Top 5 Myths About Mass SMS Texting Services

When a business ceases to generate income, it’s time for changes of its marketing campaign. Many people are afraid to use popular solutions – mass mailing, as they are associated with a number of myths. The main ones are:

  • most users want to receive messages about the latest promo offers;
  • goods that were introduced to the audience via mass SMS texting are bought much more often;
  • SMS marketing is very expensive and the ROI of this marketing channel is low;
  • there is no need to develop a unique marketing strategy;
  • one campaign can be equally successful for different businesses.

All this shows that many companies might lose revenues by believing the myths listed above.

1. Marketing and advertising are the same thing

Source: Dansu

The concepts of marketing and advertising are inseparable, but they are not the same thing. The former is a continuous comprehensive plan that guides the entire process of promoting your business. It includes design, product evaluation, placement and sales methods, and even ways to motivate customers.

In turn, advertising and mass SMS delivery are only part of the plan. They are necessary to distribute information about your company and services. Marketers can monitor the performance of a selected campaign to increase or modify ads.

At first, advertising may seem too expensive. But over time, it will become obvious seen how effective mass texting is. If sales increase, you can gradually invest more in advertising.

2. High cost of SMS marketing

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Many people think that bulk SMS for businesses is too expensive. However, when comparing many factors that affect the conversion of your site, the cost of SMS is not that high. If you need help with your SMS marketing, ClickSend makes business messaging easy, enabling you to send thousands of text messages anywhere in the world. SMS marketing allows businesses to attract customers and stimulate targeted and marketing campaigns. The constant inflow of conversions are provided thanks to:

  • clear call to action;
  • targeting;
  • relevance of the selected strategy.

Potential customers will quickly appreciate the benefits they will get after following the link in your message.

Texts with a high targeted focus always contain a call to action. This leads to conversion growth. Such marketing methods don’t differ from alternative ones in terms of growth of consumer demand. Text messages allow to increase conversion by 112% after the first contact with a client.

3. The same marketing plan is suitable for any company

Source: Prime Marketing Experts

A marketing campaign that has brought millions new customers to one company may not work for you. This is due to the features of a small business. For example, for the food industry, marketers use Instagram posts, because the majority of potential customers often post photos of nicely served dishes. At the same time, users who need technology services are more likely to use LinkedIn. Therefore, when using an advertising campaign, you should focus on your target audience.

A well-developed marketing strategy allows you to create a plan that will bring you profit. Therefore, the first thing you need to decide on is the goals of your business. Clients must be sure that your company is much better than competitors and use the services you offer.

4. Sales specialists have too little knowledge


Many companies are afraid to hire experienced sales managers, as they believe these specialists lack competence in many matters. But this is not true. Organizations better hire professionals who are used to working with customers and understand their needs and desires. The sales department will be able to quickly create an effective marketing plan and come up with a successful scheme of online bulk SMS texting.

While developing an advertising campaign, experienced professionals take many factors into account. Among them are the competitiveness of the company, the quality of its product and services, deadlines for achieving goals, and much more. They focus on ever changing needs of potential customers. This contributes to the transformation of tactics during the advertising campaign. A marketing plan that worked great last season may not be effective this year. This indicates you urgently need to replace a message for bulk texting or adjust other parameters that will lead to conversion increase.

Also, don’t forget that personalization of messages is one of the key reasons for success. Users who see their name at the beginning of a message are more likely to use your services.

5. Marketing plan is an unnecessary part of the promotional campaign

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A high quality product will not make itself sold. If most target audience doesn’t know about your services, you can well forget about the growth of sales. Therefore, creating a marketing plan should be a priority when promoting any brand. It will include calculations of expenses, deadlines and other important factors.

At first, marketing looks too complicated. But don’t neglect your own goals. Be sure to create a plan for advertising, focusing on your tasks. Don’t use templates, because each business has its own unique features.

The drop in sales is also not worth attention. It is worth aiming at increasing of conversions and forward to these indicators. You should be abreast of current events. The launch of the advertising campaign should be as well-thought-out as possible. It is also important to focus on the calendar dates, as many ads can be dedicated to certain events.

Summing up

One of the most effective components of promotion is the use of international bulk SMS service provider. Companies of working in the field of large or small business alike will be able to increase their return on investments thanks to this form of marketing. Clients will receive important and useful information, will go to the site and use the services your company offers. We recommend trying mass SMS service that works with 1800+ mobile operators worldwide.

Analyzing the needs of users is the first thing you should do to start building an effective marketing campaign. Each client requires a personal approach, otherwise advertising messages may not be very effective.