Why Choose IQF Frozen Avocados

Avocados are the often-dubbed super-fruit of the food pyramid. Holding a treasure trove of delicious nutrients, vitamins, healthy fats, and many other things vital to the healthy functioning of the human body, avocados excel at giving us what we need. It’s no wonder then, how popular this fruit has become, among the health-conscious and diet-aware population. Its delicious taste, coupled with dozens of ways to eat and an incredible amount of health benefits make it one of the top picks from your local market.

However, with the surge of popularity, they’ve become less affordable and harder to find in their prime state. Fortunately, there’s a new, innovative contender on the market, ready to take the place of this sought-after good: the IQF avocado. Easier to store lasts for longer and is even easier to use in your day-to-day life – there are only advantages for the consumer. And with IQF technology on the rise, as well as excellent manufacturers such as Octofrost making their name known, it might be the ideal time to take advantage of this rising tidal wave of popularity. Here’s everything you need to know when it comes to the production, processing, and creation of the ideal IQF frozen avocados.

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What is IQF and what makes it so great?

Before delving into what makes IQF processed avocados so great, let’s first discover what’s particularly unique about IQF technology. For starters, the acronym stands for Individually-Quick-Frozen food, which relates to a modern food preparation method that offers novel opportunities for businesses in the frozen food sector everywhere.

Thanks to a thorough separation of the individual product pieces, the result is one of increased visual appeal, complete with a natural texture, flavor, and color. The process involves blanching the product with hot water, cooling and drying it off, and then freezing it with the help of very frigid air. We take the process one step further, by introducing unique mechanisms into the mix, which take processing to the next level.

For instance, the short processing time and amazing efficiency thanks to the recirculated water and re-using the cool airflow creates a smaller window of time between plucking the product and freezing it completely. Frozen IQF products keep more nutrients as a result. Let’s look at the impact it has on something like the avocado.

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IQF avocados are the next massive thing

Did you know that normally an avocado has at most 1-2 to days of shelf life, after achieving ripeness? Savvy customers may buy under-ripe avocados, and wait for them to ripen, but even then, it’s hard to find the right opportunity to eat them. Here’s a curveball: IQF frozen avocados can last for up to 6 months in cold storage while preserving all the nutrients, taste, texture, and shape they had during the time they were plucked.

Here’s why it’s possible: when processing IQF individually quick-frozen products, the water crystals involved in the freezing process, which naturally arise, are much smaller than in alternative methods. This is a crucial factor for ensuring the integrity of avocados. The size of the water crystals is so small, there are no breaches in the cell walls, which help the avocados keep their natural smell, shape, texture, and even taste, for the entire time they’re preserved.

Frozen IQF products have this advantage over the competition – the products are more natural-seeming than the results of practically any other freezing approach. Additionally, with most healthy substances staying inside the avocado cells for the entire duration, with no losses during defrosting, IQF avocados at once become must-buys. It’s often the simpler, more convenient, and easily available choice for many consumers, making it one of the top picks for businesses looking to branch out into IQF freezing options.

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Where do we come in

You may be wondering what makes our IQF frozen avocado processing line special. The answers lie in the tailor-made engineering advancements that make it easier to process, work with and ultimately deliver.

By combining high-level artisanship and long-term efficiency measures, it’s possible to even save money overall, compared to traditional freezing methods. The water recirculation and other unique tweaks are what make the machinery so efficient. Efficient processing helps your business quickly produce massive quantities of IQF frozen products which you will be able to swiftly package and deliver to the right destinations.

The time saved is only one aspect of the excellent value IQF processing brings to the table. Another lies in the premium-grade product. As the quick processing speed lets you create an excellent frozen product, more people will want to choose your goods. When it comes to likeness, the frozen sliced avocado pieces are highly like the unfrozen alternatives, which last for less time and are less convenient.

Our entire avocado-specific processing line is the ideal foray into a new, lucrative business venture. Installation is swift, and processing can start as quickly as 3 days after installation!

By working on enormous amounts of avocados, you’ll recover and generate significant amounts of money, which can be further used to expand your venture.

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Unique aspects

If all of that wasn’t sufficiently convincing for you, here are some technological properties that might change your mind:

  1. Industry-leading hygiene standards

The IQF freezer uses patented bedplate technology, which ensures your production line never has to stop for cleaning, maintenance or require added effort. The bedplates are easy to replace, fit in naturally with the design of the machinery and provide excellent hygiene standards, which becomes invaluable when dealing with bacteria build-up.

  1. Incredible yield

Thanks to the efficiency and effectiveness of the frozen food production process, our manufacturing line sports one of the highest yields in the IQF field. That means you will likely produce more high-quality frozen goods, faster than your competition could keep up with, putting you squarely ahead of the game.

Processing companies from all over the globe have already benefited from our premier manufacturing lines. Join them and take advantage of the latest trends to advance your enterprise.