5 Reasons Why Good Web Design is so Important for E-Commerce

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What makes a good website? In today’s digital era, websites are essential tools for any businesses or industries. It’s crucial and the primary element that allows them to be authentic and successful. In other words, if you don’t exist on Google, you might as well give up on your business journey, right at the start. At the same time, existing is not enough! If you expect to make people buy your product, you have to drive traffic to your site and engage your audience. If they can’t find you, how will you do that? Why is it so important that your website sends a spectacular message to your customers? There are numerous reasons for this. The process of creating a website is complex since it’s not only about making it visually appealing or just existing out there. However, if every aspect of your digital presence is magnificently done, then you’re certainly closer to success compared to your competitors.

Every website should be designed to wow people who click on it. A genuine positive reaction and a surprise are what you should aim for.

The research shows that exquisite website design makes the biggest impact on the audience, therefore it is of great importance. Here’s why:

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1. It Makes Them Stay

What are the leads? They are your potential customers or even better, future clients. To really make them your clients, you should fascinate them, ensuring they will not leave for someone else’s website but instead, stay on your page. The attention span of an average person is quite short, and if you don’t grab their attention in the first few seconds, you’ll likely lose the potential leads. This is where the first impression you make becomes the most relevant tool for your success. You sure will be judged, and if they like what they see, they will perceive your brand as valuable and they’ll put in more effort to find out who you are, what you do and what you can provide them with.

If not, they will simply move on to the next one, clicking exit. An aesthetically pleasing, yet simple and up-to-date website is what will make a positive impression on everyone who visits it, and that’s why you should focus on making it look fantastic.

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2. It Makes You Show Up First

If your site is SEO friendly, it means that you will rank better than the others. If someone searches certain keywords on Google and you have included them in your website copy, you’ll be more visible and the changes are better than someone will discover your business. But having a great copy is still not enough. Instead, you should work on a responsive design for your pages — a perfect symbiosis between outstanding copy and the right keywords for your business niche.

However, it’s not that simple to reach your website’s highest potential when you’re not familiar with SEO. In this case, you can easily find SEO solutions and optimize your website using ezrarankings.org SEO packages. Partnering with a web design agency is a good idea to improve your reach, engagement and of course – ranking on Google. Do you wanna show up on the first page, or the eleventh? That’s right. You answered correctly.

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3. They Will Know What to Expect

Your website mirrors your service. This means that in traditional businesses people used to communicate face-to-face with their customers. This way they could immediately feel and know what to expect by judging the seller’s communication skills, facial expressions, their tone and of course — the offer they are providing. In the modern era when everything is being digitalized, our customers now use different tools to analyse and evaluate your business. This is why a good website design will make them believe you have enough integrity, creativity and resources to pay attention to your customers’ service.

They will feel welcomed and they will get the sense that you value your customers by providing them with the best quality content. If the site is modern, reactive, simple, effective, inviting — doesn’t it mean your future clients will rather choose you and feel appreciated than choosing someone else and only get the final product? This is because people care more about the why, instead of the what.

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4. They Can Trust You

Professionalism is inseparable from any business out there. This is exactly what makes people trust you and allows them to indulge in everything you have to offer without having fear of wasting their time or money. Your website should be a reputable source from which they can fulfil their needs and make their lives easier or simply enjoy something they wanted to without any complications. But if they don’t trust what they see they won’t trust your brand either.

Your clients can spot signals that can either persuade them to choose you or give them a red flag and make them stay away from your brand, product or service. The power of the visual appearance, therefore, shouldn’t be overlooked because you want to make an organic, ongoing relationship with your audience that will last much longer than a simple click, call or a purchase. You want to make sure that people will be coming back, as well as stay up to date with everything you’re offering.

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5. They Will Be Active

The vast majority of people who visit your website only visited and probably forgot what they saw even if you had amazed them with your content. The research shows that it takes something further to persuade your potential leads to become your clients. This is why you should have well-designed call-to-action features on your website to be able to get your potential customers to actually do something. You want to make them proceed to the next page and make the next step towards getting in touch with you, buying something or requesting for your service. If you miss out on making these features visible you may get your future clients to aimlessly scroll, making no next steps. Don’t be afraid to tell your designers to use bright colours that will stand out from the rest, and emphasize the importance of contacting you or purchasing something you have to offer. This way, it’s more likely people will reach out and click that next button.

The implementation of several key elements to your business is what will give you the opportunity to rise and shine in the digital world (and the real world as well!). Effective methods of improvement are something that shouldn’t be left out of your business plan. Good marketing and a visually beautiful website is a great starter. From that point and further on, only the sky’s the limit to your e-commerce success.