Top 14 Experiences to Get in Aruba

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Aruba is a dream destination for people who are adventure seekers as well as want to explore the beauty of this island. Once you step into this island, you will just get mesmerized by the natural beauty of this place. It does not matter if you have traveled the world, as the beauty of the natural formations of Aruba is just unmatched. Sip on some tropical drinks and just relax in the bliss that Aruba is. You can plan your trip to this Caribbean Island that has more than tranquil beaches. Explore the stunning landscapes of Aruba, where you can go for many adventure tours. There is a lot to do Aruba, and you will definitely not get bored of it.

A destination that is no less than a paradise, then Aruba is the right place for you, and you definitely visit it. Leave no chance to visit this island which is tiny in size but is loaded with exciting activities. Here you can get the best of both worlds, like scenic beaches and adventurous rugged terrains. If you have never ever been to the Caribbean, then without thinking twice you just head out to get some of the most cherished experiences of your lifetime.

Even for luxurious experiences, Aruba is the right pick. Get pumped with the adrenaline rush and the Caribbean vibes of Aruba. Make your own must-do experiences list and ensure that you do them in Aruba, or else it would just be a dream. Here are all the top experiences that you must get in Aruba, or your trip to the One Happy Island will be just incomplete.

1. Eagle Beach

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Breath-taking Eagle Beach is ranked to be the third most beautiful beach in the world. It is a must-visit as this stunning beach is filled with adventure activities and great restaurants. Eagle Beach is the perfect romantic getaway where you can spend some quality time with your friends and family. There is no other spot in Aruba where you can enjoy the beauty of the beach and have a great time. The beauty of Eagle Beach is just unmatched.

2. Diving

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Diving in Aruba is a must-try experience, even if you don’t know how to dive. There are fantastic diving sites in Aruba that will just leave you amazed. Dive in to explore the glamorous marine life of Aruba. It is quite a popular activity to dive in Aruba, where you can see the various shipwrecks. You can either join a tour, or just go by yourself.

3. Adventure Tours

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Choose to get an adventure tour experience that will just blow your mind away. Indulge in getting some memorable experiences of Aruba, such as the UTV/ATV/Jeep tour. By taking the adventure tour, you will get a different sightseeing experience of the island. Though the road is rocky, it leads to beautiful destinations which will also fill you with thrill and joy.

4. Natural Attractions

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Explore the natural attractions of Aruba. There are plenty of natural attractions that you will be able to explore when you are in Aruba. Be prepared to be completely dazzled by the scenic beauty of Aruba. The must-visit places of Aruba are the rock formations, Arikok National Park, Bubali Bird Sanctuary, Caves, Hooiberg, and much more.

5. Palm Beach

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Splash up at the Palm Beach. This beach is quite an alluring one, and you will have a great time over there. Palm Beach is quite a scintillating one where there are many activities which you can do with your family and friends. You can also book exceptional vacation home rentals on Palm Beach at Stay at the stunning Aruba vacation home that will make your vacation experience top-notch. Enjoy to the fullest in this tropical paradise. Being a high tourism area, there are many activities, Aruba vacation homes, and great food options by the beach.

6. Casinos in Aruba

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It’s casino time in Aruba. Try out your luck at the fantastic casinos of Aruba, and the best part about here is that gambling is legal on the island. You can spend some time at the Stellaris Casino, which is the largest casino in Aruba. You can try hitting the jackpot at the Vegas-like casinos, where you will thoroughly enjoy yourself with your friends and family.

7. Caribbean Food Delights

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Enjoy Caribbean food at the beach. There are a lot of food outlets which can be found near the beach. Make sure you try out the local delicacies and the authentic Caribbean cuisine in Aruba. Fall in love with the different flavors of the Caribbean food and make sure to taste the lip-smacking seafood. Eating your favorite dish by the beach will be an excellent experience for you.

8. History of Aruba

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Get to know about the history of the one happy island. There is a lot of heritage and culture behind Aruba that we see today. By visiting the unique sightseeing destinations of Aruba, you will get to know the stories. There is a lot of Dutch influence that can be seen on the island. You will love getting to know about Aruba.

9. Arikok National Park

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Visit the Arikok National Park. This is a vast national park that covers about 18% area of the whole island. In the Arikok National Park, you will see many natural wonders that you will love to explore. It is worth it to visit the Arikok National Park, and you should not miss out on this. You can also enjoy hiking here.

10. Butterfly Farm

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The alluring Butterfly Farm will work its magic on you. If you are a lover of nature, you will surely love visiting the Butterfly Farm, where different kinds of butterflies are in huge numbers. All the butterfly lovers must head out to this beautiful sightseeing spot in Aruba. Get to know exciting information about the different species of Aruba.

11. Exotic Marine Life

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Experience the marine life of Aruba by snorkeling in Aruba. There are many spots on the island which are just ideal to explore underwater life in Aruba, but there is nothing compared to the experience of snorkeling & diving near the shipwrecks of the island. Take this underwater adventure to the Antilla shipwreck, which will surely be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

12. Attractions in Oranjestad

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Explore the capital city of Aruba, which is Oranjestad. Here you will get to see the culture of Aruba and also the various shopping places. You can just shop your heart out in Oranjestad as there are all the top stores. When you buy souvenirs for your loved ones, you must choose some local souvenirs that will always remind you of Aruba.

13. Sunset in Aruba

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Watching the sunset is just the best experience which you can get in Aruba. It is very popular to view the sunset in Aruba by taking a sunset cruise. Along with your friends and family, you can simply book with sunset cruise where you will be able to enjoy the pristine Caribbean waves and the famous sunset sight.

14. California Lighthouse


Cherish the view from the California Lighthouse. During your sightseeing trip around the island, don’t miss out on the stunning views of the island. This sightseeing attraction is situated in the north part of the island, and the majority of the tourists visit this attraction. Get perfect views of the island from this tourist place.