Cancelled TV Shows 2024 – 36 Popular TV Series That Will No Longer Stream

There are speculations about canceling numerous of T.V. shows, according to primary streaming services such as Netflix, C.B.S., and N.B.C. Therefore, many shows will end their career in 2024. However, not all shows are canceled, some of it will simply finish in 2024.

Moreover, here is the list with the recent cancelations of series for 2024, and if you find some of the series you liked at the start, we apologize in advance, but you won’t get to see the continuation of it in this year.

1. Soundtrack (1 season)

Source: The Series Regulars

At the beginning of this year, Netflix announced that it would cancel the streaming of musical drama called Soundtrack, which premiered by the end of the last year. Sadly, this show hasn’t succeeded in streaming for too long, but the plot was quite amusing. Director Joshua Safran stated how he plans to continue with the 2nd season. However, he didn’t find the production house to stream the show, though.

2. Anne with an E (3 seasons)

Source: Netflix: NEWS

The series had full three seasons behind it. Though, the third one is the last one, according to the official production house in C.B.S., Canada. The final season has already aired, but Netflix, the coproduction house, also premiered it in January 2024 for its audience.

Moreover, Netflix announced that it was canceling the show in November 2019, despite the angry fans’ reactions for its returning that was all over the social media followed with the hashtag #RenewAnnewithanE. The director of the show, Moira Walley – Beckett, said how she has plans for the film with the same name, but she doesn’t have an official idea still.

3. BoJack Horseman (6 seasons)

Source: Medium

The sixth season is simultaneously the last one for BoJack Horseman, and Netflix announces that in September 2019. The final episode was released on January 31st, 2024.

The director of the series Raphael Bob – Waksberg told that Netflix decided to cancel the show, and they promised him that it would get the end it deserves, which should please the fans of the show.

4. Spinning Out (1 season)

Source: Dankanator

One of Netflix’s original series, premiered on January this year, will no longer stream. Therefore, the first season will be the last one for the crew of Spinning Out. The official statement regarding its cancelation was released on February 3rd, 2024, by Netflix.

5. Fresh Off the Boat (6 seasons)

Source: Fashionista

The A.B.C. officially announced the cancelation of the show Fresh Off the Boat in November 2019, after six seasons of streaming. The 6th season will be the last one, and on the disappointment to all of the participants, including show’s star Constance Wu, the show will no longer exist. The actors from the show are rather sad, and many told the media that they had refused other job offers because of the show. Moreover, the final episodes will premiere in February 2024.

6. Ray Donovan (7 seasons)


The final season of Ray Donovan ended on January 19th, 2024. Therefore, the fans will get disappointed by hearing that Showtime decided to cancel its further streaming, so the show will not get to see the 8th season, as it was planned at first.

7. Arrow (8 seasons)


In March 2019, C.W. announced that would cancel the show Arrow, and that 8th season will be the last. The finale of the series started by the end of the previous year, and the finish is set for late January 2024.

8. The Good Place (4 seasons)

Source: Vox

The genius creator Michael Schur decided to end the show on his terms, and N.B.C. agreed with it. The second half of the final season began in 2024, with extra-long last episodes that will end on January 30th.

9. Power (6 seasons)

Source: The Undefeated

Starz announced the 6th and final season of Power that started in March 2018. The last season began in autumn 2019, and the finale of the series is scheduled for February 9th, 2024.

10. Modern Family (11 seasons)

Source: Northern Star

A.B.C. announced the finale for the series, and the 11th season will be the last for the show. The final season began in September 2019 and will end in the spring of 2024.

11. Supernatural (15 seasons)

Source: Nerds and Beyond

C.W. announced in March 2019 that the 15th season of Supernatural would be it’s last. The finale started in October 2019, and the final episode is scheduled to air on May 18th, 2024.

12. Schitt’s Creek (6 seasons)

Source: Broadcasting & Cable

The director of the show, Dan Levy, announced in March 2019 that PopTV would make the 6th and final season of this comedy series. The 14th episode of the last season began on January 7th, this year, and the series will end in March 2024.

13. Criminal Minds (15 seasons)

Source: TV Series Finale

The crime drama that has long fifteen seasons behind it will officially end in 2024. The 15th season will be it’s final as well, and C.B.S. announces that in January 2019. The last ten episodes began on January 8th, 2024.

14. Will & Grace (11 seasons)

Source: Parade

N.B.C. announced the revival of the popular comedy series Will & Grace in July 2019. After the entire 11th seasons, the new three will be added on, and that will be the finale of the show. The final set of episodes began its airing in October 2019, and the end is expected in February 2024.

15. The Ranch (4 seasons)

Source: What’s on Netflix

Netflix’s series The Ranch will end with its 4th season. The first half of the last season began in September 2019, and the second half is scheduled for 2024. Nevertheless, it is not yet announced when.

16. Homeland (8 seasons)


Showtime production announced in August 2018 that will end streaming its drama series Homeland. Therefore, the 8th season will be it’s last, and the episodes will air on February 9th, 2024, and the series will end in May 2024.

17. Fuller House (5 seasons)

Source: IGN Adria

Netflix’s original series announced that it would stop streaming the show Fuller House and that its finale will be divided into two parts. The first half premiered on December 6th, 2019, and the second one is scheduled for 2024, with the unknown date yet.

18. Dark (3 seasons)

Source: Honk News

The 3rd and the final season will be premiered in 2024. Yet, the date is not revealed, according to the series director Baron Bo Odar. Moreover, Netflix’s original series, Dark was one of the shows that got 100% certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, Netflix decided that the third season will be the show’s last.

19. Blindspot (5 seasons)

Source: Empire

In May 2019, N.B.C. announced that it would stop streaming the Blindspot. Therefore, the 5th season will be the last one, and it contains 13 episodes that are set for mid – 2024.

20. 13 Reasons Why (4 seasons)

Source: Super Teen

In August 2019, Netflix announced that it would stop streaming the show, and the 4th season will be it’s last. The final season will air in 2024. But, the producers didn’t announce the official dates yet.

21. The 100 (7 seasons)

Source: JustWatch

In August 2019, C.W. announced that they would stream the final season of the sci-fi series The 100, which premiered in 2014. The 7th season will be the final one, and the date is not officially released, but it will end somewhere in the mid – 2024. The producers are working on a prequel idea for the series. However, it’s still under the question when.

22. Claws (4 seasons)

Source: TNT

In October 2019, T.N.T. officially announced the end of the Claws. Therefore the 4th season will be the final one, and it will air in 2024. The dates of the season’s release will be updated by the T.N.T. soon.

23. Corporate (3 seasons)

Source: JustWatch

Comedy Central announced in June 2019, that will stop streaming the comedy series Corporate. Moreover, the 3rd and the final season will premiere in 2024, and the official dates are yet unknown.

24. Dear White People (4 seasons)

Source: Engadget

Netflix’s satirical drama will stop with its streaming this year. The 3rd season was premiered in October 2019, and shortly after that, Netflix decided that will stop here with the 4th season.

25. Glow (4 seasons)

Source: Engadget

Netflix’s drama based on a women wrestling show set back in the ’80s will end this year. In the fall of 2019, Netflix announced that it would stop streaming Glow after a final season that will air sometime in 2024.

26. Future Man (3 seasons)

Source: The Boston Globe

The comedy series Future Man will have its 3rd, and final season in 2024, as it was announced a year before in April 2019 by Hulu.

27. Goliath (4 seasons)

Source: The Digital Weekly

Amazon’s Goliath, featuring Billy Bob Thornton, announced in November 2019 that the fourth season of the show would be the last one. The final season will air in mid – 2024, and Amazon hasn’t announced the official dates yet.

28. How to Get Away With Murder (6 seasons)

Source: TV Guide

An original A.B.C. drama series will end with the 6th season, in spring 2024. As it was announced by A.B.C., in July 2019, the streaming of the popular series will end this year, after the first half of the final season began in September 2019.

29. Lucifer (5 seasons)

Source: Digital Spy

The series based on D.C. Comics, Lucifer, was canceled on Fox, and after Netflix bought the rights for the show, it continued with streaming under its name. However, the popular streaming service announced that the 5th season would be the series final one. The last season is expected somewhere in spring 2024.

30. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (7 seasons)

Source: Escapist Magazine

Unfortunately, for all Marvel fans, A.B.C. announced in July 2019, that will stop with streaming of the show, and that the 7th season will be the last one. The finale will air somewhere in the summer of 2024.

31. The Rain (3 seasons)

Source: GamesRadar

The original Danish series streamed by Netflix will end with the 3rd (final) season in spring 2024. In June 2019, Netflix announced that the show is renewed for a third season, but how that will be the end of the series as well.

32. The Spanish Princess (2 seasons)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

The Starz’s period drama The Spanish Princess premiered in spring 2019 will end at the same time this year, according to the producers. The series will get an additional eight episodes so that the story can get a closure it deserves.

33. Trinkets (2 seasons)

Source: What’s on Netflix

Netflix’s original series Trinkets will have its 2nd and final season in spring 2024, and after that, the streaming network announced that it would stop airing the show.

34. Vikings (6 seasons)

Source: DStv

The History production house announced in January 2019 that the drama series would come to an end with the 6th and final season in 2024. The last episodes began airing in December last year, and the series will come to an end in spring 2024. However, Netflix announced the sequel series called Vikings: Valhalla, by the director Michael Hirst, who created the original Vikings as well.

35. Brockmire (4 seasons)


The series Brockmire, by the producer and show star Hank Azaria, will end with its 4th season in 2024. By the end of the last year, IFC announced that the series would have one more season, and that will be the end of it. The producers stated for the media, that the show is planned from the beginning as a four-season story, and that this is not a surprise for anyone in the show. The new episodes will stream in March 2024, and the finale will come in April.

36. Van Helsing (5 seasons)

Source: Screen Rant

Shortly after the 4th season, the SyFy announced that the next season would be the last one for Van Helsing. The final season will have 13 episodes that will air somewhere from the beginning of 2024.