10 Best Reasons to Move to Washington State

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If you and your family are looking for a new place to call home, you may want to seriously consider the beautiful, diverse, and – quite frankly – booming state of Washington.

Whether you are already curious about what the state of Washington has to offer, or if this is the first time you have even considered Washington as a potential new home, you have come to the right place. Let’s break down some of the top reasons why you should think about calling Washington home soon. See more.

Great job availability

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There is no doubt that the unemployment rate is quite high right now, but Washington still has a booming economy thanks to many of the world’s biggest and most powerful companies in the world calling the state home. Microsoft, Amazon and Google all have major presences in the state and hire tens of thousands of people.

There are also loads of jobs related to agriculture and food, such as apple and cherry orchards, as well as major seafood production. Finally, the global HQ of Starbucks is in Washington, which hires huge amounts of locals each year.

Natural beauty

Washington is one of the most beautiful states in the United States, full stop. Whether you love its rugged coastline along the Pacific Ocean, its awe-inspiring temperate rain forests or its towering mountain peaks, there is a wealth of ways to spend your time outdoors. That is why Seattle and other major residential areas in Washington are home to passionate hikers, skiers, surfers, and boaters.

No state income tax

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If you are looking to save some money on your yearly taxes, then Washington is absolutely a place that you should consider. The state of Washington is one of just seven states in America that does not have a personal income tax. This means that you will very likely have a lot more money to play around with to help you travel more, invest in your passions, or simply save for your retirement.

It’s a green state

The state of Washington actually ranks amongst the top five when it comes to the most environmentally friendly states. Recent state legislation has made sure to prioritize renewable energy and public transportation that can cut down on global emissions and pollution in a big way. On top of that, the League of American Bicyclists listed the nation’s most bike-friendly state in the United States in 2015.

Higher education opportunities

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Whether you are hoping to get back to school to improve your resume or change careers, or are hoping that your growing children will stay close to home when they get to college, Washington has some wonderful options for higher education. The University of Washington near Seattle is the state’s most heralded school, but there is also Washington State University and a wide range of other 4-year and 2-year institutions that offer world-class education and opportunities. Beyond that, earlier this decade, the state legislatures voted to cut tuition at 4-year college by up to 20 percent.

Best things to do in Washington state

Now that you know the top reasons to move to the great state of Washington, let’s go over some of the very best things for you to do once there. Whether you are planning on moving there, have already moved, or are simply looking for things to do in between checking out open houses, here are some of the very top attractions of one of the most beautiful and eclectic states in the entire country.

Olympic Peninsula

Right across the Puget Sound from the bustling metropolis of Seattle, the Olympic Peninsula features wild beaches, dramatic mountain peaks, dense temperate rainforests and epic waterfalls. If you are a nature lover, this should immediately be added to your bucket list of places to visit in the very near future.


So much of Washington feels like it is on the cutting edge thanks to the major corporations that call the area home, but the state is filled with rich and unique culture as well. The town of Leavenworth is a historical Bavarian-style village and it is quite common to see residents wearing lederhosen and blowing a large alphorn in the morning. There are several annual festivals held at Leavenworth that you simply cannot miss, including the holiday lights celebration in December.

Lake Diablo

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The deep turquoise blue of this water and the way it shines and shimmers in the midday sun will make you think you have been transported to some magical land. Well, perhaps you have! This is one of the most unique and beautiful glacial lakes in the entire world and is easily accessible.

If you are someone who simply has to dive into any body of water you come across, be sure to try to visit on the warmest day possible, even in the middle of the summer, this glacial lake will chill you to your bones and send a revitalizing shimmer up your spine.

Seattle Center

What is the point of visiting the great state of Washington without visiting some of its most famous and iconic urban attractions? The Seattle Center is home to the Space Needle and is filled with incredible other things to visit such as the Chihuly Garden and Glass, and the Museum of Pop Culture designed by the incomparable Frank O. Gehry. There is an abundance of outdoor space as well as tons of bustling restaurants for you to patronize and enjoy.

North Cascades

Whether you are a hiker, skier, or angler, visiting the North Cascades will allow you to travel back in time to a time when the American continent was still wild and free. The North Cascades are known as one of the most unspoiled tracts of land in the entire country. Here you will see epic mountains, blue-green glacial lakes, and an abundance of wildlife that rarely ever see the effects of man on the natural world. It’s a special place to behold who all love natural things.