Safe Private Car Sales are Possible: Tips for Success

Private-car sales put sellers at risk of scams, robbery, assault, and a plethora of additional dangers. However, done correctly, it’s a safe, simple way to sell a car that you no longer want. You’ll hear horror stories from people who’ve endured hardships during a private-car sale. While you should certainly take the stories seriously, do not allow fear to stop you from selling your car. Common sense and proper planning ease the worries of a private car sale for anyone planning this task in the near future. Learn how to safely sell a car using the following tips and information. When you learn how to safely sell a car, you reduce stress, worry, and wonder and ensure that the car is out of your hands in no time.

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Tip 1: Vet Callers

Meeting strangers is scary and risky. We only know what we’re told by the person on the other end of the phone, which may or may not be accurate information. Avoid lures and traps by asking plenty of questions before agreeing to meet up with anyone. Vetting callers ensures that you meet up with people who truly have an interest in buying the vehicle while avoiding the risks of danger and scams. The more you engage in a conversation with a person, the more you get to know them. When you want to know how to safely sell a car, make sure that vetting callers are first on your priority list.

Tip 2: Use the Buddy System

Never, under any circumstances, meet anyone alone, even when selling junk cars near you. Take someone with you, whether it’s a spouse, family member, friend or even a coworker. When you use the buddy system, there is less risk that you’ll be in danger. Criminals want clean getaways and an extra person at the scene certainly doesn’t make that easy. Tell someone at home (friend, family, etc.) where you are going and who you are going to meet for added protection. Provide this person with the name, telephone number and any additional information available concerning the potential car buyer before the meeting.


Tip 3: Meet in Public

Even when selling junk cars, meet in a public place. Do not invite the person to your home and never meet at their home or chosen location. When you meet in public at an agreed-upon location and bring along a friend, the risks of danger decrease substantially and you’ll go into the deal with confidence. Many people meet in a shopping mall or supermarket parking lots where there are usually crowds of people, again even when selling junk cars near me.

Tip 4: Trust Your Gut

When your gut says something isn’t right, there is a reason. Don’t ignore that intuition, as that could very well be what keeps you safe. When you feel uncomfortable meeting a person, no matter the circumstances, do not meet them. Keep in mind that many auto dealerships purchase cars these days, even without the need to trade-in for another vehicle. Although you won’t get as much money when selling the vehicle to a dealership, it is a safer and faster process than a private sale.


Tip 5: Junk the Car

You can avoid selling to a dealership and losing money by finding cash for junk cars buyer such as who pays cash on the spot for vehicles. They’ll purchase vehicles in any condition, including those that do not run.

Screening Potential Buyers

A thorough screening process before a face-to-face meeting eases the stress that comes along with a private car sale. Beforehand, choose the best advertising locations for your car. and are two of the most trusted sites to advertise vehicles for sale. The sites also bring the highest number of calls and text messages from potential buyers. Use the intuition we talked about earlier during each communication you receive. Additional information to ponder when selling a car privately:

– Do not miss the warning signs because you’re over-eager to the sale. Pay attention to every caller and message and avoid anything that seems unusual or suspicious when you want to know how to safely sell a car.

– Do not agree to a test drive until you speak to the person directly on the phone and after you’ve placed a call to their telephone number. Remember that it’s perfectly fine to decline a test drive for any reason, especially if you feel uncomfortable.

– Aggressive buyers may actually be ‘car flippers’ who use tactics that oftentimes seem scary. Avoid dealing with an aggressive buyer to ease that worry before it begins.

– Inform potential buyers that you’ll need to see their driver’s license before the test drive. This protects you drink the event and wards off any would-be criminals early in the process.

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– Take a friend along with you for the test drive. As mentioned, two are better than one and you do want to know how to safely sell a car.

– Bring your cell phone with you. Ensure that it is fully charged so you can phone for help in the event something goes astray.

– Accompany the potential buyer on the test drive to ensure they do not take off in your car.

– Do not bring any valuables along for a test drive. This only tempts a would-be criminal and puts you at a greater risk of harm.

– Never agree to allow the driver to test drive the vehicle to a specific location. Even when they say it’s to pick-up money to buy the car, avoid getting yourself into this situation which may be merely a set-up for a robbery.

– File a ‘Release of Liability’ form with the Department of Motor Vehicles immediately after the vehicle sales. This releases you from responsibility if the new owner wrecks the vehicle or other mishaps occur.

With the above information in mind, you know how to safely sell a car and avoid the potential pitfalls that may arise during the transaction. Erase the stories that you’ve heard about private car sales gone wrong and use this information to stay safe and get the unwanted car out of your hands.