5 Places to Buy Specialty Toys – 2024 Guide

Since the Christmas season is fast approaching, it’s time for gift season! For children and children at heart, one great present would be toys or collectibles! To be specific, specialty toys will be the most appropriate for that. Specialty toys are unique, interesting, and engaging. These specialty toys are made to focus more on how it is played and how it brings value to children. They are uncommon pieces, a factor that lets every child feel that they are extra special. If you’re planning to get one, here are five places to buy specialty toys:

1.Toynk Toys

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Price Range $6 – $3000
Shipping Fee: Free Shipping to the Contiguous US States

As of November, they only operate through shipping since their Store Pickup Option is temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19.

Toynk Toys company is known for selling pop-culture geek toys. You can choose from various toys in different categories, from collectible figures, toys and games, costumes, specialty toys, and more.

This company was founded by three spontaneous friends Ron, Mike, and Steve. Their first base of operations was at Chicago, and currently, they are located at Addison, Illinois. They made this company purely to give fun products to children and adults. They have categorized their products into figures & collectibles, games & toys, apparel, home & office, and party supplies & decoration.

They have a variety of specialty toys in Toynk Toys with the assurance of its quality. They feature brands from famous TV shows, movies, and comics, a venue for someone who loves to collect figurines and merchandise from his/her favorite show. It caters not only to babies and children but also to children at heart. Their costume sizes range from baby to adult. Depending on the availability of each costume, you can find yourself one on this site.

Their product catalog is vast, which is very convenient if you are looking for a one-stop-shop for your Christmas shopping or shopping for your son/daughter’s birthday party. Everything you might need can be found here.

2. Uncommon Goods

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Price Range: $8 – $2000
Shipping Fee: Free Shipping through Perks Program and Can deliver Internationally

Uncommon Good is an online marketplace based in Brooklyn, USA. To date, they have been operating for about 20 years and counting. The creativity that they put into creating their toys is guaranteed and is perfect when you want to look for specialty toys. They have partnered with independent artists, designers, and craft-makers in producing handcrafted one-of-a-kind pieces. Their team searched for years worldwide to create unique and unusual toys for your child to explore.

Their products are also environmentally-friendly. Every crafts-maker is encouraged to use recycled and upcycled materials. They stay free out of leather, fur, and feathers. As a brand, they are bound to search, create, and sell unusual, unique, yet sensible products that serve their purpose.

Uncommon Goods’ catalog covers a wide variety of handmade products perfect for gifts, a room makeover, and as an accessory to wear. It makes the products a whole lot more valuable. Knowing that the price you pay for supports independent craft makers and patronizing a company that produces eco-friendly goods. They sell cute plush organs toys, build-your-robot kit, dino lego, and many more.

Maybe they will create a whole family with the robot kit or the dino lego toys. You’ll be proud of the story they will make. Plus, it’s a bonus that they are aware that their toys are supporting independent artists all around the world and eco-friendly too. It brings more value to your kids through play and morals.

3. Fat Brain Toys

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Price Range: $4.95 – $350
Shipping Fee: $3.99 Flat Rate Shipping

They claim to be toy specialists, and they have every right to claim that title. Their mission is to provide “A smarter way to play,” which means they aim to inspire creativity and spark curiosity out in your child. They provide unique and special toys that can help in the growth development of your child. They have various specialty toys that will definitely give your child’s imagination up to the test.

The company started at a humble beginning delivering from a garage to having three physical stores to date. This remarkable company was all the fascination of 10-year-old Adam, who received a Geomag for his birthday. A Geomag was a magnetic building toy quite popular during those days. The boy suggested that they build their own online store, and voila! Here they are competing as the leading seller with Walmart and Toys R Us.

Their product catalog is baby and adult-friendly. Most of their toys are for catering educational and learning purposes. They also have products that address children with special needs. Their toys are built to aid children in their cognitive development, which is an essential part of every child’s growth. If you’re looking for something educational or something that would boost a child’s thought process, Fat Brain Toys is your place to go.

4. Learning Resources

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Price Range: $1.99 – $399.99
Shipping Fee: Free Shipping on orders $50+

This company is more on giving your child hands-on toys for them to play with. These toys let your children build who they will become, whether they want to be doctors, nurses, architects, or just a fantastic kid. In their specialty toy, they tend to let your child be the main character of his/her imagination. Examples of their specialty toys are the jumbo jungle playset, beaker creatures, and their award winner specialty toy, Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set.

Most of their products are centered on education. On their site, you can categorize them by age, grade, or subject. They also have a section where you can find resources for teachers. Learning Resources is a great one-stop-shop if you want to build a mini classroom for your kids or have supplies if you’re a teacher as well. They also have toys for fun and games. It is a great online marketplace to check out for gifts and presents too.

5. Kohl’s

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Price Range: $1.99 – $35.99
Shipping Fee: Buy online and Free Store Pickup and Free Standard Shipping on orders $79+

You can find pretty much anything at Kohl’s. They have been the go-to store for every supply that every consumer might need or want. Their product line is so broad. I guarantee you can find one for every child’s gift for this Christmas. Plus, they are really affordable too. Kohl’s toy department has a wide variety of learning Toys, which will provide hours of enjoyment to your child while teaching them basic education such as shape, math, and letters.

Kohl’s has all the toys you and your family need to get ready for an educational playtime, such as the floor is lava toy set or the traffic cop playset. The specialty toys that they offer will surely give your child’s imagination a full blast. They can become a traffic enforcer, or they can imagine your floor becoming hot red lava!