6 Places You Must Visit During Your Maldives Visit

Rated as one of the most thrilling travel destinations in the world, the serene beaches and crystal blue waters of Maldives seem like a paradise for the tourists. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city right in the cradle of mother nature, the island offers a calming pace of life. The exotic place boasts enthralling islands, delicious dishes, extravagant spas, adrenaline rushing sports, soul-soothing music, and bewitching underwater life. In short, there is no scantiness of enchanting places in the alluring country. While on your short visit, you may face a dilemma regarding your must to visit places and leave out. Here in this article, we have sorted out the best sites for your Maldives adventure.

1. Banana reefs

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Maldivesmap is attributed to hundreds of sightseeing, which have a bewitching effect on one’s mind; the banana reef is one of them. Located in the virtual paradise of Maldives, banana reefs adapt to the shape of banana when seen from a considerable height. The beaches attract enthusiastic scuba divers from all around the world. Also, there are enormous fishes that are scared of photographers; thus, the best underwater shots are generated. In the destination, there is an abundance of leisure time activities you can partake in, like snorkeling, bathing, etc. This diving delight is a must-visit for you if you’re a passionate diver. Remember to bring your compass and check on the whirlpool effect before going in the water.

2. Hulhumale island

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Right across the south of the sparkling city of Male (the capital of Maldives), the island of Hulhumale is burgeoning day by day owing to city projects that are reclaiming more and more land of the city. The artificially reclaimed island is situated on the northeast coast of Male and was founded to ease the housing crisis and congestion of the Male island. Spread across an area of 188 hectares, the island is a spellbinding blend of urban aura and natural island life, which will leave you awestruck.

The enthralling scenery is home to the international Valnese airport, the main gateway to these spellbinding islands. This exotic place is also compromised by the golden-domed mosque, which is the main attraction for tourists. So, Hulhumale island is a bewitching place, with its enticing beaches surrounded by greenery all in the neighborhoods.

3. Male island

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Away from the crowded metropolis of the west, in the Male island, you will seek much-craved relief within its natural beauty. An island with it elegantly urbanized and enormous built-up resides in the Kafue atoll. Male is an island that is worth exploring as it compromises the worth of its own. The Maldives archipelago’s capital generates a blissful aura with its glittering houses and graffiti along with a communal environment.

In your Male visit, you can discover the national heritage placed in the national art gallery and national museum and have a stroll through the local fish market and sultan’s park. The most popular attractions are submarine rides and snorkeling through the shores of Male. Moreover, you can also take approved food in submarines from water life to have a closer look. All of these activities make this place a worth visiting site.

4. Maafushi

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With a distance of 27 km away from the Maldives’ capital, the spellbinding Maafushi island is the largest one in the country. Travel from Male to Maafushi can be arranged through different means like speed boats, public ferries, etc. with its bewitching scenery leaves the tourist awestruck. Narnia Maldives, summer villa guest house, and village eternal inn are the most popular guest houses for tourists.

Maafushi island, with a population of 3000 natives, is the hub of Maldives culture and traditions. There are a plethora of activities at the sandbar located at the north of the island: sunbathing, snorkeling, etc. meanwhile, the Furafathi at the south of the island is sightseeing as it’s a habitat of distinct types of flora and fauna.

5. Feydhoo

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Feydhoo island is located in the southern province of Maldives and holds archeological importance owing to its abundance of flora and fauna. Feydhoo is a spellbinding island with its green vegetation, ever-growing plants, and luxurious shorelines. The housing lined with leafy streets bears testament to the ancient culture, tradition, and heritage.

Feydhoo island, with its semi-urbanization, natural delight, laid back life, and tourism reputation, gives you a complete package to visit. The most compatible time to visit this enchanting beauty is between April and December, as in the time span, there is no rain, thus making it perfect for tourists. There are plenty of fun activities to enjoy on the island, such as snorkeling, fishing diving, etc. You can also go for a biking experience if your adventuresome personality is not awakened yet.

6. Fua Mulakoo

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For travelers who love to have a sight of the ethereal beauty of nature, Fua Mulako island is a dream come true. The land of the island is exceptionally fertile as it produces one of the most excellent vegetables and fruits in the country. You will get a paradisiacal aura while strolling through the green fields and marvelous orchards. The land equipped with sunny beaches and rolling waters provides a plethora of activities for the tourist, such as snorkeling, bathing, boating, etc. For crazy archaeologists, the land is a mystery with centuries-old monuments and structures, and with genuine relics of history at every end. White sand beach of Sondoou, Demnisky, the ancient buildings belonging to the pre-Islamic period Havitta, the ruins of Buddhist stupa, the only Friday mosque of Hukuru Miskih, and lagoon mouth of the old island Diyarehifaando are the main tourist attractions.