Top 6 Most Common Mistakes in Website Design in 2024

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Just a while ago business was done in a very different way. There was no need for the online presence so much, things were done in person. However, nowadays, a good website is the priority because it is the main way to reach new customers and present the services and products you are offering. Professionals know how to create a good website that will be appealing to the audience, so it is good to seek advice from someone who is fully familiar with the concept. On the other hand, most people try to create a website on their own which can lead to various mistakes. We have made a list of the most common mistakes that are made concerning website design.

1. Including too many options

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Less is more, let that be in your mind while you are making the website. No one likes to open a website that has too many colors, animations, videos all popping around. Make sure that the colors are clear and choose a few tones. You may think that a colorful website will attract the attention of the visitors, but that will actually drive people away. Take into consideration that people nowadays spend too much time in front of the screens which can be pretty overwhelming after a while. People want to find the information fast and if possible don’t get a headache while doing it. Bear in mind that it is important to achieve a balance – provide the right information, but don’t overwhelm the visitors. If you are not sure how to do it, check out Any Media Group.

2. Making a plain website


This is the other side of the medal of the previously mentioned mistake. Some people think that it is sufficient to leave just the basic info and leave it like that. This is not a very good idea either. It won’t stimulate your visitors enough and inspire them to come back to your website. It is sometimes good to leave something to the imagination, but that should be done tastefully. Your visitors will want to read about the things they are interested in, so make sure you provide information about your company, your team, the experience you have, and it would be good to make a blog as well. Educate your visitors and provide valuable content for them that will help them to learn something new and stick around. It is very important to give your visitors a reason to come back.

3. Too much of everything

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Branding is essential for finding your place in the online world. That means that you need to have consistency in the colors you choose, the style you have, and the way you present the services you offer. However, some companies seem to experiment with everything. This is never a good idea because it will be very confusing to the visitors. The creative process may include having too many ideas but wanting to implement all of them will just create one major confusion. Think about your goal and then create a strategy that will help you to achieve it. This way, you can avoid implementing too many things that your visitors will find too confusing.

4. Failing to create a good CTA

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CTA (call to action) is very important for every business. It is a command to the visitors that will basically push them to do something. If you have an online store, then a good CTA would be “Order now”. It is necessary that it is clear, so everyone knows instantly what they should do. It should be short, so the message is conveyed instantly. Keep in mind that too many CTAs or the ones that are too long can be counterproductive. It is necessary to think about that and choose CTA wisely and carefully, so you don’t annoy the visitor. Make sure that the CTA shows after a few minutes – it is important to give them plenty of time to get hooked by something they see.

5. Putting a wall of text

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You should be aware of the fact that out of 100% of visitors, 99% won’t even bother to read it. As mentioned before, people are online for hours which can be tiring. Unless you have a blog, there is no need to put too much text on the front page of the website. Make sure you break it down, so it is easier for visitors to find what they need. “Content is the king“, you should know that. It should be regularly updated so the visitors know that you are there, ready to work and that you constantly involved in providing good content to your visitors. It will show them that you are serious about your business and that you have a plan.

6. Unclear information

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People love to know more about the people behind the screen. It gives them confidence and adds a little human touch to the online world. Some people simply forget to include the contact info, or it is hard to find it. Place it somewhere where can be easily found so the visitors can find the telephone number or email address in case they need it. Also, make sure that the information concerning the services you offer are clear and understandable. No one likes to read a text that is too complicated to understand.

These are the most common mistakes that should be avoided if you want to have a constant flow of visits. The only way to attract visitors and inspire them to keep coming in to provide valuable and interesting information that is clearly displayed. Choose the soothing colors that won’t be too strong for the eyes, because if you put a flashing rainbow all over the screen, you can be sure that many of your visitors will run to the hills and never look back. Work on the branding and make sure that the website is done with great attention to details.