6 Tips to Improve your Company’s SEO Strategy

How about using Google to benefit your business? By developing an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy, you allow consumers to find your company’s website on Google by searching for terms related to the products and services in which they are interested.

For Bernardo Sartori, COO of Hub Comm, the Cultures connection agency responsible for digital content for companies like Canon and Peugeot, a good SEO strategy can be essential for the survival of a small business. In this article, you will find some simple tips to improve your search engine rankings.

SEO Allows you to Grow with Low Investment

Investing in SEO means improving your page’s indexing in search engines. When someone does a research on Google, for example, the search engine analyzes the entire spectrum of the Internet to identify (considering the limitations of language, location and history of the user) the results that best serve the term investigated.

That is precisely the challenge for those who are dedicated to SEO: It is necessary to demonstrate to Google that your website and your content is relevant to meet the needs of those who investigate. This happens because Google has no interest in your company or in any other, its focus is to offer the best solution for its users.

The investment pays off, because appearing among Google’s organic results (which are not paid) is a certificate of reputation for your company, since the search engine is trusted by users. “With SEO you can generate highly qualified leads, traffic and clients without investing in media,” explains Sartori.

Unlike Google AdWords, where you have to constantly invest and pay for each click on your page, investing in SEO tends to be more sustainable, as it continues to generate results when you stop investing.

How to Improve your SEO Strategy

Next, we made a list with six tips for you to build a more realistic SEO strategy for your website.

1. Focus on the Content

Source: Search Engine Land

The content of the web, more than the writing computer programs, is the key to improve the situating of the page. Interestingly, the business site contains all the terms and words by which it needs to be found, on the grounds that the more individuals talk about the items or administrations, the more prominent the importance of these terms.

Once you know which keywords to use, you must focus the content based on those words. Keep in mind that quality is worth more than quantity when it comes to improving the positioning of a website. The content must be original and unique, it is not worth doing Copy and Paste from other websites. This Google penalizes you. What you can do is extend or give your opinion of other articles but referring to where the information comes from. Now, when talking about content I do not mean only in the form of text, there are more ways to offer content and even combine them, image, photographs, videos, audios, pdf files. If you offer multimedia to our articles, you will be enriching it and it will be an added value that will attract more traffic.

2. Attention to Keywords

Source: Ionos

The substance ought to require the utilization of watchwords that are applicable to your business, A pastry kitchen, for instance, should essentially have the word ‘pastry shop’ in its web address, in the title of the pages, in the portrayal of the administrations; and where conceivable the words ‘bread, juices, food, cakes’ and whatever is relevant “.

To better know what users are looking for, or rather what keywords they search with, we recommend to use free google tools for keyword searching. Google Trends helps you locate search trends while Keyword Planner is a Keyword planner.

3. Establish Authority

Source: Search Engine Journal

Create content to establish yourself as an authority on the subject that dominates your business. In addition to promoting the image of the brand, this strategy allows users to spend more time browsing the pages of your website, which is valued by Google.

4. Bet on Metrics

Source: Mangools

There are several specific SEO platforms, which analyze the performance of the searched pages and point out the errors. Moz.com is one of the most prominent, but there are other options. With the help of these metrics, the performance of the web improves and errors are corrected.

5. Much Patience

Source: India Pigeon News

Nobody gets to the first page of Google results overnight. The search engine values ​​websites with relevant history and pays special attention to those whose growth is gradual but regular. Be patient and understand that progress is slow.

Finally, it is necessary to remember that, if all that is still not clear, it may be time to turn to a professional specialized in web optimization.

The advice is valid mainly for websites developed on complex programming platforms, as Sartori explains: “If the portal has been on the air for some time, has a poor performance in search engines and was created on a static platform, it is necessary to hire an agency or a programmer to make the necessary improvements ”. As you have already explained, investment tends to pay off in the medium and long term.

6. Take Care of the Design

Source: Lucky Web Design

At the same time, you attach importance to web design, usability and navigability. In the case of an article, it is also very important to present the content in an attractive way. A simple example, it would not help the user much if you present the content with difficult to read fonts, right? or that when you scroll down the content disappears due to a layout error. You must present the content thinking about the behavior of a user, the easier and more attractive you put it, the longer you will retain it.

According to the experts at SEO Scout, using tools for keyword analysis and search trends can help you increase your site’s visibility and improve user experience. Optimizing the content on your website is key for content marketing. Make sure to use the right keywords and phrases for your online business or product promotions.