Boosting Business: How to Increase Engagement on Instagram 2024


Do you know that around 1 billion people use Instagram every day? Interestingly, 80% of the Instagram users follow more than one business, and 72% of them buy the product that they first saw on it. In short, Instagram is a great tool to not only establish your presence in the market, but it can also help you drive traffic to your site and convert visitors to customers. However, this only happens if you have a vibrant page and creative strategies that engage people. After all, the greater the engagement rate, the more your brand is being talked about isn’t it. So, let’s know a little bit more about all those ways by which you can successfully establish your business online.

No wonder creativity is important, but the right technique and strategy also play a vital role. You have to know the system and use it to your advantage. So, here are tried and tested tips you can use to improve engagement on Instagram, especially now that likes are hidden.

Create Savable Content

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Given that likes are now hidden on your posts, the only way people can see how well-liked your page is is through comments and saves. So, when you plan your content pay attention to if people will want to save it. Will people want to read the content at a later time? These can include infographics that the audience might want to refer to later, a funny meme or even quotes that they find relatable. Remember though that the audience is simply used to liking the post, so prompt them to save the content.

Similarly, create a post that includes infographics and funny quotes that will catch the people’s attention.

Use Instagram Stickers to Start Conversations

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Another way you can increase your engagement is by using Instagram stickers. Encourage them to chat with you, share their experiences and to hear their opinions. Your brand will feel connected to the audience and you will create a loyal following. Given the tough competition out there, this can help you resonate better with people. If you’re confused about how to begin, simply use the Question Sticker and with the Ask Me Anything let people guide you on. This will also help you in designing future content so it’s definitely worth the effort.

Reply to Your Audience ASAP

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You want people to talk to you? Well, it’s a two-way street and this interaction will not happen if you’re unwilling to put in the time to talk to them too. To keep the conversation going and to create a good rapport with your followers, try to reply to them as soon as you can. When people engage with your post more it sends a signal to Instagram telling it that this is important ensuring that the platform makes it more discoverable.

Experiment with Different Types of Content

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Creating the right content is no easy task and it definitely doesn’t happen without a bit of trial and error. Even if you’re on a good curve right now and have a good following, you must experiment. Try creating different kinds of content so that every age group will attract to your posts.  By doing this, your engagement might improve, and you might reach new people, which is always good. But, the most important thing is that you’ll be able to stay ahead of the game. Other than this other thing that you should keep in mind, and that is the Instagram algorithms and metrics. As they frequently keep changing and the only way you can best the system is by trying new things.

Engage With Similar Accounts in Your Industry Everyday

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Like we said it’s not just about creativity, it’s also about the strategies and tactics you use to boost your content. And for this, it is essential that you interact with accounts in the same industry or niche as you. To stay relevant that is.

Before you post something yourself, engage with content on other accounts. Engagement feed engagement and when you do this, the more visible your account becomes. Instagram thinks that the post you posted is more important this way and makes sure others see it too. Also, as far as engagement is concerned, you want a quality audience on your feed and there’s no better way to get it than to make your presence known in the circle. When you interact with relevant pages, people in the community learn about you and visit your page. If they find your content useful, they might follow you too.

Strategically Place Long-tail Hashtags

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The good thing about long-tail hashtags is that they are more detailed and reflect the context of your post more accurately. Also, since they are very specific, the tag will have fewer posts meaning your content will have comparatively less competition. It is likely to get discovered more and in addition to that, it will not be pushed down as soon as say a post with short-tail hashtag would. Then again mix it up and include both. After all, you want to maximize the possibility of being seen.

Final Word

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Creating the right content is not enough to get Instagram to notice you. To get your post on top, you must devise a strategy and follow through with it. Try to implement all the above techniques and see the changes with your own eyes. Be creative and try to differentiate your content from others. The Instagram game has upped once again with the removal of like option from posts and you must change your tactics if you want to remain on top. You might want to design content that people would want to share. You must remember though that your game is only as good as the internet connection you use and to get the best you might want to give Buytvinternetphone a visit. Uploading photos is easy, but you might need extra help with videos so go ahead and get a high-speed connection to ensure you can post whenever you want with ease.