How Waterpik Became the Leading Brand for Water Flossers

It’s well-known that brushing isn’t enough to keep plaque and gingivitis at bay. Since plaque is so likely to form between your teeth and up in your gums, dental health professionals insist that brushing has to be backed up by flossing – in one form or another.

One form of flossing that has emerged the past few decades is water flossing, and Waterpik quickly became the leading brand. Many studies show that their water flossers outperform other brands and methods of plaque removal. It also helps with gingivitis prevention.

How you intend to use it will determine how effective this plaque removal technology will be for you. Before we get into that, here’s a short guide to the Waterpik water flosser and how it can help you floss more effectively and efficiently.

Why use a water flosser?

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Studies have shown that brushing your teeth only addresses the outside of your teeth where plaque and food debris isn’t as likely to build up.

Additionally, many of us have sensitive gums prone to bleeding when we floss. This could even be a sign of gum disease forming, but there will be nothing to stop it when we avoid flossing because of the pain.

That’s why water flossing can not only be a more effective alternative but a more pleasurable one as well. It’s proven to have the same and better benefits to your teeth as string flossing but to be far less likely to cause bleeding.

That’s why water flossing is the latest technology readily recommended by oral health professionals as a supplement to brushing and an alternative to string flossing.

Even knowing this, however, how do you know to choose Waterpik over another leading brand like Sonicare?

Choosing Waterpik

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A 4-week study showed that the Waterpik water flosser was 80% more effective than the Sonicare Air Floss in gingivitis reduction and 70% more effective in plaque reduction.

On its own site, Waterpik claims that its oral health products remove 99.9% of plaque. The Journal of Clinical Dentistry compares results between a Waterpik and string floss to show an almost 20% greater reduction in plaque buildup with the Waterpik users compared to the flossers.

The well-known evidence surrounding the effectiveness of the Waterpik Water Flosser isn’t the only reason it’s become the leading brand for water flossers, though it certainly helps. Another reason that 9 out of 10 dental and oral health professionals recommend Waterpik Water Flossers to their patients is their versatility.

A flossing machine for all your needs

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For some people, flossing isn’t as easy as it sounds. Dental appliances like braces and permanent retainers can get in the way of normal string floss. A versatile water flosser like Waterpik will help you take care of your teeth even with these impediments.

When I was younger, I wore a Herbst appliance for 2 years. It’s a pair of brackets that attaches to the back of your mouth to move your jaw forward in order to correct an underbite. During this time, the pistons were menaces when it came to flossing. I always wanted to floss too because of the food trapped in the insertion points of the brackets that made my breath smell bad.

At my orthodontist’s recommendation, my mom bought me a water flosser. However, it was a cheaper brand (I don’t remember which one). The water spray wasn’t focused enough, and it wasn’t giving me the relief I needed.

It wasn’t until she found the Waterpik that she solved my problem. The multiple head attachments allowed me to find a water stream shape, size, and strength to maneuver around my appliance and attack that troublesome plaque and food debris.

I found out that Waterpik leads the market in water flossers partly because of this versatility. Professional and travel-sized models were available to help me keep my appliance clean even on the road. Not being trapped with a mouth of bad breath was a huge relief, so it’s no surprise for me to find out here that Waterpik has a researchable edge over other leading brands. That was my experience too.

The Takeaway

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Flossing isn’t enough to keep up with the formation of plaque and gingivitis in your mouth. A water flosser is a terrific device that you can use to pick up the slack.

However, studies have shown that Waterpik water flossers lead the pack for a number of reasons. Compared to other leading brands, they clean up plaque as much as 80% more effectively. Studies have proven its effectiveness and that’s why oral health professionals go straight to Waterpik when recommending water flossers to their patients.

I have found this to be true even in my own experience. Whether you have troublesome braces or other dental appliances, a history of gingivitis, sensitive teeth and gums, or just want to stay ahead on your oral health, the Waterpik Water Flosser is the leading brand for a reason.