4 Web Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2024

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When push notifications and endless open tabs pique visitor attention, it is obvious that web design would be about precision and intuitiveness in 2024. Today, websites are full of information and stimuli; thus, your web pages should convey messages clearly and effectively to stand out from the rest of the sites thronging the online space. Seattle is an IT and tech hub, where numerous web design agencies are keen to provide top notch services to their clients, but then how do you know which of them are aware of the latest trends and updates related to web design.

According to an article published on Huffpost.com, a few of the dominating trends in web design are single-page layout, responsive and material design.

In this article, you will learn about some of the web design trends in 2024 if you want to develop neat and clutter-free web pages for your business, which are rich in visuals and content. Here are four of the essential web design trends to watch out for in 2024.

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1. Split screen

You want multiple ideas to communicate through your business website and yet like to preserve a clutter-free look of your pages. If yes, split-screen content is your best bet, which means dividing your web page screen in the center, thus providing each side the same attention for the visitors.

It is one of the most appealing and attention-grab design trends, splitting the rectangular shape into two. Again, if you want to add more zing to your web design, try to make each part of your screen work singularly. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For instance, just toss a couple of unexpected unevenness into the design. You can do this by playing a little with scroll effects and ensure each side moves at a different speed.

You can integrate some visual hierarchy into the split-screen design by placing some extra components in the middle of the screen, where the two divides congregate. These design components could be anything like a call-to-action or CTA button, or for that matter a logo. These elements will take center stage and create a sense of balance on the screen.

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2. Extra-large fonts and design elements

If you would like to convey information unmistakably and instantly, web designers in Seattle are opting for big, visible design elements. This level of extent in design relates to any element in a website or web page, be it large, bold font, full-screen photos and moving images/videos, and even extra-large website menu symbols or icons.

Puffed-up design elements like these are striking, and let website visitors figure out what the web pages mean or signify. Moreover, such design elements look awesome on any type of screen size, whether it is a laptop, smartphone, or iPad. If you want this trend to stand out from the rest, trim down the number of design components on every page. It is important to remember that numerous impressive features thrown at the same time could look overpowering and counterproductive.

That is the reason why web design agencies in Seattle are switching to full-screen photos or videos in the first fold coupled with big typography or font. Now, this design layout in 2024 helps in delivering your brand message clearly and effectively, ensuring that most of the content comes across as well as registering and resonating with your visitors or targeted audience. If you have any more queries about split-screen layout, look up Thrive Design or similar ones near you to get answers to all your questions.

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3. Fluorescent three-dimensional digital artwork

When it comes to providing unique elucidations to recognizable materials, the digital three-dimensional photos embellish your website in glowing, neon-hued shades. These artworks are popular this year, as they look alluring and serve as little eye candies that attract your customers’ attention in comparison with a design that looks too stark and minimal.

The usage of digitally delivered three-dimensional artworks is not something new or unique, however, this trend is popular in web design and many designers in Seattle are opting for the same. It could be concluded that three-dimensional modeling plans are increasingly available this year than even a couple of years ago. Merged with fluorescent shades, the outcome of the design is ahead of its time and full of life, inculcating your website with much style and persona.

However, you need to use this web design trend in moderation and avoid overdoing the same. All you need to do is throw fluorescent shades around the pages as harmonizing or for that matter, secondary colors according to your color palette. You need to balance these elements and therefore, switch to neutral hues as the key shades like blacks, grays, and whites.

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4. Custom illustrations

Whether it is illustrations, photos, icons, and visuals, these elements do not just act as placeholders on your web pages or simply adda dash of colors to those pages. Web design in 2024 is on purpose when it comes to the use of visuals and imageries, and using these means supporting your content or copy, thus creating a brand message for your business.

Certainly, the apt positioning of illustration could make or break your design. For instance, think of a shoe store website, which is rife with street-art enthused graphics. On the contrary, a non-profit site working for child welfare is full of visuals that create a sense of hope and positivity, this convening an entirely different message to its targeted audience.

For the best results, you will need to look for images, which are precisely customized to your business’s particular requirements.

Wrapping up

Now that you have these trends of web design right in front of you, it will help you revamp your existing website integrating the current trends. Seattle, a thriving business hub provides many opportunities to gain clients who would be impressed with your new, unique web page layout as well as products or services you have on offer. Focus on these trends and you will see positive results.