is becoming a massive hub for tech and energy companies, it’s normal to see high-rises, modern architecture, and tall office buildings. While the city is snowballing in architecture and economy, San Antonio people are still very close to nature. There are several nature parks in the city, and there are nature trails and camping spots everywhere if you need a break from urban life.

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10. San Antonio is a family-friendly city

If you are planning to settle down with your family, San Antonio is a great candidate. The city has low crime rates, which means your children will be safe. Because of the low living costs, it’s a great place to settle down and have kids. It’s also a hub for education and culture, perfect for parents who want well-rounded children. Last but not least, the city is home to many family-friendly establishments like amusement parks and museums.

11. Your washer/dryer will become your new best friend

When populating your apartment in San Antonio, you will, of course, consider the basics like a TV, a ref, and a microwave. However, a washer/dryer is also considered a vital piece of furniture for the first apartment living in San Antonio. Laundromats in San Antonio are not that common, which means you will more than likely commute, drive or walk regularly to a laundromat that’s farther away just to have clean clothes. Getting a washer/dryer is a huge convenience.

12. Finding an apartment in San Antonio is very easy

The vacancy rate in San Antonio is 6.6%. This may not seem much to you, but keep in mind that vacancy rates for the rest of the country lie at around 5%. It may not be much, but this means that it’s easier to find a vacant apartment in San Antonio. This is excellent news for people who want the best neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas.

13. Avoid moving to San Antonio during the summer months

Most people move during the summer months because the kids are on vacation. However, if you’re moving to San Antonio, you may want to move during Winter or early Spring. This is because the hot climate plus heavy traffic in San Antonio can make driving conditions unbearable for you. Of course, your long-distance moving company won’t object to a summer move because they’re professionals, but it’s a safe bet that nobody will be enjoying the ride to your new home.

14. Remember to secure your parking permits

Temporary parking permits must be secured before your big day. This permit allows you to park for one full day, which is the timeframe you’ll need to unload your items from the truck and move them into your unit. Not securing it beforehand means you will need to apply for it on the day itself, which will mean delays.

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15. Crime is not a problem in San Antonio

San Antonio’s crime index is 4 out of 100, which means you’ll find many safe neighborhoods in San Antonio. Of course, as with all cities, San Antonio does have its shady streets, especially after dark, so it’s still best to stay away from dangerous districts and to be mindful of your surroundings at all times.

16. Your landlord cannot prevent you from installing security features in your unit

In San Antonio, your landlord is legally obligated to allow you to keep yourself safe in your own home. They cannot restrict you from installing smoke alarms, CCTV, and your preferred door bolts and locks. And since this is Texas, you are allowed to keep legally registered firearms in your apartment.

17. Remember to update your documents

If you’re making a long distance move from out of state, remember to update your government documents. These included updating your voter’s information, driver’s license, and renter’s insurance.

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18. Ask the landlord for moving details before the big day

Planning your move is always the best course of action, even if you’re only moving from one San Antonio neighborhood to another. Before the big day, make sure to call your landlord and ask for moving information. Ask if they’ll be there to give you the keys or if you should get them beforehand if they’re busy on the big day. You should also ask them if there’s an area where the moving van can stay parked for a few hours and if there’s a service elevator in the building to make moving your items more accessible.

19. Come up with a moving checklist

Even if your move is local, making a checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything is necessary. You can plan your routes and how you’ll go about your packing tasks over the next few weeks. Moving is stressful, and it’s only normal that some things will slip from our minds, so a checklist can help you stay on track.

20. Check if your moving company is familiar with San Antonio

If you’re from out of state, it’s only normal to find a popular moving company in your area. However, if you’re moving to San Antonio, it might be better to find a moving company specializing in San Antonio moves. They will know what routes to take to avoid traffic, and they will know the local traffic rules so you can avoid getting a ticket on your big day.