5 Benefits of SMS Messaging Marketing

There is a great deal of marketing collateral available these days, and it’s difficult for companies and their products to get noticed amongst all the noise. There are many avenues of marketing available to entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporations to ensure they are getting in front of their customers, and it can be difficult to sort through the methods that really work.

Currently, one of the growing trends for marketing is text messaging. The use of text messaging has only increased and is something that almost everyone in the world does multiple times a day. The average consumer checks their phone messages about 52 times each day, according to Deloitte’s 2018 Global Mobile Consumer Survey. Given the state of the world over the last year, it’s likely that number has only increased.

According to Tatago, when people hear of SMS marketing, they think of political SMS messaging, as this is where this technique is mainly implemented, but there are many other uses. Other companies are beginning to see the benefits of SMS marketing as a reliable tool. While recipients may not always engage, this method still ensures that your message is received, unlike emails, where the message can easily end up in a spam folder.

There are numerous myths about mass SMS texting services, but there are also some superior benefits as well. From better response times to more engagement, and  reasonable rates and fees, it’s an option that should not be overlooked. Take a look through some of these reasons for why SMS messaging might just be something for you and your team to consider for your next marketing venture.

Source: Revenue Hub

1. Quick response time

People are used to ignoring their email inboxes these days. With hundreds of emails from hundreds of different companies, it’s easy for a marketing message to get lost in the shuffle. This is why more people are turning to SMS marketing, as it delivers your message directly. Instead of getting buried in an inbox, you can text recipients as you would a friend, as long as they have opted in.  Some researchers have shown it takes 90 seconds on average to get a response through text, whereas email takes two whole days.

A person is much more likely to respond to you through text, as it feels more intimate. They may also respond much sooner since they are most likely replying to other messages that day. Some restaurants have reported great success in bookings after sending out text messages during a slow day. The engagement rate for many people using SMS marketing is quite high compared to other methods.

Source: Breezy HR

2. More interaction

There’s a reason why texting customers works; as an increasing number of people live and work from their phones, we will see most interactions happening there. People are viewing websites and video on their phones, and shopping there is no different. Mobile usage is only becoming more popular as we all become more connected. Texting is surging across the world, and people have reported higher numbers when it comes to interactions and responses to questions using SMS messaging marketing. It’s also easy for people to opt in and opt out, so you can stay in touch with their actions to learn more about how they are functioning.

Source: SimpleTexting

3. Personalized conversions

Someone is much more likely to want to learn more about promotion if it speaks to them on a personal level. Using SMS messaging, you can target your select audience and provide them with a clear call to action that is relevant to them. This allows you to make personalized conversions by suggesting things they might like or be interested in. Getting to know customers on a more personal level is the perfect way to know what they like, and how you can serve them better.

Source: SimpleTexting

4. Comparable rates

Many people think that paying for SMS marketing can be expensive, when it’s actually quite comparable to other marketing rates due to the return on investment. One of the good things is that most companies charge per text and have different options for packages that would suit your company best. This means if you’re unsure, you can start slow with a low cost see how it goes. If you find it’s worthwhile, you can build and grow more as your budget does. As this marketing solution becomes more popular there will be more competitors  in the market that will offer these services, so it will likely become an extremely affordable option for your marketing needs.

Source: SMS-Magic

5. Less competition

Since few companies are using this method, you may want to get in on it early. There is less competition out there right now, especially when compared to an email inbox, which is just one of the reasons you need it for lead generation. Instead of landing in an unread inbox or spam or junk folder, SMS messages are targeted to people who gave you their number, giving you a better chance to connect with them.  This also presents the opportunity to stand out among the competition that already exists in your industries.

These reasons and many others are important enough to explore the possibility of SMS message marketing for your business. You can find meaningful ways to engage with your customers and get to know them a little bit better. In the long run this benefits your customers and your company as you continue to grow. As the times change we need to as well. Keeping up with the ever changing digital and marketing landscape is vital to getting your brand name out there and ensuring it is successful.

Smartphones aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and in many cases they have become akin to a second limb. Suffice to say, investing in SMS marketing is a forward-thinking marketing solution to help you create a viable business. As we increasingly turn to digital means of connection as opposed to in-person, SMS marketing is a future-proof way to stay in front of your customers.