What Is Cbd Oil, And Which Are Its Benefits?

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Humans have been using plants to treat themselves since the dawn of time. And although today’s pharmaceutical industry uses synthetic molecules, extracting the active ingredients from plants in quantity and without damaging them has always been a challenge.

The best-known extraction process used to manufacture essential oils is undoubtedly hydrodistillation. Indeed, water vapour makes it very easy to extract odorous chemical species from the plant. Moreover, this technique is simple, environmentally friendly and costs almost nothing.

Unfortunately, it is not at all suitable for producing CBD oil. Remember, cannabinoids are hydrophobic! In other words, to extract the precious molecular baggage of hemp, you will have to do without any process involving using H2O.

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Predominantly offered in the form of CBD oil, in cannabidiol, however, it is still the protagonist of the most various disputes, thanks to the Sentence issued by the Court, which would prohibit the use as well as the marketing of cannabis products and derivatives if they have doping efficacy.

A somewhat nebulous situation, which has caused clarity, especially as regards the CBD, on which no limit has been set.

However, its legality has yet to be openly declared.

However, this scenario has not influenced the behaviour of chronic cannabis users who have found a valid alternative to smoking in CBD oil, capable of conferring on the body all the therapeutic and medical benefits of cannabidiol.

It is, therefore, a fat-soluble oily substance obtained from cannabis inflorescences through unique extraction processes aimed at preserving its characteristic purity.

This essence is then subsequently diluted in hemp oil generally in such a way as to accentuate and promote its characteristic effects. Available in different concentrations and for multiple applications, in this guide, we will see all the peculiarities of CBD oil, the areas of application and the main methods of intake and effects on the body illustrated.

Using supercritical CO2: the best extraction technique for CBD oil

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The ultimate in extraction is now available: supercritical CO2. This process is also widely used in the coffee industry, especially for separating the caffeine from the beans.

CO2 exists as a gas (you know that), and as we have just seen, it also exists in a solid state (dry ice). And when subjected to specific temperature and pressure conditions, CO2 can also be in a liquid or supercritical state.

Its main advantage? It offers an unparalleled degree of extraction precision. Indeed, because it is highly scalable, CO2 in the supercritical state is a solvent that can be used in a targeted manner. Producers of CBD products can therefore be sure of extracting a maximum of cannabinoids and terpenes. Moreover, this is done without damaging them, using harmful solvents and polluting them.

But obtaining CO2 in a supercritical state requires sophisticated equipment, as the gas is subjected to pressures of between 70 and 350 bar. This equipment is expensive, and its handling requires high technical knowledge.

This is why most CBD producers prefer the extraction technique we will discuss in the following.

What happens after extraction?

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Regardless of the extraction technique, CBD oil manufacturers obtain a kind of viscous paste called crude at the end of the process. It contains all the molecular baggage of hemp (cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids) but also chlorophyll, fats, solvents and other organic substances that can alter the quality of the oil.

Thus, several purification steps will be necessary. And there are several ways of doing this, sometimes using solvents again, freezing the crude oil or, on the contrary, heating it. In reality, it all depends on the molecules you want to extract!

Once the crude is ‘clean’, i.e. free of impurities and harmful residues, the manufacturers have a choice:

  • Either he can directly mix this crude with vegetable oil (most often hemp oil).
  • Or it removes all the THC present in the crude before mixing it with oil.
  • Or he isolates each of the cannabinoids and chooses the one or ones he will mix with his oil.

Adding CBD to Yoga for increased effectiveness

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The practice of yoga has many benefits for both the body and the mind. This physical and mental practice improves flexibility, balance, strength, muscle tone and tones muscle parts while promoting deep breathing and cellular oxygenation.

As a result, the body gradually regains balance, energy levels are optimized, and the spirit becomes more adaptable to changes occurring within and without.

For proper practice of yoga, you need to be aware of your body and your breathing.Only sometimes when the stresses caused by the speed of daily life put us to the test, achieve a meditative state that is easier to perform.

This is where CBD and all its benefits come in. By activating certain receptors in the body with yoga, a greater interaction with CBD is achieved, promoting the benefits of both yoga and CBD.

Thus, it creates a greater sense of well-being and relaxation, as well as improved self-esteem.

Additionally, better results will be achieved in flexibility and blood pressure regulation. Finally, incorporating CBD into yoga sessions is the best way to enhance physical results and achieve deeper relaxation and restful sleep.

CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant that has been described as a miracledrug. This is because it does not contain psychoactive ingredients that give you that “high” feeling.

Instead, CBD makes your body feels relaxed and at peace.

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CBD oil is useful in yoga and meditation because it improves concentration. Resting your brain during meditation activates cannabinoid receptors. This is demonstrated in a 2018 study published in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience.

According to some studies, CBD oil can improve flexibility and relieve muscle pain when applied directly to the body. However, according to this study, it does so by increasing the production of natural cannabinoids.

CBD oil – such as. The one from JustBob.shop – has therefore revealed its effectiveness in treating multiple ailments, from headaches to disorders related to anxiety and depression, insomnia to pain associated with the muscular system. These are just some trivial examples.