6 Reasons Why Seattle Is a Perfect City for Young Families

The Emerald City – the place of opportunities, a great music scene, and the tastiest coffee. Seattle gets its nickname for its lush greenery that stays that way almost all year long. Evergreen trees are all around the city, making it one of the greenest places in the country. Even though people come to Seattle for career opportunities, especially in the tech business, Seattle has so much more to offer. In fact, this place is a perfect city for young families, and we’ll show you all the reasons why this is true. Let’s find out more about life in the Emerald city and see if you should choose it as your next home.

1. City life does not feel that way

One of the main concerns for families living in big cities is safety, noise, pollution, lack of nature access, and similar issues. However, even though Seattle is rather big, and its greater metro area has a population of more than 3 million, you won’t feel cramped or in any way uncomfortable. The amount of greenery in the city beats all the concrete and modern architecture, so you don’t get the feeling you’re living in such a big city. In fact, Seattle easily blends city life with the outdoors so you can have your dose of nature and enjoy free time with your family after moving to Washington State.

2. Plenty of outdoor options


Looking for a place where you can easily take your kids out for some fresh air? Say no more, Seattle has it all. There are plenty of playgrounds parks and outdoor spaces that include kid-friendly amenities and activities here. Actually, Seattle spends more than any other city on parks and recreation, and you can really see that the moment you arrive. Parents and kids love taking a stroll in Washington Park Arboretum, Seward park, and Discovery Park, but also around the city center, the waterfront area, and others. Seattle is all about the outdoorsy lifestyle, which is why it’s perfect for young families with kids.

Plenty of greenery make this indeed the Emerald City.

3. No income taxes

Parents with kids would be happy to know that they can easily get a job in Seattle and what’s even better – they won’t owe any state taxes related to their income. Even though you’ll still have to pay federal taxes, you’ll be free from the Washington state tax system and be able to save more. This can be a great way to spend more on a new family home – be ready for jumping into Seattle’s real estate market, as it can get pretty hot and competitive. Furthermore, low-income taxes don’t mean the city is cheap. Seattle offers a high-quality lifestyle – but at a fair price.

4. Great family-friendly neighborhoods

Source: prevu.com

The main focus for everyone visiting Seattle is the city center and area around the Space Needle. However, Seattle is so much more than that – it is made of some very distinctive, quality neighborhoods and many of them are family-friendly. Parents who want to raise their kids in the Emerald city often choose the following areas – Queen Anne, Mercer Island, West Seattle, Greenwood, Magnolia, Newcastle, Laurelhurst, and Lake Forest Park. However, be sure to do some research on Seattle area’s first and choose your new neighborhood wisely. An experienced local real estate agent can be of great help here. They can find a perfect balance between what you need and what’s on the market and therefore find you a dream home.

Plenty of jobs and great homes – make the bright future for your loved ones.

5. A rather mild climate

Living in Seattle would mean you won’t have to worry about harsh weather conditions and natural disasters, as well as dangerous animals or insects extreme weather brings by. In fact, you’ll only have to deal with some mosquitoes from time to time. Seattle has mild winters and rather cool summers, and about 150 rainy days in a year. However, the rain levels are not that high, so there’s one less thing to worry about. A mild climate gives more possibilities to enjoy the outdoors, and it also ensures the nature surrounding the city is rich and healthy. Seattle is also a great place for people with allergies, and the city where you probably won’t need air-conditioning.

6. Seattle is dog-friendly

Last, but not least, Seattle is perfect for young families that want to have a pet. The city is very dog-friendly, which is the best news for families with kids. If you move here with a furry friend, you can be sure you’ll enjoy more time together. Dogs are allowed in most public spaces, restaurants, and parks, and there are many dog lovers you can socialize with after you move. This is great news for an easier settling-down process and making new connections in an environment you still don’t know very well.

Moving to Seattle as a family – how to make it less stressful?


We all know that family moves can get pretty hectic. All the emotions, different schedules, and busy moving days lead to everyone feeling pretty overwhelmed and stressed out. Here are some tips to make things easier:

  • Communicate the moving details – the whole family should be informed about the moving timeline and be involved as much as possible. Teamwork makes dreams work!
  • Acknowledge your kids’ feelings – if you have kids, the chances are they struggle with moving to a new city. Be patient with their emotions and try to help them see how great Seattle is;
  • Deal with storage on time – packing and moving to a new home should be as smooth as possible, so be sure to deal with extra items and storage situations on time. Declutter your home and then check if your household fits the new house. PortaBox Storage experts remind you there are always external storage options to get rarely-used items out of the way and make more space in your home.
  • Trust the professionals only – moving your family home is a big deal, and that’s why you should trust this task only with a certified professional with a lot of experience. Take your time and research moving teams that can help you relocate with ease.

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy these first few days in the new city. Seattle is a perfect city for young families, and it won’t be difficult to find activities you can do together as a family to make the adjustment period a lot more fun. Go sightseeing to get to know the city better, visit the Woodland Park Zoo, go for ice cream – do all the fun things to make these first couple of weeks memorable.