How Security Systems Can Help Older People

Security systems are a must-have in the modern home. They cover a range of benefits such as protecting you from intruders, alerting the authorities when trouble is detected, and even allowing you to monitor your own house from anywhere. Plus, there’s a level of peace of mind that comes from knowing there is something in place to help you if an emergency occurs.

There is a part of the population that can particularly benefit from a home security system: the elderly. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons that your older loved ones could benefit from a home security system.

They’re Easy to Set Up

One of the benefits of a home security system for seniors is that they’re made to be easy. This includes everything from being easy to set up when they’re first installed to using them down the line. This is particularly useful because it’s important that even seniors who are less tech-savvy have access to help when they need it.

For extra help, you can rely on trained professionals to help with installation and beyond. Many services at least offer the option of the continuing work of live monitoring over the system. This way, even if you can’t alert the authorities in the case of an emergency, the professional monitoring your system’s responses can.

They’re Easy to Move

As seniors get older, their needs change. This means that it’s not uncommon for seniors to move a few times to accommodate their needs as they change. This means that they may be wary of a security system that locks them into a single home.

Since these security systems are easy to set up, it isn’t a hard process to repeat. On top of that, most modern security systems are easy to move as well. They aren’t locked into the home they were installed in if a senior wants to move away and keep their security system.

It’s Easy for Caregivers to Monitor a Home

As we mentioned earlier, there is peace of mind when you can check on your home from wherever you are. This is provided by home security systems because, anymore at least,  are often equipped with cameras to keep an eye on areas like the doorstep as well as inside the home.

The result is that the happenings in the home can be monitored by those outside who are of the home. This means that if a family member wants to check in on a relative to make sure they’re doing okay, they can rely on this feature if it’s in the security system that they and their senior loved one agree on.

Source: Pro Install AV

Keep Track of Other Things In the Home

Security systems are often thought of as tools to help in the case of a burglary or intruder alert. Yet, home security systems today often do more than just let the homeowner know who is coming and going.

Many home security systems also function to alert homeowners when they sense smoke, carbon monoxide and even alert them about issues like frozen pipes. This can help keep a handle on dangerous problems in the home that can be harder to monitor, especially for a senior.

Plus, you can look at different system plans even when you’re dedicated to a particular brand. For example, companies such as HomeSecurityHeroes offer a range of options for customers to take advantage of. Finding what is best for a senior means shopping around to check out what a security system can offer them and which options are best suited to the senior’s needs.

Security Systems and Medical Alert Systems

While security systems are great for seniors for protection from intruders. At some point, though, seniors will also benefit from the use of a medical alert system. These allow seniors to call for help at the press of a button, even offering wearables that are always with them. To learn more, check out review of the medical alert systems at

It’s a great way to ensure that they have help available to them in the case of an emergency. For instance, this way seniors can call for help even if they suffer a fall and can’t get to their phone. Some medical alert systems even have features such as fall detection to help seniors even if they aren’t able to do anything. Even if it isn’t used, this is a great way to offer some peace of mind.

Source: The New York Times

Increased Home Automation

As someone ages, it’s harder to keep up with the day to day tasks of running a household. A lot of this can come from issues such as limited mobility which can make it harder to get around as needed.

That’s why home automation can go a long way for seniors. With the help of home automation, seniors can have further control over their home from a central location, like an app on their phone. Again, these often come with instructions or professional installation to help out customers who aren’t as tech-savvy.

Being More Independent

At the end of the day, few seniors want to give up the independence they’ve enjoyed for so long. Yet, when it comes down to common issues related to aging such as limited mobility or trouble with senses such as sight and hearing, it can be hard to maintain that same level of independence people have when they’re younger.

That doesn’t mean that independence is always impossible, just that accommodations are in order. That’s why home security systems being so versatile is such an advantage – they allow seniors to keep their independence while making sure that they have access to help when they need it.


Final Thoughts

As someone ages, they may need more help around the home or just further monitoring so loved ones know if something happens. The good news is that technology can help seniors and their loved ones achieve just that.

With the help of a security system, seniors are protected from more than just break-ins. The systems can be used to help monitor the home, be on the watch for other potential hazards, take advantage of home automation, and, most importantly, stay safe while maintaining personal independence.