7 Reasons Your Online Presence Is Not Making You Money

1. Your Website Isn’t Responsive

A website is the first impression; the public will decide in approximately 5-10 seconds whether or not they want to stay on the page or move on to the next.

The first thing viewers will recognize is the layout. As a business, they have an opportunity to state who they are, what they do, and what they are going to give/provide to a customer, with their website. If all of this information is organized clearly and proficiently, it leads to more potential business and, therefore, greater profits.

Let’s get to the technical details: One of the many reasons your website isn’t working the way you hoped is because responsiveness is key to improving a company’s SEO. For example, Google tends to favor mobile-friendly sites, such as your cell phone, an online application, etc. The more technologically reliant we become as a society, the more likely it is we will be using smartphones or tablets to access the internet. If a website is not compatible for mobile devices, it will inevitably bring disappointing results.

Lack of a clear web design and layout may be another reason your website isn’t responsive – this includes things such as refresh rate/speed, images, graphics, videos, and many other website features.

If the task seems daunting and you want to consult a company that specializes in user experience design, click here.

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Elements of a Successful Website Design

  • Hierarchical Content: provides a foundation for the website to succeed or fail.
  • Basic Layout: includes imagery, design, colors, and much more.
  • High Quality Images
  • Clear CTA (call to action): the phrase itself should tip you off to its importance. In order for a website to bring in more traffic and profits their website must have a clear and concise call to action. Examples include incentives, links, originality, and more.
  • Contact Information: it is extremely important for a customer, client, or patient to find easy access to multiple forms of contact.
  • Easy Navigation: a soft website design assists the customer in viewing a website without becoming overwhelmed or confused.
    • Looks do matter when it comes to website design. Finding any necessary information shouldn’t be hard, it should be obvious and easily viewable.
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2. Your Content Isn’t Optimized for Search

There are a lot of different ways to go about search engine optimization incorrectly or less efficiently.

Here is a list of tools that WILL optimize your search:

  • Have high quality content; bridge SEO with content.
  • Design worthy content: no fluff, no vagueness. Content that is efficient, straight-forward, truthful, up-to-date, and relevant, this allows a relationship to grow through your website between you and your customers.
  • Cater your design to the audience, don’t worry about yourself. Create content with as little error as possible, keep it precise without simple grammatical errors that may deter search engines.
  • Keyword usage and SEO are best friends, learn to embrace it…but embrace it in the right direction. You need focused and specific keywords in order to get traction and traffic to your site. Keywords also need to be natural, something that you, personally, would type into google because it makes sense to you.
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3. You’re Not Engaging Website Visitors

Engagement is another aspect of SEO that is detrimental to bringing in more business. Technology has changed how people connect and ultimately engage with companies.

According to learn.g2.com, “Studies show that phone, and even email, support are on the decline.” This means that applications like LiveChat and chatbots are becoming more and more important in monetizing strategies for companies and businesses.

With this information, and because customers are seeking other ways to reach out, it has become essential for businesses to connect through new methods, like LiveChat and chatbots. Customers are constantly wanting, and finding, new ways of communication. It’s up to businesses and industries to stay relevant and up to date with these forms of technology or they may fall behind. This all ties in with engagement because to be engaged, you have to attract one’s attention.

Ways to engage are through LiveChat, social media platforms, interactive website design and layout, and of course, search engine optimization. Everything will always go back to SEO because it gives us a peek into the minds of customers, as well as providing a base and foundation for all marketing routes and perspectives.

Source: UC Today

Live Chat vs Chatbots

Quality Conversation Converts: live chat offers great customer service with the end goal of collecting contact information. Chatbots are similar but are limited in the types of conversations they can have. Chatbots are awesome for ecommerce clients; however, both can assist at any stage in the buyers’ journey. Live Chat allows for a relationship to build, provide truth, double check information coming from the website, and improves user experience. Chatbots are more AI and technical, they won’t have a human touch in the same ways live chat will.

We can find a keyword in both, the first is Live and the other is Bot. Business’s will find a purpose for either, both are useful tools that can generate leads and revenue. Depending on what they are used for and how companies can decide which is best for them. This is also an area where the value, mission and goals of that particular business/industry come into play. You know your business will succeed; utilizing all the tools accessible to you will help make the journey just a little bit easier.

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4. It’s Hard to Contact You

We have outlined all the ways you may not be presenting yourself clearly enough and why you need to better your communication channels via your website. Businesses need certain aspects/features on their website, and any other social media platform, to generate business.

  • An easy-to-find contact page
  • Contact forms throughout the site
  • Accurate contact information across the website/social media/online directory listings.
  • Multiple ways to contact you – LC or chatbot on a website, Facebook Messenger chatbot, canned responses in Instagram DMs, Snapchat videos, TikTok messaging or sending a TikTok to someone else & so on & so on. All of these contact methods are extremely important for customers, so when they seek something from your business, they are able to gain access to it, and make a decision on if they will go through with it or not.

In order to do any of this, there needs to be CONTACT and COMMUNICATION.

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5. People Don’t Trust Your Business

Having trust is important in every aspect of the business world, it’s what builds long lasting and loyal customers/clients/patients, etc. The truth of the matter is, not everyone is going to believe in your business and the services you have to offer. You need to show them they can believe in you. There are countless ways to solidify this trust, such as a concise message, values, and mission statement. Consistency, a great website design, and accessibility to all information on the website are other great ways to make your business known to the world such as a transparent and reliable source, and of course, SEO, SEO, SEO.

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6. You Lack Brand Consistency

Branding is a requirement for today’s marketing world; without it, it will feel nearly impossible to get to where you want as a company/business. To be successful with a brand that is going to make you money, you must be reliable, transparent, and overall consistent. Posting daily, weekly, or on a set schedule as well as engaging customers will improve site visits tremendously.

For every social media, especially Twitter and Instagram, the best way to reach your followers with your content is to know when your audience is online, and schedule your updates for these times. This is why scheduling your content may be the answer to a lot of questions regarding gaining engagement. In this day and age automating tools are becoming more and more a part of our daily routine, so scheduling tools are a must when it comes to posting regularly on all social media platforms. There are many tools on the market that let you schedule posts, some have fewer features, some more. The most famous scheduling tools are, of course, Buffer and Hootsuite, but what are more affordable alternatives when it comes to scheduling posts on Twitter? One of them is Hypefury, a tool that has regular tweet scheduling features as well as offers additional benefits such as retweeting the most successful tweets to give them a new life, posting tweets on Instagram, and scheduling threads. The tool offers a 14-day free trial to get a sense of what it feels like to have your Twitter account hooked on to it.

Consistency will allow room for growth and opportunity, so don’t be idle and keep posting!

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7. You Don’t Post to Social Media

To some, social media seems like a black pit for the time you’ll never get back. You have to create your profiles, – yes, plural – find or create the content, come up with a caption, post the status, use hashtags, and also, a million other things. Many business owners, they don’t see it as a worthwhile investment. However, according to Hubspot, 40% of the world’s population is using social media. That’s a lot of potential business to miss out on. Also if your a family related man or woman, to share your photos with the business partners can benefit you with more trust from potential customers. Click here for more information about what high quality images can help you with.

There is immense credibility that comes with being on social media. It shows potential consumers that your business is active, which immediately gives them a sense of comfort. Pair it with informative posts with high-quality photos and viewers will assume you know what you’re talking about, and that you care about providing a great customer experience.

Believe it or not, the numbers speak for themselves, 54% of all social browsers use social media to research products. On Twitter alone, ads have proven to be 11 times more effective than TV ads shown during live events. The potential is there, businesses just need to start using it to their benefit.

To see how you can benefit from Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, visit https://accfarm.com/buy-facebook-accounts

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Which Social Media Platforms Should Your Business Be On?

DigitalResource says when you post to social media on a regular basis, you’re able to build brand awareness. It’s best to do this on the platforms that your ideal consumer actually uses. After assessing your customer profile, consider the following:

  • Facebook: Ads (advertising 101), the perfect platform for any company’s needs.
  • Instagram: Pictures, interactions with audience members, gaining trust, and building relations using Instagram tools that are free for anyone, especially businesses. Instagram is a great source to build trust with customers and provide a more personal approach to who a company is and what they provide.
  • Twitter: Interact in a different way through twitter. Allow twitter to build relations as well as bridge every other social media platform listed on this blog post. Twitter can easily reach many people as long as you participate and post. Posting is key to any social media platform; without trying and without participation, there will be very few results.
  • LinkedIn: The professional world of social media. LinkedIn is another bridge and tool used to perfect a company image and message, as well as provide informative articles to those who may be interested in working and gaining business for profit.
  • Pinterest: A visual learners gallery. This will take seconds of your time and create an enjoyable, concise, and wonderful tool to build your business. All these platforms and here so you can decide which is the best for your particular outreach goals. The content takes on a life of its own and works for you to expand your vision.
  • Snapchat: Easy, super fun, and light. Snapchat may be used as an informative source or personal. Its video-style sharing proves your business is more than just an office, it has a personality and a brand.
  • TikTok: This platform used a similar approach to Vine (which gained a cult following overnight). This social media outlet allows for information to be seen in 1 minute or less, perfect for the advertising of products and services for any business/company. It caters to the young person’s short attention span.
  • Reddit: Countless threads with unfiltered opinions. Decide which thread will be the one for you, opinions matter in Reddit and your company can easily become a main topic.

NOTE: Everything in this article will make you money…if you use it in the right way. In a way that is personal and specific to your business, cater to your goals for the future of your company. Technology is key, the internet is the lottery ticket. The list in this blog outlines just a few of the many ways you can utilize all of its tools and profit from it.